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  1. call the schools for feedback! i did for queen's and the lady i spoke to was so helpful, went over my application (statement, how my gpa and referees faired), and even took the time to go step by step through my statement and told me what to change, my strengths/weaknesses, that i should seek more volunteering opportunities, etc. who knows better than someone who works at the school you're applying to? (:
  2. if anything, to me your situation looks more like perseverance and a very high desire/passion to become an OT. good luck (:
  3. There's a queens pt/ot fb group that the second year students set up. Link should be in your original admissions offer email from Kathy Grant
  4. i found a place with another classmate through BPE rentals. very pricey but looks well maintained and in a good location (east of campus, about 1km from Botterell Hall). all their units (I believe) are nonsmoking which was one of our biggest concerns. one thing that frustrated me was that only when the realtor sent us the lease did the clause come up that stated they have a "mandatory" monthly cleaning of every unit that must be paid by the tenants. i talked her out of that since we're paying more than enough already lol. just word of warning to anyone else looking on their website! another note: i've heard good things about homestead units. however, when i called they said they're indifferent about smoking (ie even in the apartment). that was a definite no for us. if you don't mind though, there was a 2 bedroom apartment available at Caravel when i called earlier this week! 1659 not including utilities. tenants have to give 2 months notice before moving out so they'll probably have some units becoming available throughout june. they've got a bunch of apartments on ontario st, just east of campus! good luck everyone!
  5. last year i called some time in june without any expectations, but they did tell me what position i was on the waitlist. i was an oop applicant. i think it's maybe because they know we'd have to book flights (among other preparations) and at least have a realistic idea of whether we might get in or go to plan B. not sure if you're oop or in province, but i was first on the oop waitlist and didn't get in. they said i had a good shot of getting in but i guess no one dropped out. so just a heads up to be prepared for anything! but there's a light at the end of the tunnel...i got into queen's this year, so much closer to home which is actually nicer for me (: so if this is what you want then keep pushing for it, you'll make it happen!
  6. Queen's PT gives until the 29th I believe, I'm assuming Queen's OT would be on a similar timeline. Good luck!
  7. the official offer of admission email sent on the 15th after Kathy's email has your student number at the very end of the email. if you're not sure if you're going to accept the offer, I'm not sure if you should set up the email account and everything yet..? I doubt they'll be sending anything important to that email until at least the majority of the class has been finalized.
  8. The email Kathy Grant sent today said the email might not be activated until June 8, I believe? I checked anyways and it's working for me now Just fyi!
  9. I was also accepted to Queen's for PT, and graduated from a different university for my undergrad. It seems as though they like varsity athletes, I also played on a team for all 4 years of my undergrad! I've been working at a multidisciplinary rehab clinic as a PTA/admin assistant for about 2 years now, did some volunteering with a cancer rehab program in university, volunteering with physios in a hospital now, coached at my high school a number of years, volunteered at a homeless shelter, and help out with some events at my church. So I have a decent amount of physio-related experience, but also lots of non-physio experience/volunteer work. sGPA 3.77, cGPA 3.56 I'd agree with the above posters that Queen's seems to look for well-rounded individuals. A lot of it is also how you present yourself, as you only have your personal statements to wow them as opposed to other schools with interviews, where your personality can really shine. My writing skills are pretty bad, but I had a lot of help and spent a lot of time editing my statement! I actually applied last year and didn't get in, and the lady I spoke to told me it was my personal statement that prevented me from really being considered. Definitely take your time on them!
  10. has anybody looking into this 720 princess street? it looks pretty nice and is fairly close to campus too. but obviously looks can be deceiving.. **and i did a google search and apparently the address shows a super 8 motel? i'm too noob at this...gahhhhh.
  11. matsundinn, where are you looking online for these listings, might i ask? (:
  12. my friend (going into her 4th year undergrad at queen's) said stay away from Daphne Dean as a landlady since she's super strict. that being said. any females looking for a roomie? looking save on some costs (: pm me!
  13. no it's not ): says a mailbox can't be found...i'm thinking it'll take a bit longer because of the long weekend, but hopefully it'll be up and running soon! is yours working yet?
  14. https://www.brocku.ca/business/future/graduate/certificateprograms/pmpc did a quick search on preparing for a professional masters program - this is what i found. an 8 month certificate program to prepare for school. granted, it's for international students...but still. thought i'd share since that seems like the ultimate "studying to prepare for studying"
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