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  1. It seems like a high GPA would be the name of the game at Canadian Medical Schools, anybody else care to comment?
  2. Here is another interesting blog, perhaps not in direct response to the topic of this post but, still interesting. This is written by a Canadian student who graduated recently from Saba. http://sabamdthenlife.blogspot.ca/
  3. Talk about stress! Mine crashed after the break. Is there any recourse? Do they offer an uninterrupted retake or is the total panic caused by technical failure, inserted between major ethical decisions, simply a model of the real life of a physician?
  4. What if you marry a Quebec resident?
  5. I was in a similar position with a March 30th 2015 deadline. I asked for an extension of the deadline. My request was denied. I paid the deposit. Ouch! We shall see. I have not yet applied to Medical Schools but am working on other premed plans for the fall. An extension to the decision would have been appreciated.
  6. Folks, there are some generous and helpful people on this forum, I have learned quite a bit from other posts. Thank you. I am a Canadian and a senior in a US school. I would like to return to Canada but it is looking bleak. The US path might be the one most open to me. I will write the MCAT 2015 this summer, so that is an unknown factor. I am currently trying to plan my post-grad year(s) My wise mentor, a respected physician in the US is of the opinion that the US post bac programs are an ideal way to personally "ramp up" for the demands of medical school. In an attempt to plan my interim year(s) I have applied for several MSc programmes in Canada for September 2015 admission. They "look" interesting but I am also considering applying for a U.S. post-bac program purely for the personal development and preparation it offers. Although post-bacs are ideal for medical school preparedness, the program will not be useful for paving the way to a second career. I am asking myself "What do I really want to do?" The answer is always "I want to be a doctor." These are tough decisions with daunting financial ramifications. Right now I am remembering of how many items I have bought in the past that promised to be multiuse - multipurpose and that ended up being good for nothing. Anyone else in a similar boat? I'm feeling like the boat I'm in is missing a rudder.
  7. Yeah! Something generous, playful and happy... How refreshing! Thank you for my smile this morning. Hope the winner is enjoying the book.
  8. Student rate maybe with airport van, for Hamilton it is called:http://www.airwaystransit.com
  9. kwhan, I have been looking at graduate options myself. Tough to plan these steps out.
  10. What time of year do interviews generally take place? I am looking specifically at NOSM, Memorial and McMaster
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