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  1. I haven't seen McGill, just Dal and UWO so take it with a grain of salt
  2. I've interviewed at both and I liked the American schools better because they had newer facilities and better patient allocation systems during clinical years, among other factors. The price tag and the need for a cosigner to get a LoC are the only things keeping my from accepting US offers right now. But beggars can't be choosers.
  3. Basically because there was the potential for me to have a cosigner but it fell through. A year is a long time, financial situations change.
  4. Yeah I have, twice in fact, this year for Case, and last year when I was accepted to Ireland. I don't think they'll give you anything without a cosigner if you leave the country because they need assurance that if you don't come back, they have someone to pay the LoC.
  5. With the weak CAD, the total cost of Case Western, including living expenses, will come to around $470,000 CAD. I'm in NS so I can get a maximum of $390 CAD per week of the program. That comes to about $60,000 CAD in total. Let's assume that the bank magically didn't need a cosigner, the maximum I can get at RBC is still $150,000 CAD. That still leaves me with $260,000 that I need to come up with. Keep in mind that I have a month until 50% of my first year tuition would be due, which is not a lot of time to come up with such a huge sum of money.
  6. I figured I didn't have much of a chance being OoP. I think there was also a requirement I didn't have, though looking at the requirements right now I don't remember what it was. But if I decide to get my Masters, I'll look into McGill again.
  7. So I'm a year out of school and working in the pharmaceutical industry. This admissions cycle, I applied to Dal, UofT and Western and only got an interview at Western, which I knew I bombed and ended up getting rejected. My top two years GPA was somewhere around the cutoff of 87.5 I think, and my DAT scores were 24 AA and 22 RC. I had a bad semester in 3rd year which is why schools that take your most recent 2 years don't work in my favor. I suspect that I will get into Case Western in Ohio within the next week since I'm in the top 5 on the wait-list and the deadline just passed so the wait-list should move soon, but I don't have a cosigner to get a line of credit so I will likely have to reject the offer and reapply to Canadian schools because I don't need a cosigner here. That's my situation, and my question is would getting a masters (MBA) and reapplying two cycles from now be a good option? I would have a chance to take more classes and boost my GPA, as well as work on my interview skills since there is an 8 month co-op component to the program. Do masters degrees significantly boost your GPA? Does it matter to dental schools whether your masters is an MSc or an MBA? I know from experience that research doesn't do it for me and I think that having a business background would greatly benefit me as a future dentist.
  8. Rejected Best 2-year GPA (with full courseload or not?): Probably close to 87.5% DAT score (RC + AA): 22 + 24 Interview Thoughts: I thought I bombed it, I was the last of the day and the interviewers seemed like they wanted to get it over with and go home Year (UG, Masters, PhD): 1 year out of UG Geography (IP/OOP): OOP I applied to do an MBA at Dal. Hopefully I get accepted to that and can improve my GPA and reapply in a year
  9. Rejected, as expected, I bombed the interview and my GPA was close to the cutoff...Hopefully I get into my MBA program and reapply in a year...
  10. If you can't you might as well write the American one once or twice over the summer as practice (and you can use your scores to apply to US schools as a backup). That way, if you have to write the Canadian one in November, you won't have to study as much since the material will be fresh in your mind.
  11. Unless you're living in the states, it's not accepted. Just write the Canadian version, it's easier anyways, my AA went from a 20 on the American to a 24 on the Canadian.
  12. I don't have high expectations because of my interview, but my heart still skips a beat whenever I see a new email notification on my phone
  13. The suspense is half the fun! I love not knowing where I'll be next year while all of my friends have already gotten into med school etc.
  14. Based on what I've read from other schools, unless its a serious medical reason like a life threatening illness, dental schools don't tend to defer acceptances. But I'd contact UofT since this is a very case specific issue.
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