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  1. The facebook group seems to have a relatively high number of members compared to other schools (e.g. mac where the class size is larger). I understand the number of members isn't a very reliable indicator, but I wonder if more people this year are choosing Western over other schools? Or possibly because the link to the group was attached in the offer letter? I'm banking on a good waitlist movement so I hope the latter
  2. So the new updated Dean's report for the Class of 2018 is out for reading if anyone is interested! Apparently 422 applicants were interviewed in 2014, with 88 SWOMENs interviewed and 67 SWOMENs being offered acceptances. Seems like slightly less SWOMEN applicants were interviewed/offered acceptances in 2014 compared to the few years before that. If the trend is similar this year, I wonder if the non-SWOMEN waitlist movement will be a little bit better this year? http://www.schulich.uwo.ca/docs/about/dean_report_2014.pdf
  3. Saw this in a different thread so thought I'd do the same here!
  4. Does anyone know how many of the Schulich Scholarships there are per given year?
  5. So how's everyone feeling for the weekend coming up? It's been awfully quiet around here!
  6. Interesting! I wonder how the new MCAT cut offs affected the numbers for the Class of 2018 (if at all). Is it possible that the total number of interviewees could have decreased from ~450? I just find it so hard to believe that such a drastic cut off increase would allow them to maintain a similar number of interviewees.
  7. Just a random thought, but does anyone have an estimate of the proportion of SWOMEN students in the class and whether Western strives to matriculate a certain number of SWOMEN applicants every year? I've always found it interesting how Western is able to interview roughly the same number of applicants every year, but with the recent MCAT cut off changes making it arguably harder for non-SWOMENs to receive invites, I can't help but to think that there will be a slight increase in the number of accepted SWOMEN students vs in the past. Thoughts?
  8. This is mainly a question for Dassy but anyone else is welcome to answer! I've noticed that Queen's has a relatively higher number of students with Master's degrees (around 1/3 of the class) compared to other schools in Ontario. In what ways do you find that having a graduate degree helps you in medical school (eg. finding more competitive research assistantship positions, etc) and possibly in the future as a physician? Also, what opportunities are available at Queens for students who want to pursue research while in medical school? I know other schools, for example Western, have summer research programs (some paid) for 1st and 2nd year medical students so I was just wondering if Queen's has something similar. Thanks!!
  9. Has anyone here had experience teaching as an MCAT instructor for TPR and Kaplan? Would you be able to highlight some similarities/differences and pros/cons for teaching for either company?
  10. Just curious, what would you estimate the average best 2yr GPA for non swomen to be around?
  11. I know this has been discussed to death on these forums, but from briefly looking through past threads, it seems to be the consensus that MCAT and GPA are factors post interview. For the MCAT, does anyone have an idea as to whether the total score is likely considered or just parts of it (like it was a few years ago with just VR and WS I believe)? This is my first time applying so I'm a little bit confused about how the whole process works. I have a relatively low GPA (3.80 best 2 yrs) but I'm hoping a high MCAT (36) will help me make me more competitive for Western as it's my first choice! Thanks!
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