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  1. Yes, I've taken a full course load every year, and ensured that 6+/10 courses were at the correct level respective to the undergraduate year (ex: 6/10 courses in my second year were second year courses or above). Thanks for the recommendations! Would you know whether I have a chance in the U.S? As far as I can tell, they look at cGPA, but I've also read that they take into account upward trends.
  2. Hey all! I'll be entering the final year of my second undergraduate in September, and I was hoping to get some advice on any further steps I should take, or what my prospects are for the 2017-2018 cycle. I'm also considering what steps I should take if I am not accepted in 2017-2018. Should I take a masters, apply for U.S. schools, or go international ? It's been three years since I decided to become a doctor, and began a second undergraduate degree following the advice I received on this forum. In that time, I think I've developed myself in terms of my academic ability and overall character. In the 2016 cycle, I was granted an interview at Queens, but was wait-listed and ultimately rejected due to critical mistakes in the interview. At the very least, I've taken this as a signal that I'm doing something right and that the past few years of effort (and constant doubt) weren't in vain. ______________________________________________________________________ Summary (Ontario Resident): First undergrad: Year 1: 2.50 Year 2: 3.19 Year 3: 3.45 Year 4: 3.78 Second undergrad: Year 1: 3.91 Year 2: 3.97 cGPA: 3.46 Old MCAT (Written 2014): 11/11/11 Will be rewriting the MCAT this summer (as some schools will only accept the 2015 MCAT in the coming cycle). ______________________________________________________________________ I think my ABS has a healthy mix of research, volunteering, work, and ECs. However, I am concerned about how I am wording it in the ABS. Generally, I try to explain them in connection to CanMEDS roles. Which schools would I have a reasonable chance at, and should apply to? I've trawled through forums and admission pages, and I was hoping to get some more experienced opinions from you folks. Along with Ottawa/Western/Queens, some of the schools in Western Canada seem to have GPA weighting schemes that would help overlook my horrendous years in my first undergrad, though they have few allotted seats for OOP. I expect to do as well (if not better) on my upcoming MCAT as I did 3 years ago. I also need to plan for the eventuality where I am not accepted. Would it be better to take a masters degree, or to apply for international medical schools? Would U.S. schools be an option given my academic history? Any advice would be greatly appreciated Thanks!
  3. Hey all! I posted here over a year ago and received some great advice. I've completed the first year of my 2nd undergraduate degree, and looking ahead, I have some concerns on the best way forward. If anyone could offer some guidance, I'd be very grateful! ______________________________________________________________________ Summary (Ontario Resident): First undergrad: Year 1: 2.50 Year 2: 3.19 Year 3: 3.45 Year 4: 3.78 Second undergrad: Year 1: 3.91 cGPA: 3.36 Old MCAT (Written 2014): 11/11/11 I think my ABS is decent, but not fantastic. I've kept busy with different volunteer, work, and extracurricular positions that I genuinely enjoy. I'm also doing research at a lab, and writing articles (destined for low impact journals) with a doctor as well. ______________________________________________________________________ I will definitely be undertaking the second year of the 2nd undergrad for 2016-2017. During this cycle, I will also be applying to Queen's, as it seems like the only school that I may have a chance at. My main uncertainty at this point is whether to finish the 2nd undergraduate degree, or to undertake a graduate degree in public health / global health. The 2nd undergrad would take 3 years to complete. It seems to me that having my fourth year score from the first undergrad, and two good years from the second undergrad, would be sufficient. A third good year from completing the second undergrad seems unnecessary for two main reasons: 1. It won't change my cGPA of 3.36 much, and as such, I would still have a poor chance at U of T and McMaster. 2. Having more than 3 years of good GPA is unnecessary for the only schools I would have a chance in, such as Queen's and Ottawa. Instead, I could use the 2017-2018 year to begin taking a graduate degree, which would further increase my chances. This option is based on the assumption that I will not be able to enter medical school without a graduate degree. The main detriment I can see from not finishing the 2nd undergrad, is that I will be unable to apply to Western due to their 2nd degree policy. This is pretty bad, as I'm fairly certain I'd have a good chance at an interview. So, this second option seems appealing as well, and I could always go for the graduate degree afterwards. That's pretty much it! I'm getting the marks I need, and my other activities are engaging and satisfying. I will have to re-write the MCAT for the 2017-2018 cycle, since it seems that everyone wants the new MCAT by then. Given my previous score, and how I'd developed over the past couple of years, I am confident I will be able to score well. I'd appreciate any words of advice! Cheers, and thanks for reading!
  4. Hey all Hope this is the right place to post this! I've read several of the posts and stickies on this forum, and I have a better idea of what I should do. I'm still uncertain though, and was hoping you guys/gals could help me out. What should I do in the next few years? Any and all advice would be greatly appreciated __________________________________- Stats: Degree: Arts and Science (combined with Political Science) 1st year: 2.50 2nd year: 3.19 3rd year: 3.45 (Note: Failed orgo chem in 1st semester. Retook in summer for B+). 4th year: pending (I am currently in my 4th year) cGPA: 3.04 MCAT: 11/11/11 (Written on September 2014) No research experience. Work and volunteer experience in educational settings for civic rights, aiding adults with barriers to post secondary education, and lower economic status children. ___________________________________________________ I've done a lot of thinking and talking with others. Mostly, others say that I should give up, because the chances of me getting in Canada/US schools are slim to none. They say I will only get into Caribbean schools/outside of North America. From the statistics, that seems to be true. Currently, I don't want to go to those schools, and would rather exhaust other options first. I plan to apply en mass in the coming fall (2015) after all of my 4th year courses are finished, so that I will have higher marks with which to apply with. Still, I recognize that it is unlikely I will be accepted. What can I do to maximize my chances of acceptance into medical schools in Canada/US? And not only maximize, but to have a good likelihood of acceptance? I am barred from several master degrees that interest me (mainly Public Health) due to a low mark in statistics in my second year (C+), as well as low science marks in 1/2nd year. The only one I can feasibly enter is Guelph's Master of Public Health. Also, if I were to get into a research masters, I really have no idea what to do, since I have never done research. Would it be advantageous to take a masters outside of health fields, such as political science, which I have already studied considerably in my undergraduate, and am likely to succeed in? Should I take a second undergraduate degree? This option is increasingly attractive. I will take it in a degree that is more focused on science than my current degree. I know I can get a high GPA, and I will have the opportunity to find research positions. The downsides are the large time and monetary investment, and my family would be opposed to this. Should I redo the MCAT, to get a higher score than 33? I am cautious about this, since it is a new exam now, without many past papers or past examinee advice to learn from. But then again, it's the same with everyone else Others also advised that 33 is a solid score, but if I should, I will redo it. Along with applying coming fall, I'm planning on finding a job for a year (2015-2016). I can save up money/begin to pay off student loans, continue to build up ECs with volunteering, and wait for the responses. Again, I do not expect to get in, and once this is confirmed, I can move on to the next step. So, what should that next step be? Second undergraduate, a masters, or should I apply outside North America, and then try to get back in later? And yes, I understand that I am at a disadvantaged position. It might be better for me, and definitely easier, to pursue a career as a nurse, a paramedic, or something completely outside the medical field. Maybe there are jobs that are much more fulfilling out there, that I simply have yet to experience (this is part of the reason why I want to work for a bit). Still, some stupidly stubborn part of me wants to keep going Thanks again for the help, and happy new years!