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  1. Hi there, I was curious if anyone else has had difficulty uploading information to McMaster's Mosiac site (photo, updating address, etc.). I have tried to contact several people at McMaster and have been unable to get a clear answer. Is this a common issue for others? Thanks in advance
  2. Well it looks like you're already at #5 on the waitlist. I'd say you have a great chance of getting accepted to MAC
  3. Accepted to Mac. Thank you all for your support/comradery these past months. Its my 3rd year applying so please dont be too discouraged if you dont get in this year. Best to you all!
  4. Yes. I managed to rejected from Queens twice
  5. Also rejected from Queens... Do the rest of the results come out at midnight tonight?
  6. I emailed ORPAS two days ago because one of my referee was still shown as "outstanding" on the website. Within the same day, I got an email from ORPAS to inform me that my referee's form/ letter were found! So, if anyone still has outstanding documents, try contacting ORPAS first before sending in a late document. Good Luck! PS: the letter was sent around Dec 31 from Toronto, and received on Jan 4th.
  7. I still have a referee outstanding that was sent nearly a month ago...I know orpas was supposed to be up-to-date as of friday but apparently not for me. Is anyone else here in the same boat?
  8. Hi verde, My experience last year was that opras was very slow in processing reference letters. Mine (and if you look back on this board, others as well) were still marked as 'not received' past the final acceptance date. I called, and was told they are working their way through the pile and IF it was at their office, it was considered within the accepted time frame. My advice is to call them. They will likely tell you they are backed up. Hope this helps
  9. Western's PT application has a section designated for 'awards and scholarships' and I'm afraid I have nothing to write. Although I have a high GPA and have committed hundreds of hours to various volunteer positions and job shadowing over the past several years, I have not recieved any offical awards. Also, I was an international student during my undergrad and was unable to apply to the majority of scholarships. I was hoping someone hear could offer me some advice. With my undergrad behind me its seems incredibly difficult to muster up awards at this point. Thank you in advance
  10. Hello Ssz1990, don't panic! Email U of M's OT administration office to ask whether the two spots have been filled. Unfortunately, I believe most of the schools have sent out their acceptance letters ( I know for sure that Dalhousie University, and all the Ontario University with an OT program have sent out their offers around May 15th) You are at the top of the wait list, it is possible that wait list 1~ 7 are accepted by other schools or is waiting for other schools' wait list to move down). Best luck to you!
  11. Dear ...., We are pleased to inform you that you have been selected to participate in the Multiple Mini Interview Process, which serves as the final stage of assessment for admission to the Master of Science program in Physiotherapy at McMaster University. Your Physiotherapy interview will be held at the INSTITUTE FOR APPLIED HEALTH SCIENCES building (IAHS), McMaster University campus, and has been scheduled for: Date: Saturday, April 25, 2015 Time: 9:10 AM IMPORTANT: You must arrive 45 minutes prior to your scheduled interview start time and check in with the Admissions Office staff on the third floor of the IAHS building. All applicants will be required to complete a mandatory writing station in advance of the above scheduled interview time. It is crucial that we know that you plan to attend this interview as scheduled. You must respond by completing the online acceptance form at: XXX
  12. I have a 3.82 sub GPA and I received an invitation to McMaster's MMI interview yesterday. Keep your hopes up. I am sure you will be hearing from them soon!
  13. Im in Toronto and will not be able to make it. Be sure to let us know how it goes!
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