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  1. Congratulations to all who got an interview! Try to start looking into the MMI process and preparing early, time really flies! There are plenty of resources lying around the forum, so take advantage of that. For those looking for more MMI questions to prepare with, try googling "korean premed mmi questions", you should find a pretty big list. Psychologically preparing yourself for emotionally/socially uncomfortable/awkward situations and remaining calm under all circumstances are really key, so try yourself at these sample scenarios and whatever else you can find until you feel like you're ready to take on whatever they might throw at you when the big day comes around. Also very happy to see some familiar usernames from last year I really really hope it works out for you guys this year. To the applicants who didn't get an invite this year and are really disappointed right now, I hope you'll feel better soon. It's an unreasonably competitive process, so while you should take a step back and re-evaluate, especially when the stats come out later in the cycle, you also really shouldn't let this result affect your sense of self-worth. Most importantly, don't let this hurdle put your life on pause; keep living life to the fullest outside of medicine, and the rest will fall in place.
  2. MedP111

    Is it worth Applying?

    I believe someone from here got in as OOP last cycle with a similar GPA, so yes apply, you do have a chance. No need to send in your MCAT score; it's not mandatory and only matters if your prereq GPA is low.
  3. MedP111

    Q&a With Mcgill Med Ambassadors

    In the last admission cycle, the average interviewee R score was about 37 for both med and dent. Given that the R score holds the most weight for the pre-interview consideration, you're definitely fighting an uphill battle, although I'd say there's still a slim chance to get an interview. Focus on writing your CV well (what you write for each activity is the most important part), and nail the CASPER.
  4. MedP111

    Q&a With Mcgill Med Ambassadors

    Refer to this page: https://www.mcgill.ca/medadmissions/key-dates You can also play with the Wayback Machine to see what this page listed in previous years if you're interested: https://archive.org/web/
  5. MedP111

    Question Re. Official Transcripts

    Don't worry about it, Final Official Univ Transcript will be completed by them on their side once they fully review your academic files. For reference, after my final transcript was sent in and marked as received, it took another 2 weeks for them to complete this item on the checklist. But there's nothing more for you to do Congrats and see you in August!
  6. MedP111

    3.7 GPA

    That's a solid ranking, you were really close! This year was particularly competitive GPA-wise (average GPA of IP interviewees being 3.88, a record high by far), so in a "normal" year you probably would've made it. But I don't know if this is going to be the new normal going forward. You certainly have a shot next year with a somewhat higher GPA and hopefully more advanced courses, and a Master's can give you the push you need. That being said, given the seemingly increasing competition and the uncertainty of your CV score and Casper performance year-by-year, going the Master's route will not give you a sure-fire shot at an interview. I think doing the Master's would be worthwhile if you're actually interested in whatever field you're considering doing the degree in, genuinely enjoy research and/or think you could actually benefit from that degree down the road (perhaps to help you get more research positions when in med school, getting into academic medicine down the line, etc.). If you're not really interested in that and are solely seeing the Master's degree as a stepping stone to med school, I would honestly consider a second undergrad instead if you're deadset on McGill, especially if you can manage to get a second undergrad done in 2 or 3 years, which is around the time it takes to do a Master's anyway. Boosting your GPA to 3.9+ on a second undergrad will give you a much better shot at med schools than having a Master's.
  7. MedP111

    3.7 GPA

    How was your ranking for the academic portion of the pre-interview consideration? If you were close to being in the top 300, then a Master's could be enough to get you the interview. If you're far away from it, then a second undergrad would likely be more helpful.
  8. MedP111

    2018 Waitlist Discussions

    Wouldn't at all be surprised if you get an offer later the summer! But of course still plan ahead under the assumption that you don't.
  9. MedP111

    2018 Waitlist Discussions

    Wow this year's waitlist movement is so weird. IP is reaching record highs while OOP is reaching record lows. Is this just pure chance, or is there something happening here? Since the deposit deadline is still some time away and I think they're still taking deferral requests, I would say it's reasonable to expect 5-ish more spots on IP.
  10. MedP111

    My Chances?

    Sounds like a pretty vanilla competitive OOP app for McGill, but OOP at McGill is never a shoe-in given how insanely competitive it is pre-interview: this year saw over 900 applicants for 50 interview spots, with an average GPA of 3.94 for the invited candidates, and plenty of candidates with 3.95+ getting refused right off the bat. So it's really gonna end up hinging on how they assess the difficulty of your coursework, how well you write your CV, and how well you do on the Casper. Assuming you do very well on all three, you should have good chances. Definitely apply
  11. I read about this in some of the threads on this forum while browsing a while back. From memory, I recall nephrology specifically being mentioned. Something about how so many candidates get PhD's nowadays that not having one will make it hard for you to get an academic position. Hopefully I'm wrong though, it's reassuring to hear your experience shows otherwise.
  12. How competitive are GIM jobs in academic hospitals (specifically in Quebec if you know)? I know some of the competitive subspecialties in IM often require PhD's now, is it the same for GIM?
  13. IM really appeals to me, with the only drawback being the long hours and being on call so frequently. I don't mind putting in 80h/week for a few years during training (or so I think), but I doubt I'd be able to keep up this lifestyle for an entire career. Once you make it past residency, how much flexibility is there (I don't mind making less money if that means I get a better lifestyle) if I want to keep doing hospital-based, GIM-style work? Alternatively, is it possible to sub-specialize in an outpatient-centric field like endo, while still doing some GIM inpatient work from time to time?
  14. MedP111

    Question Re. Official Transcripts

    Hahahaha you're my spirit animal #f5minervaforever
  15. MedP111

    Question Re. Official Transcripts

    Do you mean that it has been processed after 4 weeks, or that it's been 4 weeks already but still not processed? Also, did they process the MAAF for you guys yet? Mine still has the "Upload New Version" option next to it and that means it's not yet been processed right?