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  1. Got an offer from the waitlist. Declining it tomorrow or the next day in favour of med school. Good luck
  2. Hi, I have the entire SN2ed study material collection for sale as I just got accepted. Materials include - BR Gen chem I+II, BR Orgo I+II, BR Bio I+II, BR Phy I+II (2011- no marks in any) - EK Biology book (good condition) - EK 1001 Chem, Physics, Orgo (good condition) - EK Verbal 101 (no marks, good condition) - TPR Hyperlearning Verbal Workbook (no marks, good condition) Also including (not part of the study guide but useful for the new MCAT) - EK Psych and Sociology (almost new) - NextStep MCAT Verbal 108 Passages (almost new) - EK Organic chem book (used) Will take offers, please be reasonable. These are all the books needed for the study plan, and they are all in good condition. Shipping will be responsibility of the buyer. Ships from Winnipeg, MB, Canada. Prefer to sell all together, but let me know if you only need a few, may be able to work something out.
  3. Weird that I have already had my U of A dentistry interview, and U Manitoba hasn't even sent out invites yet. I wonder why they do things so far behind other schools.
  4. Does anyone know how much weight it gets at eastern schools that actually use this in their assessment ?
  5. Anyone have any idea how much weight might be on the casper assessment being the "pilot" year for this tool?
  6. Yea admissions told me they sent them all out on the 7th. I also received one then. Maybe as people decline, they'll take next on the list! Good luck
  7. Result: Invite IP GPA: 4.0 DAT: 68 Can anyone give me insight into how different dental interviews are from med MMI's? I'm pretty well versed in med MMI's but this will be my first dental interview
  8. Hey, Has anyone started an MMI Prep group yet looking for another member? If not, I am willing to start one if I have a few interested members. Either way send me a PM. Thanks, Adam.
  9. Lets do it, I'm in downtown calgary, send me a PM
  10. Anyone had one contacted via phone?
  11. Has anyone had a verifier contacted by phone? Some of mine had just a phone number, no email... Seems like they've just sent out emails?
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