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  1. The dashboard doesn't change if you actually got an interview (it didn't last year anyways), they just tell you via e-mail. I am going to assume that if it doesn't say no, it must be yes (just an assumption, do not get overly excited over that)
  2. So, I finished my bachelor degree and applied to medicine. However, I did not get accepted the first time I applied. I am reapplying, but in the meantime I am taking a program at Red River College. Would these courses affect my GPA for medical school?
  3. Ok, thanks I guess I will keep my same references then. And yes I did ask for a meeting but they never replied to my e-mIL . I didn't push it though because I know my MMI was my downfall. I didn't feel good about it. And my MCAT was 11 and my AGPA was around 4.13 (plus I'm rural). To anybody who went to the meeting, did they give any actual feedback other than letting you know why you were not accepted (ie. MCAT to low or AGPA to low). Just wondering whether or not I should of sent them another e-mail asking for a meeting. I am fairly positive it was my MMI with my stats.
  4. If we did not get accepted, would they tell us if it were due to the reference letters? I am just wondering because I will be reapplying for next year and I don't know whether or not I should keep the same references. If I passed then I don't want to risk changing, since I don't think the people I chose had anything bad to say.
  5. Just wondering if anybody knows if all of our stations our computed into our total MMI score or is it just the best 9 out of 11. The applicant information bulletin says that we need a passing grade on 9 out of 11 stations and need a total score of no less than two standard deviations below the mean. Just wondering if the total score only includes 9/11 stations or all of them.
  6. They are already posted on their website in the statistics section of the admissions page. They are practically identical to last years averages
  7. IP AGPA: 4.05 MCAT: 10 VR/11 PS/12 BS = 11/15 Rural (checked off 4 of the rural options)
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