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  1. I just asked them this exact question, because I just completed my prereqs in April too and was conditionally accepted. Here's their response: "Unless you hear from us that your transcript has not been received and/or your prerequisite courses completed, you can be confident that your seat in our program is confirmed. If required, we will follow up in late June to let you know if anything is missing and/or required from you."
  2. No, I haven't heard anything either, and I mailed my cheque over 2 weeks ago! I think maybe they are waiting until after the due date to deposit all of the cheques.
  3. Yay, congratulations everyone I just got accepted too!!! SubGPA = 3.94
  4. They've updated their website to say that the first round of admissions will be completed at the end of April.. Might be a couple of weeks still! I'm so anxious to hear, too!
  5. Oh that's strange! Are you sure there was no email giving you a Campus Computing ID? I received an email from U of A - they gave me a CCID for Bear tracks and a password, and gave me a link to follow to change the password. Maybe you should contact the university to ask for your username/password?
  6. Wow, I had no idea that I was given a U of A email address - I just found it on Beartracks under the "personal information" heading. I guess I will check that email from now on!
  7. I was reading the U of A website and it says "Students with a very strong GPA (3.8+) and overall application will be recommended for acceptance or conditional acceptance by the end of April of the admission year." I swear their website used to say "end of March" but now it seems like we may not hear until the end of April.. I hope I'm wrong!
  8. Oh, I didn't realize that they had a limit for your cGPA.. I don't think mine will be under 3.0. Yes U of A looks at the last 20 courses, but I wasn't sure if they would still take my full GPA into account. Anyways, thanks guys
  9. Applied: U of A (OT) Accepted: U of A Waitlisted: Rejected: GPA: (cum and sub): sGPA: 3.94 update: found out my cGPA: 3.51 Perceived strength of essays/interviews/references: I have 7 months experience as a volunteer for an OT and 2 years working with children who have disabilities. I have 2 references, but I'm not sure how strong they are, because I'm not very close with either of them and I wasn't able to read them. I'm just hoping my GPA will pull me through.. I don't know my cGPA because I've attended a few universities, but it will be MUCH lower because I failed 2 courses in first year and got one D. (..Anyone know if they will take these early grades into account at all towards my application?)
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