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  1. I remember someone saying something about there being 36 OOPs on interview day, but don't quote me on it. Yes I am remaining on the waitlist
  2. Hi Ruby, I'm waitlisted as OOP as well, looking at previous years' numbers it seems like they just stuck everyone on the waitlist... https://umanitoba.ca/faculties/health_sciences/medicine/admissions/8831.html
  3. Does it mean anything if you're in the first or later decision group?
  4. Is it weird that it still says Decision Pending on my portal...? Seems like a lot of people got theirs already...
  5. Also people on the waitlist decline their spots once they get off other schools' waitlists. There's variation from year to year too so no need to stress too much about it!
  6. Saw it myself last year...
  7. I'm on the waitlist too. Looks like this year's waitlist is moving pretty slowly. Last year it was at #12 on May 12th when all the other schools' acceptances came out.
  8. This is what I've heard from my friend too (she's a med1 student). Hopefully the next evaluation in 2 years after the transition is complete will yield different results.
  9. Personally I feel the way Ottawa interviews is really subjective and that it's extremely difficult to normalize between panels well. I've heard very polarized experiences with friendly/cold panels. I've also heard from a med student who interviewed people last year that what they look for most is whether the interviewee is likeable and someone they'd want as a classmate. I don't deny these are important things but it makes it extremely subjective on what panel you get. Also the timing of the interviews spread over several weeks introduces another bias (I'd imagine interviewees at later dates are slightly disadvantaged). Personally I'd much prefer the more standardized MMIs or toronto's format. But that's just my opinion
  10. Your interview is probably what you can improve the most, the rest of your application is good enough considering you were invited to interview this year too (congrats!). If you can get an average interview score (~20) then you're probably accepted, but it's getting there that's difficult (I struggle a lot with interviews too). Do you feel you've improved considerably your interview skills in the past year? Good luck!
  11. From my experience practicing MMI questions were helpful for MPI because there is some overlap in content, and they both require you to be personable and articulate. For MPI interviews it's better to keep your answers more succinct (1-2min) as they are more interactive in nature. You should also be prepared to talk more about you and your experiences.
  12. Is it normal that I just got my degree this year and was put in the 2/3 year pool? It was a 4 year degree completed in three years
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