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  1. You are right, I am probably trying to find an easy way out of this. To be honest, with this kind of GPA, acing multiple extra semesters would still make me an extremely uncompetitive candidate in Canada. I guess that instead of going through the frustration of rejection again, I choose study my butt off as an IMG and try to match back to Canada. However, it is probably more realistic to aim for the US if I choose to study at SABA, which is known to prepare students for this very purpose. I really appreciate your advices, thanks for being honest.
  2. Hey, thanks for the quick reply. I have a 3.2 cumulative GPA (over 3.70 over the last 3 semesters) and did not write the MCAT. I tried applying to Canadian schools several times and it did not work out. I think I have a fair shot at ABP, and I really want to return to Canada for my residency; that's why I am leaning towards Ireland. I sent Saba en e-mail last week, and they actually just called me. I can get a full refund as long as the request was made before the semester starts. Anyways, I think the problem is solved. Again, thanks for the help!
  3. Hi, I have been accepted at Saba starting at the 2015 May Semester. I need to fully pay for the first semester's tuition before March 15th in order to secure my seat. I also applied to Irish med schools through the Atlantic Bridge Program, and offers/rejections only come out in late March and early April. So here's my question: I really want to go study in Ireland, but I don't want to lose my chance at studying at Saba in case I don't get into any Irish school. What should I do in this case? Should I make my payment to Saba, and if I am later accepted in Ireland, request for a tuition refund? As I understand from the Saba Student Consumer Information PDF, a refund should be possible, since ''Tuition and fees shall be refunded in full, less an administrative fee of $100, and the $750 acceptance deposit, if notice of withdrawal is received prior to the first day of class'' However, the document also states: ''In order to be eligible for a tuition refund, students must obtain a financial clearance letter from the Administrative Office at Saba University and a formal withdrawal form must be completed and authorized by the Dean.'' I am guessing that only applies to students who were already studying at Saba. For a prospective student such as myself, does it mean I cannot request for a tuition refund, even is the request was made before the first day of class? Can somebody who experienced this sort of things before tell me if I can request for a tuition refund via e-mail? I am very sorry for the long text, I really want to make sure whether I would be paying 100$ or 12000$ to secure my place at Saba until I hear back from Irish schools. Thank you all for your time and help!
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