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  1. Bonjour,

    Il me manque 1 cours laboratoire de physique pour satisfaire aux préalables de médecine à Mcgill:

    j'aimerais savoir s'il y a des universités ou CÉGEPs qui offrent seulement le cours de laboratoire de physique soit pour électricité et magnétisme ou ondes et physique moderne.J'ai fais les cours théoriques et il me manque seulement la composante laboratoire à faire.

    Merci beaucoup !

  2. Hi there, At this time, there is a lot of uncertainly and we don't know much. It is likely to be primarily remotely and some clinical activities might be held in person but this is subject to many different factors. Make sure to keep up with the emails sent out by the faculty to stay in the loop! Congratulations on your admission and welcome to the McGill Medicine Fam!
  3. Hi! Most of TCP will be either in outpatient clinic (peds and fam med for example) or in hospital for the rest. Most of the rotations are 2 weeks, except for IM which is about 6 weeks. You do get academic half days were students attend lectures. Those are usually held in hospital and sometimes on campus. The goal of TCP is mainly to have you familiarize yourself with the hospital environment and get comfortable with completing a history and a physical as well as learning the basics about building a differential diagnosis. In most of your rotations you'll also learn how to write notes (progress, admission, consults) etc., which is high yield for med3/4. TCP is unique to McGill and allows for students to be better prepared to start clerkship; generally speaking, students tend to really like it and enjoy the experience. Hope this helps!
  4. Hey, usually gets created a few weeks after the admissions get sent out so you should expect it soon enough!
  5. Hello, once you enter the MD program, the is no more GPA per say that will appear on your transcript because all courses are evaluated on a pass/fail basis. However, the faculty does keep track of individual mark for prizes, deans honour list etc.. Your med-P GPA will still show on your official transcript though (just like it would show for undergrad students who completed their degree at McGill).
  6. Last year, the last exam med1s wrote was on Dec 15. This is subject to change and you shouldn't really make any travel arrangements before you get your final schedule on myMDCM (the platform that is used by the faculty).
  7. Hi Silverstream, it may sound silly but you will only have a chance if you actually apply. You stats seem competitive and there are Americans in our classes. Give it a shot and you'll see what happens!
  8. Please refer to my other post as I forgot to quote your initial message.
  9. Hi cacaonibs, Exams often fall on Fridays. You should contact the faculty to know if they can send you a tentative schedule. Best!
  10. Hi Student 1255, There are multiple ways to find someone to shadow. If you have a specific discipline in mind (e.g. radiology), you could contact the elective coordinator for radiology at McGill, and they can guide you towards a specific person to shadow.
  11. Hi, This is probably going to sound boring to you, but you should choose the program that best suits your own preferences. There is no better way to get accepted than staying true to your own values and picking a program that best represents your personality and ambition. There is no rule set in stone, and you can get into Mcgill Med from many different programs. I, for example, did health sciences at a small Cegep outside of Montreal, and they never questioned my training. Hope this helps!
  12. Hi, the most effective way would be to do it through the McGill Student Health Clinic. The nurses all know the requirements for students and will be best equipped to help you. That said, it can be challenging to make an appointment with the clinic - make sure you specify that you are an incoming medical student, as they sometimes have allocated times dedicated to med students. If this doesn't work, you can also have the forms filled out by a nurse at a CLSC.
  13. The gym is on 475, Pine Av. You can find all of the information on http://www.mcgillathletics.ca/. Hope this helps.
  14. Hi Looktoabove, From my understanding, you would have yo repeat your hepatitis B immunizations, yes. I would call the Mcgill Student Health Service to make sure. Hope this helps.
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