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  1. Yes.. *very* interesting Hope the lot of you had a somewhat relaxed and informative day!
  2. ^ to make sure nobody is interviewing on your behalf. It was interesting sitting across from some of the prospective students...
  3. Zaandrei.

    dental loupes

    I've got the ExamVision 4.6x; amazing optics compared to the 'school-provided' Univet set. A bit on the heavier side, but decent depth of field, great working distance/mag ratio - and I can comfortably see an entire sextant. Paired them with the Lumadent light with a solid metal mount. -- and yes, I use them for scaling as well!
  4. Like a leaf in the wind ^
  5. Hehehe... no comment xD Yes.... sure... that^ XD But idk, in regards to the boards prep: I think we know the major topics quite well - or at least supposed to! *Ahem, KFB... attendance is key. Joking aside, going through released boards questions, most of us should have no problem getting 75-80% of them right without studying specifically for the NDEB
  6. Zaandrei.

    UWO Interview Prep

    I'll hopefully be sitting on the other side of the table from you guys ^.^ This should be exciting!
  7. Zaandrei.


    Will likely need a lot of collateral for a loan; a good friend of mine had to get her parents to put their house as collateral on a 300k USD loan for her medical school. No other way really, unless you have liquid cash. Canadian banks aren't as friendly to student going to the US.
  8. Zaandrei.

    Writing American liscencing exam

    Some write it after first year, some after second... in regards to the part I. Part II typically after year 3, or at the same time as Canadian boards. But that's gonna go out the window with the switch from two parts to a single exam. Focus on your first year in dental school; don't worry about the boards yet lol...
  9. Zaandrei.

    November 2018 DAT Thoughts

    Yeah^^ but... https://www.facebook.com/Dr.wim.oudshoorn/media_set?set=a.990749924450955&type=3 EDIT: I'm not sure if the individual's post is public on Facebook. Anyways:, summary of the research: "CD and PA tests are neither selective nor sensitive enough to identify candidates who have the potential to succeed or fail" But for the record, I do think that if you actually wanted to do well... you should be able to get better than a 5 on the MDT if you put in the same effort you did in your undergrad classes.
  10. Zaandrei.

    November 2018 DAT Thoughts

    Again, as above.
  11. Zaandrei.

    November 2018 DAT Thoughts

    Yes; as above. TL;DR "Too bad." But I like purplethang's attitude...
  12. Zaandrei.

    Dentistry Interview Prep

    Really?... http://forums.premed101.com/search/?q=interview prep&type=forums_topic&nodes=7&sortby=relevancy&search_and_or=and
  13. I can second that^ 100%. Shows you didn't just spend your free time being unproductive.