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  1. Hi KMF! I've been wondering the same thing. Hopefully someone here can shed some light on it? I assumed that it would be in the info package that they are sending to us sometime during July.
  2. Congrats you guys!! I received the "conditional acceptance" recommendation e-mail and then the full package in the mail I believe 2 or 3 weeks later. I can't wait to meet you guys! I'm anxious to get more information!!
  3. Here is a link to the facebook group for anyone looking! https://www.facebook.com/groups/685333804906603/
  4. Hi guys!! I've made a facebook group for the class of 2017! https://www.facebook.com/groups/685333804906603/
  5. Congrats!! I can't wait to meet you (and everyone!) too! This summer is going by so slowly!!
  6. From what I've encountered these posts are very accurate. I'm not at all worried about getting *A* job when I graduate.. getting the exact job I want? Getting a full time job? Less likely. Though I hear this from PTs and SLPs as well. I think the beauty of OT is that every job is a bit different, and if we start off part time in a couple of places, it gives us an amazing opportunity to see what we are the best fit for and work towards that type of a job (ie: psych vs splinting).
  7. Hi! I'm heading for Dal OT, and from what I've read 2 of your placements must be within the Nova Scotia area, and your last 2 placements are more flexible. However it is my understanding that this is pretty standard - as with most schools your first placements are at a time where you still need to be on campus? Edit to add: as far as choosing different schools goes, perhaps look up teaching styles, etc and see which is the best fit for you. I would also consider which schools required which prerequisites and what their requirements are, as that may give you an idea of the type of class you'll be with (for example, Western does not have pre-requisites, but UofA does). Just a thought! I don't know if that helps at all, but if you choose to head to Dal let me know! I'm anxious to meet fellow classmates!
  8. I was attempting to relax and looking to travel (still may..hopefully!), but it seems I'm so anxious to start that I simply can't!! So...I borrowed the comprehensive textbook an OT I worked with had on hand and I've been reading it! But that's more for interest's sake. As far as real prep goes, I plan to review anatomy, as it's been a while since I've had to learn it. So excited to start!!! September is so far away!
  9. Hi! Congrats on the acceptances/waitlisting! I was wondering how long Dalhousie gave you to decide? Like when did you have to accept their offer by? (I am just curious to know when the class is finalized/when those of us going to Dal will get more info) Thanks!
  10. There is definitely a huge need. Someone just sent me this this morning: http://www.cknw.com/2015/05/17/76794/
  11. I love your optimism!!! Good luck next year! Your GPA is already not bad, and another year will bring it up to competitive! You got this!
  12. Hello! I figured I would start this thread for those who know they are heading to Dal in September. It's driving me a bit crazy that we haven't received much information about the coming year. So we can use this space to meet each other, and maybe create a facebook group? Perhaps find roommates, etc. So excited to meet you guys!!!
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