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  1. does anyone know when our tuition deposits are due for Queens OT? I accepted earlier this week but didn't see any information.
  2. Hi Calgary OT! I am definitely looking forward to moving to Alberta this fall for OT. I was wondering what the difference is between the two campuses? Are there different advantages to attending one campus over the other? Or maybe different opportunities? I'm moving from OOP and I can't find information on the Calgary campus besides there being 20 people who get chosen to move to Calgary.
  3. has anyone received a letter through mail from UofA for OT yet? I'm wondering how long they provide to give information on confirming our seats and the nature of our acceptance.
  4. i don't know how they are doing this. It seems so random. I'm non-atlantic and I heard back on April 8th. And I think someone from Ontario got accepted in late march
  5. That's a pretty valid question- I'll be wearing dress pants, white dress shirt. I haven't decided on the shoes yet.
  6. that makes me feel better! thanks! SO excited to potentially visit the east coast!
  7. Yup. Got an email this morning telling me I'm waitlisted. They don't mention anything about the waitlist except that they can't tell me my place.
  8. just got waitlisted for Dalhousie OT. Does anyone know if they waitlist OOP and atlantic applicants on the same list or if they have separate lists?
  9. Hey thanks a lot for the heads up. totally chickened out this morning and wasn't going to call. I just did and got it fixed. Good luck to you too!
  10. I have the same problem. I'm so conflicted on which I would choose and I want to drop my spot as soon as possible for the school I don't choose so someone else can have my spot. I'm going to call tomorrow and see what they say. I'll let you know.
  11. I got mine at 3pm in Ontario. Does anyone know if we can change the date for Mcmaster? Can we take someone's spot if they drop another date?
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