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  1. Call your advisor and ask him/her to make the change. Do not accept a "we're sorry bur we can't". In this case, you DO have a bargaining power. There are other banks offering similar products to the Infinite. Why should you settle for any less?
  2. Je pensais comme ça. Cette année j'avais déjà un bac en poche et j'ètais dans mon 2e bac. Toutefois, à l'UdeM on m'a classé dans la catégorie "en cours de bac".
  3. Yeah, I have a friend that had similar problems there but in his case he had booked his appointment with an advisor who isn't dedicated to med/dent students. On the RBC website you'll find the names of such advisors and I would recommend booking appointments with the people on that list. I'm telling you this because I went to very same branch and my advisor knew all about the product he was selling, he answered my questions even before I asked them and he was pretty flexible about the Infinite Avion Visa. Besides I only inquired about waiving the fees for both the card and the VIP package and he immediately said he could get it for me. I also contacted the Scotiabank's advisor dedicated to med/dent students at Laval U. and he offered me both the ScotiaGold Passeport Visa and the Amex with fees waived for both cards. In the end I picked RBC because it was a better fit for me all things considered.
  4. I can hardly believe any bank would fire an advisor for securing a client who'll borrow money from the bank, pay interest, use the credit card (hence bring more money to the bank through card's fees from pretty much everything you buy with the card) and be a potential source of revenue to the bank for years to come. I asked my advisor and I did get the Infinite Avion + VIP package with all the fees waived. If you ask, ask nicely and ask the right advisor, you'll get more than you thought.
  5. Work? What's that? Never heard of it. Zero guilt. I'm gonna enjoy my summer until the very last minute. Then I'll study as I have never studied before and I'll do that during the next few years. So, no, I don't feel any guilt at all about not working during this summer.
  6. I've heard from someone I know he got a 2nd LOC with a different bank. Firstly, I didn't even know that it was possible. Secondly, why would anyone even envision graduating with that amount of debt??
  7. The one at Place Ste-Foy in Quebec City. I don't know what are the fees others are saying they can't get waived at RBC because I got the Infinite Avion Visa and the VIP package with all the fees waived.
  8. I'm not sure if this was already discussed/posted elsewhere, if so, please point me out where to find it. But, if not, I was wondering what the best med apps for Android are? Thanks in advance.
  9. ''For those of you still waiting, don't give up and don't let perfect stats from everyone on this forum get you down. Schools are looking for more than just 4.0 GPAs, they want well-rounded people who will be a comfort to their patients. Keep trying and it'll work out for you!" Congrats! And I couldn't agree any more with you.
  10. Withdrawing from the IP WL (an awful position on the list, by the way) due to accepting an offer from Laval. Good luck to everyone on the list. And one thought for those rejected or still waiting: never give up, even when it seems this day will never come.
  11. Suggestions/recommendations on branch/advisor in Montreal or Quebec City? Thanks in advance.
  12. In English, French, Portuguese, Spanish or Danish, please.
  13. C'est "magique" ce qu'une année en nutrition/ergo/physio peut faire pour ta côte à Laval...
  14. On m'a envoyé le lien suivant par PM. Selon l'information disponible sur le site web de la Faculté de Médecine dentaire de l'UdeM ils utilisent, depuis l'automne 2011, un système de notation fixe. http://www.medent.umontreal.ca/pdf/fr/echelle-conversion-notes.pdf Comme FinalShowTime a dit qu'en médecine le pré-externat a un système de notation "flexible", l'inférence qu'on peut faire est que chaque faculté à l'UdeM impose le système qu'elle veut. Lorsque j'ai étudié à l'UdeM, on avait un système de notation flexible pour les cours que j'ai pris. Également, j'ai des connaissances qui ont étudié/étudient à l'UdeM qui m'avaient dit qu'ils avaient un système flexible. Donc, ce serait intéressant et très utile si les participants de ce Forum qui étudient à l'UdeM dans des divers programmes pouvaient partager avec nous l'information concernant leur facutlé/programme. Finalement, merci beaucoup Dannny, pour l'information.
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