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  1. RESOLVED school interviewing at: Ottawa specialty: Internal Medicine current interview date: Jan 18 at 3:00 PM date would like to switch to: Jan 23rd (any time), or Jan 18 AM  any additional notes: Please PM! Currently have conflict with another interview.
  2. RESOLVED school interviewing at: Queen's specialty: Internal Medicine current interview date: Jan 18 at 1:00 PM date would like to switch to: Jan 22 (anytime), 17 (anytime), or 18 AM  any additional notes: Please PM! Currently have conflict with another interview.
  3. PurpleS

    Program Descriptions

    Program descriptions for 2018 - 2019 are supposed to all go up on September 5th when applications open.
  4. PurpleS

    Enrichment Year

    You can't do this with an Enrichment Year. You can apply for an EY up to 3 months before November of your third year (when Carms applications are due).
  5. PurpleS

    Enrichment Year

    If you are interested in the Enrichment Year, or talking to more students that have decided to pursue an Enrichment Year, you can post in the FB group or email the Research & Scholarship Program Administrator, Ms. Naznin Alam, alamn6@mcmaster.ca or the Director of Research & Scholarship, Dr. M. Constantine Samaan: samaanc@mcmaster.ca.
  6. The last part about the CPSO not doing much is definitely discouraging. It seems like insurance companies have the money to buy the time and assessment of certain clinicians, but the patient's own primary care providers may lack the time/resources to be able to advocate appropriately for their patients due to high patient volume, etc. I don't know if we can perhaps incorporate administrative time spent preparing cases for patients into current billing practices, seems unlikely :/
  7. Saw this come up in my suggested news articles: thoughts? https://www.theglobeandmail.com/news/investigations/doctors-insurance-independent-medical-examinations/article37141790/
  8. PurpleS

    Stories of Deferrals

    If you do get accepted, maybe you can work with the program admin in both programs to see if some kind of compromise can be made. There are students at the Mac program who have been able to take a year off during med school to complete a Master's that they started during their MD.
  9. PurpleS

    Research as a Med Student

    I would definitely not submit a LOR to Carms from a research supervisor unless they have supervised you in a clinical setting as well. The exception to this is the extra LOR you can submit to UofT IM (or other programs that specifically say you can submit an extra letter focused on research/education/community etc.) I know research is not going to make or break your application, but I feel like the majority of students have very similar transcripts and LORs (with very few exceptionally good or bad students) and research may be able to tease apart the people in the middle. A lot of it also comes down to luck: if you can book an elective in your speciality/location of choice, who your preceptor is, how long you get to spend with one preceptor on elective, etc. Of course take this with a grain of salt because I have not gone through Carms yet.
  10. PurpleS


    It depends. When I interviewed, I had the PhD part first, and then the MD part the next day.
  11. Can you explain what insight into the match that stat would provide? I feel like a much better stat would be what % of students match to their first choice program and that is provided on the website.
  12. Most MSc applications are due in Jan - Mar; however, the tri-council awards (NSERC, CIHR, etc.) are due in December prior to when grad applications are due. You can perhaps wait to apply for grad school until the interviews come out, but definitely put in an application for tri-council. If you hold one of these scholarships, you have a great advantage going into grad school and can be much most selective about your potential supervisor. I applied for graduate school at the same time and depending on the program, you do not apply through OUAC - just independently through the school's graduate programs. I agree that you should definitely be upfront with your supervisor about your intentions - you do not want to work for someone who doesn't support your professional goals. You should keep your potential advisor updated on the status of your MD application so they can make appropriate plans of their own.
  13. PurpleS

    CASPer Weighting Change?

    Don't believe rumours until they are officially confirmed by admissions.
  14. I think it also depends on the game. Team e-sports like DotA are very similar to other team sports in the skills you demonstrate (teamwork, communication, problem solving, leadership etc.) and those skills are crucial to have in a clinician. On an unrelated note: Our career counsellors are always telling us to put hobbies on our CVs for Carms... Not sure if that's good advice but it would be contradictory to value it for residency and not entry to medical school.
  15. Do not mistake individual stories for the norm. Do your own research and check the GPA and MCAT cut-offs for OOP for each school and apply to those that you meet the cut-offs for. There's no point in spending time and money on an application that they won't even look at because you don't meet the requirements.