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  1. DELIGHTFUL Delightfully eager, let imagination guide her truth, feelings unmistakably lustful.
  2. SOMETIMES Some opportunities might exist; time is myopic, especially shortsighted.
  3. SOPHISTICATION Slipping off pants, her instinct sensually turned immediately, Christine accepted truly imaginative offerings, nightly.
  4. That's the way it normally is - unfortunately, normal processing has been suspended for both J-1 and H1b (I bolded part of the previous post). The AMA is aware of the situation and seems to be advocating for IMGs who make up about 30% of the resident workforce. It may be some J-1 visas still get processed, but I think ultimately the biggest determinant will be whether there is a new administration in January of next year. https://www.ama-assn.org/education/international-medical-education/why-img-physicians-are-vital-us-health-security
  5. SWEETHEART Sweet wishes every evening truthfully have enabled amorous romance, truly.
  6. EVERYBODY Every very enchanting restaurant yesterday brought Owen delightful yams.
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