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  1. YOUNGNESS Young ostriches’ underdeveloped neck girths need extra stretching, seriously.
  2. UNDERSTAND Unravelling naughty desires, Ed realized suddenly that appearances never deceived!
  3. NOTE: The final word was EXPLORATION rather than EXPLANATION. YVONNE Your various offers need normal exploration.
  4. SUSPENDED Some U-boat submarines purposefully ended navy destroyers - executing destruction.
  5. SPAGHETTI Several people appreciated great homemade enchiladas, tacos too - infrequently.
  6. ESCAPED Eat salmon carefully and please enjoy deliciousness.
  7. HIGHLANDS Homework is generally helpful: learn and never desist, seriously.
  8. PERSISTENTLY Please enjoy red salmon - it's savoury texture engages numerous tastebuds, like yellowfish.
  9. SCRAMBLE Sweet crêpes, raspberries, apricots mixed beautifully - lovely eating!
  10. SUDDENLY Suddenly, Ursula's dream delivery emerged - nice, lovely, youngsters!
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