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  1. There likely is a date when the psychology department will open up their courses to students with non-psychology majors. You should contact the psychology department and tell them which major you are in and ask when you can start enrolling in them. If you are a biomed major, make sure you tell them this as well since it is actually one of your requirements.
  2. PremedToronto

    Biology vs. BioMedical vs. Health Sciences

    Agree with both replies above Maybe even find friends or people in those programs and see how they are finding it
  3. Hey there, I did a biomed degree at York. 1. I am never too sure how to answer this question so i will leave this to someone who is more knowledgeable 2. You definitely need to take BOTH BIOL 1000 and 1001 in order to satisfy your bio degree requirements and they are also prerequisite courses for the second-year biology courses which you will need to take for a biology degree. Medical schools probably don't care how many biology credits an applicant has. 3. Yes the EECS 1520 course is available in the winter years as far I remember. 4. The psychology PSYC 1010 course is for beginners so no prior psychology knowledge needed. Hope this helps, cheers!
  4. PremedToronto

    OOP Chances

    I would definitely apply - your GPA is good and you can never be sure of what this cycles averages will look like. Write your ECs well. Totally understand it takes a lot of work, but the process of applying to medical schools in itself is a shot in the dark! good luck with the app!
  5. Economics is another one, micro and macro.
  6. I went to York and took Biomed and can say it is definitely a "rigorous" program as well. I would definitely not let the university label deter you from coming to York and seeing what it has to offer. If it's not to your liking, you can apply to switch over to McMaster if you think that is more your fit as you mentioned. More important than the school name is how well you do and what you make of your opportunities. If you have any specific questions about York's science programs, especially biomed, I'd be more than happy to answer them here or you can PM as well. Cheers!
  7. I think this is the 2018 version, seems like UOIT has it online for free: http://uoitdcpremed.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/09/2018-AdmissionRequirements_en.pdf Enjoy!
  8. Hey, I think for you it will come down entirely to practice practice and practice. Get your hand on a bunch of MMI questions (there's a lot available for free online, I never paid for any) and just keep going at it. Each day spend just an hour or so and time yourself going through the questions. Yes talking to your friends will provide you with important feedback, but even just sitting in front of a mirror or recording yourself will do you wonders. That is mostly what I did along with meeting people from those MMI Practice facebook groups. And I agree with everything that has been said above apart from the paid coaching advice, I don't know much about it to recommend it.
  9. The course itself wasn't bad but as you can expect from the course description, lots of lab reports so more subjective marking = harder to get A+ but not impossible. I took it in my second year and found that it was a good balance with the rest of my full course load...it's not too heavy content-wise. But I also do know it's a popular 2nd year BIOL course to take in the summer after 1st year so I can't really say which would be better. Same goes for your question about taking PHYS 1420 during the year, it all depends on how comfortable you are with it. You don't really need it for MCAT if you have some background in it from before like in high school and can just get away with reading the MCAT physics material.
  10. PremedToronto

    Decision day

    Emotions go crazy as we head up to "decision day." Keep sane and all the best to all of you.
  11. We get 24 weeks of electives. 12 weeks maximum OOP and then a few restrictions on the others as well. But yeah we were told we probably have the most in the country.
  12. PremedToronto


    Book a time to sit down with him and talk to him and bring up the points you brought up here. See how the vibe of the conversation goes to better judge.
  13. PremedToronto

    Advice needed

    Hi Migmig, Sorry to hear about what you were going through. You will just need to be a bit careful here - doing a 5th year may mean "waste a year" if you don't get into med school but doing a Master's like you said earlier would mean an even longer time. So just have a back-up ready and in mind just in case things don't come together as you planned. Other than that, you still have time to correct a few things as others have said above. Good luck!
  14. PremedToronto

    New Site Layout

    Any update on the signatures?