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  1. Hi guys, I'll be heading to Winnipeg this August for the OT program at U of M and was wondering if anyone from the area could recommend a good location for housing. I'm also looking for a roommate! If you are as well please private message me and we can exchange email addresses/numbers. I'm from BC so if anyone else from here is heading to Winnipeg, I'd be happy to get together over the summer. It would be great to get to know our classmates before we start!
  2. Got my acceptance to U of M OT on Saturday! Still on the waitlist for UBC though. Good luck to everyone awaiting news!
  3. I wonder if we'll know today. Her email said we'll know shortly.
  4. Did anyone recieve the "test" email sent out by Sonia today?
  5. I haven't heard back either! One of my interviewers told me that we will find out during the first week of April. So next week most likely
  6. I can relate! This is my second year applying as well. Feels like a lot more added pressure. I am sooo ready to hear back now haha I feel like my life is at a standstill. I'm constantly checking my email and this forum!
  7. Thanks! Yea, I didn't mean interview at u of a, I meant get in. Good luck to you too! I'm a bc resident so I'm hoping to get in at UBC!
  8. One of the interviewers told me we would be notified during the 1st week of April.
  9. It's definitely not just about GPA. I was not given an interview last year even though I had an 82 average. I was told my references were not strong enough. I basically changed every single thing in my application including taking more classes to bump my GPA up to 83.
  10. Does anyone know how many applications they received this year?
  11. I was wondering the same thing. I didn't receive an email back after I confirmed either.
  12. Hang in there! I'm pretty sure it's not alphabetical but my last name starts with S.
  13. Thank you so much! I'm so happy right now. This is my second time applying. I was not granted an interview last year so I'm beyond stoked! My average for upper level course work is 83%. Good luck to everyone still waiting!
  14. Applied: UBC, U of A, Manitoba, McMaster (all OT) Accepted: U of M Waitlisted:UBC Rejected:U of A, McMaster GPA: 83% 300/400 level courses at UBC, sGPA Manitoba OT = 3.91, not sure what my sGPA is for U of A and McMaster is but I'm assuming around 3.6. Perceived strengths of essays/interviews/references: My essays are strong as I have quite a bit of OT knowledge and relative experience. I have over 200 hours working with dementia patients and more working with children with autism. I have pretty stellar references from them as well. My professors also wrote great letters of references. I achieved the highest mark in the class in both courses which were both science-related and both profs know me personally. I think I have a good chance at getting interviews everywhere except u of a and McMaster.
  15. You should definitely send your missing documents in again. They update the checklists pretty quickly as they receive documents. You can always email and ask. I did that about two weeks ago and they told me they received my transcript but did not get to updating my checklist yet. Everything is officially in now though. Let the waiting game for interviews begin!
  16. Did they say how many people will be interviewed this year?
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