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  1. TIME STAMP: 3:35pm Interview Date: March 8th Result: Accepted (off waitlist) wGPA: 3.97 MCAT: 9/10/12 ECs: Average? Essays: Felt good about them Interview: Hard to say. Two went really well and two felt okay. Year: 4th year UG
  2. I was wondering this too and was looking through past posts on the admissions blog and found this comment from the admissions team in 2012: "I won’t say the exact number of offers we are making, but I can definitely confirm it is more than 259. We know not everyone will accept and so we use past experience to help us predict how many offers we need to make. We want a full class and we don’t want people waiting around on a final decision any longer than they need to." So they won't be taking the full ~70 students from the waitlist unfortunately...
  3. TIME STAMP: 7:06pm Interview Date: March 8th Result: Invite wGPA: 3.99 MCAT: 9/10/12 ECs: Average Essays: Feel good about them Year: 4th year UG Geography : OOP
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