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  1. Are you sure they are offering you money? I have also received an email on Fri from uofc about financial pamphlet in my offer tab, but as I understood i still have to apply for those bursaries and scholarships? I assumed they sent the same email to everyone, but maybe they did grant you a special scholarship. Good luck in your choice!
  2. Time Stamp: May 12 7:29 AM Result: Accepted Location: OOP (Alberta) WGPA: 4 Stream: English Interview: felt amazing! Will probably decline this offer in favor of UofC.
  3. Accepted! GPA: 4 MCAT: 27 ECs: research, many publications, lots of volunteering, competitive dancing, playing violin, and jobs with aboriginal and vulnerable populations. Year: PhD complete Interview: felt amazing! Will decline in favor of UofC. So hopefully this will help someone on the wait list. Good luck!!!
  4. Can you get a confirmation of enrolment prior to submitting your vaccinations, CPR, police check, and final transcript? Or should all of these be received by the school in order to have a letter of enrolment? Thanks!
  5. I am out of province too. Skype mock interview would be great!
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