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  1. I got the same thing from dal too! I haven't contacted anyone but it is a good sign then?
  2. Hey hopefulOT, I applied to Queen's as well and my cGPA is below 3 as well. You're not alone in feeling discouraged. Just keep going! Look at how far you've come.
  3. Hi NSOT16, Could you please tell me when you received your notice of acceptance? I just wanted to know when it expect my acceptance/rejection letter. Thanks! IC
  4. Hey hotwheels_11, I was looking on this site for OT in the UK. Changed the parameters for PT. Hope it helps! http://www.postgraduatesearch.com/postgraduate/physiotherapy-other-therapies/uk/study/postgraduate-browse.htm -IC
  5. Hey OT_OneDay, I am in the same boat as you. Don't worry you're not alone. -IC
  6. Hi there, Currently in progress in this class - human physiology. I have noticed on the forums that a few of you are doing this as well. Has anyone done a midterm/exam yet? Just wondering if anyone could shed some light on if they are similar to the quizzes or if there is any lab content on them. Many Thanks, I.C.
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