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  1. Hey thanks for the reply. I am hopeful for a 509 for my MCAT based off my the average of my FLs, but I am not sure how it will go.. (who does right). Is this a good enough MCAT to be competitive or should I consider taking it again if I get that. I have been combining all the job positions I listed part time. My city is smaller so there haven't been many science/medical related job opportunities and those have been the best I have been able to find. All my years were full course load and the extra year I want to take will also be full course load. It looks like Western would be the best chance, especially if I can do well in my 5th year. What areas do you think I should be focusing on for this upcoming application cycle. Thanks again
  2. Hello I am a non traditional resident in Ontario. I graduated in 2015 with a science degree and want to apply to medical school in Canada (very preferred) but will consider US MD and DO. Can you give me your honest advice on what I should do? Year 1 3.75 Year 2 3.65 Year 3 3.72 Year 4 3.24 (personal issues) cGPA 3.59 EC from Uni: Club VPs, Student Mentor, Tutor, Student Counselor and other smaller involvements Work: Non profit organization internships, tutor, scribe, medical assistant in a specialty clinic, research assistant References: Strong references from PI and doctors I have worked with MCAT: took in Uni got 24. Recently took MCAT and felt a lot better than my first time around. Now waiting for results to come back in 2 weeks. I realize my lowest GPA occurred during the most important year of undegrad (4th) but unfortunately personal issues (family, friends and mental health) really effected me at the time. Now I am in a better place. I am considering doing a 5th year to help boost my GPA, work part time and strengthen my ECs. The GPA gain would be minimal but I hope to convey that I am capable of doing well and have recovered from my bad 4th year. Is there value in this thought? Should I do a second degree instead? I don't want to commit 2-3 more years for a degree that may lead me to the same job prospects I have now but I would appreciate your honest opinions. At this time, I am not very interested in pursuing a certificate or Masters program. Cheers
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