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  1. Donald_Duck

    Applicant from Quebec

    1. You do not need to do it in the 3 years used to calculate GPA, however you need a minimum grade in that class (check the website on pre-reqs). 2. No, same as everyone else. If you are applying to the french stream your minimum GPA requirement will be lower if you come from the Outaouais region but otherwise thats the only thing different. Good luck! Mr Duck
  2. Donald_Duck

    In desperate need of advice

    you definitely have a shot, I would put your 100% efforts and go for your dream. It is very rewarding. If you plan on completing your health science degree, the old courses/degree will not count for most (if not all) med schools. Certain schools have policies that can erase your previous transcript on the basis of undiagnosed medical conditions if you truly want these grades to be off your record, but if you plan on doing 3-4 years of undergrad again this is not necessary as those will be used for your GPA calculation. Good luck! Mr Duck
  3. Donald_Duck

    Medical condition

    If you want to pursue medicine do it. If you meet the requirements to apply absolutely apply and go for it full blast. It is a fantastic reason to pursue medicine and I think your tale would be very inspiring to many other students living with disabilities who may think that medicine is not possible for them. The Faculty of Med at uOttawa is super good at accommodating and helping you succeed, and will work with you, they are super nice. You got this! Mr Duck
  4. Donald_Duck

    French Interview Prep

    The first years always do a mock interview prep and I highly suggest it. It should be posted in the forums when it happens. Mr Duck
  5. Donald_Duck

    Summer course

    If you mean Pass Fail then there should be no reason seeing under normal circumstances grades do not count anyways, but you should check with the admissions by sending an email. The recent rule change regarding science pre-req may require you to have a grade in that class if its a science prereq as it needs to be above a B or whatever the minimum requirement is nowadays. Good luck Mr Duck
  6. Donald_Duck

    How are CASPer and ABS factored in?

    If someone knew they would have break their vow of secrecy to the admissions committee of uOttawa Med. Nobody dares commit high treason to Dr Lemay, the queen of the pond. Mr Duck
  7. Donald_Duck

    Chances for Interview?

    It is possible to get an interview, keep your fingers crossed! Mr Duck
  8. Donald_Duck

    Should I apply?

    I agree, you would be burning cash. Give me the money instead and I can at least give you a rubber duck to remember me by. Mr Duck
  9. Donald_Duck

    wGPA calculation help!

    You are eligible to apply! Year 4 is void because of 2 pass fail course in one semester. Year 3 x 3 Year 2 x 2 Year 1 x 1 Your year 1 counts because you can take the remainder 2 courses in the summer OR in another academic year. In that case, they will use your year 4 to complete the 10 course/year requirement. That being said the 2 courses in year 4 wont be used for GPA calculation. Good luck! Mr Duck
  10. Only your undergraduate grades are going to be considered, these are what will be important. uOttawa will ask for an updated transcript if you are admitted which will be used as proof of enrolement of your MSc I suppose but at this stage of the application it may not be necessary, though I am not sure. These questions are best answered by the admissions office, which re-opens on Monday! I know deadline is soon though... Good luck! Mr Duck
  11. Yes absolutely you can do electives in french even if you are in the english stream! Mr Duck
  12. Whatever youre most comfortable with, remember in French you will have to write the casper in French and interview in French. If you are not comfortable with that, go in English. The French stream will definitely be less competitive than the English but proficiency in French is a good predictor of outcome, given that your GPA and CV are competitive for both streams. Hope that helps Mr Duck
  13. Donald_Duck

    Waitlist Support Thread - 2018

    Given that classes started, its a done deal.... Always try harder and try again and lets hope for next year Mr Duck
  14. Donald_Duck

    To apply or not to apply

    It seems you are below the cutoff and email to be sure. Please do not apply if you are below the cutoff as you would be wasting money/time. Mr Duck
  15. You can even apply to french residencies where English people have a harder trouble (e.g quebec 0.o). I know someone doing internal med at CHUM (the dream) Mr Duck