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  1. Hello,

    For the french stream, is the language of instruction only in french? If so, why are exams bilingual?

    After submitting an application for the english stream, can it be changed to the french stream now 10 days post-or it it too late?

  2. Although the semesters with more than 1 pass fail course will not count towards wGPA calculation, the credit itself for the course might still be taken into consideration (the exception might be the pre-req classes where they need at least a B). I would not lose hope just yet, email them and see. Mr Duck
  3. It seems this year you submit 3 contact information of your referees and they will fill a form to rate you on different aspects and then a final question of: do you recommend this candidate to the MD program (yes/no). Referees had to always fill a form like this on top of the reference letters but it seems now they are openly admitting they never looked at the letters (lol). All the info is here: https://www.ouac.on.ca/guide/omsas-referees/ Mr Duck
  4. The 3 years really does not allow for time to build your experiences (for example research/leadership which is important for certain specialties) and for your own career exploration. Let alone time to wind down during the summer. 4 years definitely the preference, unless you are set for family medicine from the start (however this is my own personal opinion)! Mr Duck
  5. Sorry that I was dormant on this forum! To clarify, applying in this stream is only going to increase your chance of admission. For example you are 1 applicant out of 4000 for the English stream seats, and out of the 4000 applicants 100 are eligible for LSES stream. As the 1 applicant, you will now be competing against 100 for those 2 spots, but if unsuccessful, you will be re-assessed against the entire 4000 applicant pool. This is the same process they have done for MD/PHD applicants for example. If you qualify, absolutely apply, this will only increase your chances of admission (however, only slightly as there are very limited spots with possibilities of expanding the spots in the future). I do not know the background research that went into creating this stream, but we have to keep in mind that students from a low socio-economic background tend to have lower admission averages/weaker CVs (although this is obviously not the case for everyone!). If you take the indigenous program for example, although there are 4 seats, some years they had trouble to fill the seats even with 60-80 applicants given the difficulty with obtaining candidates with the adequate grade requirement/interview score. I would not undermine the success of this program until we have a couple years of data and assessment of it's impact on granting admission for students from low socio-economic status. I think this is a step in the right direction. Mr Duck
  6. Yes these pre-reqs are set in stone for upcoming cycle. The statistics requirement is very broad and does not have to be completed in the faculty of science (it does not need to be biostats, it can be from business faculty, engineering, social science, etc). Mr Duck
  7. The breakdown pre-interview that I shared on this forum is dated information unfortunately. They are changing the admission requirements so much that unfortunately I no longer know the formula for pre-interview consideration. However, I do believe GPA is still looked at competitively as R previously stated. Mr Duck
  8. They will consider year 3/4/5 as long as you completed at least 12 credits for every fall and winter semester of those years (excluding distance education and classes with Pass/Fail). Mr Duck
  9. There is a pool on main campus which can be accessed for free with your student card (free shuttle between the medical school campus and downtown main campus). Mr Duck
  10. Keep in mind that at uOttawa the bus pass is mandatory for the fall and winter semesters, also the parking costs are astronomical. You will be saving a lot by bussing, while also having the time to listen to class recordings on the bus! Mr Duck
  11. Agree with all the above, OSAP now heavily decrease grants based on your income so not worth your time (esp given that it's better to focus on studying). You can play with the calculator online to see how this affects your grant. There are many grants during the summer for research opportunities that are reasonable if you want some research experience anyways, however I do regret not taking more time off to relax during the summer! Mr Duck
  12. Pass rate is 60% however 70% is where is recommended to perform as it correlates with better success on the LMCC (licencing exams). The "hardness" to pass really depends on the individual, some may find it extremely easy to pass 60, whilst others may find it difficult to maintain a 60, and this all depends on a lot of factors (and btw, your grades on an exam do not mean you will make a better physician, but that you are good at taking a test!). Where you find yourself on the spectrum of "how easy is it for me to pass med school exams" will be clearer following your first semester of medical school. However there are many ressources that allows students to adjust based on their perceived level of difficulty with the curriculum (mentoring center, buddy program, Student Academic Success Service, to name a few). Mr Duck
  13. They don't care about the program, only the course load / prereqs. Mr Duck
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