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  1. Whatever youre most comfortable with, remember in French you will have to write the casper in French and interview in French. If you are not comfortable with that, go in English. The French stream will definitely be less competitive than the English but proficiency in French is a good predictor of outcome, given that your GPA and CV are competitive for both streams. Hope that helps Mr Duck
  2. Donald_Duck

    Waitlist Support Thread - 2018

    Given that classes started, its a done deal.... Always try harder and try again and lets hope for next year Mr Duck
  3. Donald_Duck

    To apply or not to apply

    It seems you are below the cutoff and email to be sure. Please do not apply if you are below the cutoff as you would be wasting money/time. Mr Duck
  4. You can even apply to french residencies where English people have a harder trouble (e.g quebec 0.o). I know someone doing internal med at CHUM (the dream) Mr Duck
  5. the labs are part of the course so yes. I can only attest to the uOttawa gen chem to say that it was a joke, but maybe thats just gen chem in general. The labs are a bit heavy tho so you need to take them seriously... My gen chem prof had posted all the past exams which were the same in the year I took except the numbers changed. I think its the same now as well. Mr Duck
  6. I believe it is still the Ottawa one (3.7) but you should double check with admissions! You are still considered a franco-ontariennnn (mon beau drapeau). Mr Duck
  7. Donald_Duck

    uOttawa Medical School chances?

    What you should consider more instead of stupid essays they make you write in first year is your level of comfort with the casper. They are taking more and more look into casper and so if your level of comfort will be lower with french casper than that will seriously affect your admission. Mr Duck
  8. Donald_Duck

    Missing 1 orgo course... options?

    Athabasca university is always a good option, Ive heard its been taken by uOttawa and apparently its a joke. Thats the one I would recommend. Not sure if they have lab I think they do. Hope that helps. Mr Duck
  9. Donald_Duck

    Information about admission

    https://www.ouac.on.ca/guide/omsas-how-to-apply/ You have to register by Sept 15 and submit by Oct 1. Good luck Mr Duck
  10. Donald_Duck

    wGPA rounding?

    I agree it's to the 3rd decimal from my memory. On the other hand, why does this matter 0.o Mr Duck
  11. Donald_Duck

    Changing programs at UOttawa

    I pm you! Mr Duck
  12. Donald_Duck

    uOttawa Medical School chances?

    Essays are a joke they are used to boost people's grades. So you can't go wrong both ways but the CNFS theres a loooooooot less competition. Your odds there are good but also english you are a very competitive canadidate! You cannot go wrong both ways, you have to make a personal gut feeling call for this one Either way fate will decide whether you get in: its all a lottery. Mr Duck
  13. Too bad they don't have a pass fail system like they do in Med school for pharmacy :l Mr Duck
  14. Donald_Duck

    French stream GPA uOttawa

    French as English has a cutoff higher than that! Mr Duck
  15. You have a good shot in other Ontario schools given that some only take best 2 yrs for example! Good luck Mr Duck