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  1. Donald_Duck

    French Casper Date

    You can still apply to the French stream even if you apply to other English schools (aka your application will be in English). Your casper and interview will be in French and hence will be more than enough to test your French speaking capabilities. There is no way for you to fill out the form in both languages or to make a separate account anyways (from my knowledge) so its not possible for you to fill it out in French if you apply to English schools. Mr Duck
  2. Donald_Duck

    Laptop bursary ?

    There are no laptop bursaries. I did end up getting the new macbook pro and it was worth it. They just refreshed them too so it would be a great time to get one. Mr Duck
  3. Donald_Duck

    French Casper Date

    This is how they previously did it so I cannot say this will be used this year as things are subject to change, but typically you have to score within a certain top percentile of applicants (top 30%) as a cutoff, then your score will be used and weighted against other parameters such as grades and CV to determine your rank for invites. Hope that clarifies it. Mr Duck
  4. Donald_Duck

    Blacked out Med bags

    Same bag as usual (same suppplier) but just all black (seems like the red decals might have contributed to the stitching problems we had with the MD2021 class). The bag will be the same for MD2021 and MD2022 (except for the year written on the bag obv). Bags used to be all black actually (I think up until MD2016 if I remember correctly) so essentially it will be a throwback. Unfortunately no photos as this is a vision of the future. Mr Duck
  5. Hello everyone, Mr Duck here coming in with another catch from the pond of an alternate galaxy in which time runs in the future. I have seen a vision, a dark vision, and it is real. The vision I saw is a new bag, all black (black rims, tinted windows, all that jazz) with no more red decals. This will be newly distributed to all MD2022 students. Word on the street has it that MD2021 students will be able to join in on the fun too. Sincerely yours, Mr Duck
  6. I know a lot of people who do it from orleans with over 1 hour commute and it’s fine. They download the podcasts from class and listen to it on the way to class it’s actually pretty effective studying habit it makes a big difference financially to move out so I suggest to try it and see how it goes. Mr Duck
  7. Donald_Duck

    working while in medschool?

    @LostLamb from a director within the faculty. Students between 60-70 do a lot worst on national exams according to FoM statistics. To the point where they are considering identifying them early and coaching. After that threshold you may argue it’s negligeable difference. The reason why they added the requirement to have higher grades for Science Pre-reqs (above a b) is because they found an important correlation between high science pre-req grades and performance within medical school. I’m not inventing the stuff it is what it is. It dosent change that if people want to P=MD and cruise in the 60s then that’s their decision, but common sense tells me that its not the same as someone who has good studying habits and performing average of the class. Mr Duck
  8. Donald_Duck

    working while in medschool?

    I would take Bambi's advice who has a lot of experience. I won't repeat what Bambi said but spending the time to study and fully devote your time to know the material is a lot more important than getting money, let alone the fact that you need to keep time aside for mental sanity. The weekends will basically be the only time you have to breathe. It would suck to take that away. I have so much more satisfaction with myself knowing I devoted myself to studying and achieving high grades. Anyone that tells you that grades don't matter in med school I would disagree with; yes they do matter and translate to a certain degree to clinical performance. Students that achieve lower grades in pre-clerkship perform worst on national exams and residency matching, it's a known fact. As much as I loved my job too, I know that I'd be able to do more for my patients if I perform my best during pre-clerkship. That's my take on it. You can always go back to your job in the summer if you wanted to (I actually did that and recently quit because I'd rather continue reading on pathophys and doing electives on the weekend!) Also, you'll make the money you missed out on in a few weeks as a physician lol. Mr Duck
  9. Donald_Duck

    Sending Final Transcript

    Agreed I vaguely remember them saying that too, damn my memory is failing me rip clerkship Mr Duck
  10. You should def apply that GPA is competitive for the CNFS stream. Even if you dont go to school this year you should still try. Mr Duck
  11. Donald_Duck

    Heart and Stroke BLS

    These courses can be taught by anyone who did the training for it and it will seem like its sketch, but trust it lol dont worry Mr Duck
  12. Donald_Duck

    Sending Final Transcript

    I wish I remembered, all I remember is a fee they collect for that service lol but since I am from uOttawa I dont think it was necessary for me. If you havent already done so this is a good one to ask Chantal! Mr Duck
  13. Donald_Duck

    Bad wait-list question

    I agree with GITG take it as a opportunity to self-reflect, we barely have opportunities in life to do that. Although yes maybe there is some component of luck, no it is not 100% luck, but at the same time its not 100% based on what they think they are evaluating (for example being able to act a person youre not is not something that they look for but would for sure help in an interview, being able to collect your nerves, etc.). If you are on the bad waitlist I would definitely start reflecting on yourself, your application, and start preparing immediately for next year. If you do get in off the bad wait list (which is very rare) than you take it as a blessing! Hope that helps Mr Duck
  14. Donald_Duck

    New Requirement for uOttawa

    Theres a section on OMSAS that describes the scale according to every university, that is the one that needs to be followed! Mr Duck