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  1. Redpill

    More females than males in medicine?

    What are your thoughts on more men getting into engineering and tech?
  2. Redpill

    Physician political orientation

    The complicating factor I think is our proximity to the US. We would probably be much more left-wing as a country if it weren't for their political influence, and the fact that as soon as we raise taxes too high and/or reduce pay people begin to seek opportunity south of the border. It happened with doctors in the 90s and I'd say its a huge problem right now with tech grads, who happily take their (taxpayer-subsidized) Waterloo degrees and go to Silicon Valley (admittedly not an easy problem to solve for government). It's not as big of an issue in European countries because Europe is farther away, and also more different culturally then the US. For Canada its not just a question of compassion vs selfishness. Capital is mobile, and that includes human capital. Tax too hard and no matter how good your intentions are, the country will suffer as the brightest move on in search of better economic opportunity. I also think its a mistake to take continued economic growth for granted, which many of the left-wing parties tend to do. Government programs can only be funded if you have a strong economy and growing GDP. Already Canada is looking like a terrible place for foreign investment thanks to Horgan and the Kinder Morgan fiasco, if you raise corporate taxes too high you deter further investment and stagnate the economy. Good luck funding healthcare and education then. Not that I'm saying that left-wing parties are too far left right now, or that anything they're currently suggesting will hurt the country significantly. But I think its foolhardy to think there are no consequences to enacting left-wing policy, and automatically assume everyone to the right of you politically is selfish and greedy (as many in this thread have expressed).
  3. Redpill

    Physician political orientation

    Great point, why do we even bother paying people differently at all? Let's take it a step further and just pay everyone in society the same rate! Then everyone will be healthy, right?
  4. Redpill

    Physician political orientation

    If we're throwing sweeping generalizations out there, should probably also bring up how whiny and entitled left-wingers tend to be as they try their hardest to take other people's money, all the while thinking themselves even more morally upright then conservatives
  5. Thoughts on this article? https://www.thestar.com/news/gta/2018/05/01/oma-apologizes-for-offending-indigenous-peoples.html Politically I think this will hurt indigenous relations with doctors in Ontario, but personally I'm glad they voted the motion down. I don't like to throw around buzzwords too often, but the Indigenous acknowledgement seems to me to be the textbook definition of virtue signalling - doing something not because it actually means anything, but because it shows everyone else how virtuous and great you are. Of course it was the Ontario Medical Students Association that moved the motion. Whoever said in the other thread about how they really just care about their image and are too quick to lend their name in support of every initiative that could vaguely be beneficial wasn't kidding. I guess its typical of student government but I was really hoping for more. Started a bunch of controversy for literally nothing. I do think there is a role for the acknowledgement in major events hosted by Canada or the provinces, but I'm starting to see it everywhere - I was at a documentary film festival in Toronto the other day and they said it before putting on the movie - and I think its getting a bit over the top. I think if Doug Ford came out strong and said how dumb it was that this was causing a controversy, he'd pick up a ton of votes. my 2c.
  6. Agree with your line of thinking. As an aside, and meaning no insult, I'm genuinely curious as to how her choice in pursuing a masters in history instead of medicine is treating her
  7. Redpill

    Casper Question

    Why don't you encourage it then? All you are doing by bringing up prepping in every thread about casper is encouraging people to prep for it. This seems counter-productive to your goal of ensuring people are not ready. Honestly I thought at first you were purposely trying to pull some reverse psychology schtick to make people take it more seriously. Pretty stupid, tbh.
  8. What will be the policy for OOP?
  9. Interesting article: http://news.nationalpost.com/health/ban-conscientious-objection-by-canadian-doctors-urge-ethicists-in-volatile-commentary?__lsa=d25c-b59c Med school interviews already screen for certain traits, it makes sense to add these to the list. Can't see any doctor's associations being happy with it though.
  10. Redpill

    The Tenative Psa Agreement

    Minister Hoskins' letter to the OMA: https://news.ontario.ca/mohltc/en/2016/08/minister-hoskins-letter-to-oma.html Thoughts?
  11. I honestly can't think of a single applicant I'm afraid. I think the quoted statistic around here is the average number of clubs/organizations founded by a successful matriculant to the UBC program is 2.9 clubs. Median is probably lower though.
  12. Redpill

    The Tenative Psa Agreement

    They know that if this deal is rejected, the government will impose unilateral cuts and push through whatever they want anyway, except in this scenario doctors will have even less say in future health care reforms. With Bill 210 coming in by the end of the year, the OMA desperately wants that seat at the table. Haha no they don't. Public opinion may have been with the doctors before (even that was questionable), but with most of the noise coming from the most overpaid specialists in the province, the average person is really not feeling too sympathetic. All the spokespeople from COD in the news lately have been radiologists or other top earners, which makes the opposition to the deal look like greedy millionaires protecting their tax-funded salary. Combine that with the terrible state of the economy over the last few years (we'd be in a recession now if not for stupidly high real estate), and I imagine the Liberals may even get an increase in approval ratings if the PSA goes south and they can spin it properly. Are you seriously asking why a newspaper may want to comment on an incredibly high profile vote that will be happening this weekend, one that has been in the news for the past month and has serious impacts for the provincial budget and the future of health care in Ontario? And then following that up with an accusation of bribery to one of the most highly regarded newspapers in the country? Smh
  13. Yup, it's a pretty stupid thought. But to follow your reasoning to its conclusion - by the metric you have chosen, those students are better than you. They got to the same place you're trying to get faster than you. They'll probably continue to excel in whatever they do, while you struggle to keep up. Does the thought of working with people who are better than you irk you also?