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  1. Right, that makes sense. And of course you're right that these rules exist for a reason, however I'd still say that we are in a somewhat unique situation that the rules didn't really anticipate. There's a good reason that banks compete to give us such favourable rates with limited oversight. Just need to understand the dangers and know how to mitigate before jumping in imo
  2. This seems very obvious to me, especially if you get the mortgage from the same bank as your LOC. Do the banks just turn a blind eye to this as it is in their benefit and they are still technically following regulations, or do they really not know this is happening?
  3. You don't need to take CMHC insurance if your downpayment is 20% or greater
  4. Agreed with above. 2500 hrs over 1 year looks much better than 8 small entries imo. Edit: depending on what it entailed, the research project may be unique enough that it could be worth considering splitting off as a separate entry. Especially if your overall research section is lacking
  5. Do you foresee any issues with completion of residency and being allowed to leave? I can't imagine the government will be happy to train a bunch of doctors and not have them practice in the province
  6. You're not going to be very relatable if you just take on hobbies in the hopes that it'll match the hobbies of the current residents. If you're not passionate about what you do it shows pretty quickly, conversely you can make anything sound interesting if you're passionate enough. A good start would be actually having hobbies. If you have multiple things going on outside of medicine its much easier to make small-talk. Even if people don't get your hobby you can explain it to them. It definitely helps if the hobby isn't weird.
  7. If option 2 of Proposal 4 passes I'll be moving Alberta schools from low on my rank list to Do Not Rank. Rather go unmatched and try again in a saner province then deal with the Alberta government.
  8. What are your predictions assuming they stay the course?
  9. I wouldn't worry. The experts in this forum have assured us that doctors will not be moving, and they are all overpaid anyways in Alberta so good riddance if they do, more will come.
  10. This is a good point. Every time you access care outside your home province the province has to do some paperwork in the background to essentially bill your home province for the care. If you do it too many times they will wonder what's going on.
  11. If you're out of province for education you are actually still considered a BC resident as far as your health coverage and taxpayer status is concerned. You likely had to take BC student loans as well, if you took any government loans at all.
  12. They have rules but they don't really check. If you keep filing taxes as a BC resident and pay MSP premiums (which I think are going away soon, if not gone already) then no one will take away your BC health card. You just won't be able to hold residency in multiple provinces at the same time, but that shouldn't matter.
  13. lol Any guesses as to which stances were labelled "unprofessional"? I wouldn't be surprised to see a retraction on this article tbh. What's interesting is that apparently it was based on two other articles that did something similar, one in urology and another in general surgery. Hopefully those get some backlash as well.
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