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  1. Its laziness. Not a good look for a medical school imo
  2. Guarantee you there will be a paper published on this cohort in a few years. I wonder how much this played into their decision-making. If there is a way to do so, everyone who accepts their offer needs to withhold permission to use their data in their research papers.
  3. Actually this is the least important factor. Being "fair" is more a side goal of the process. The primary goal is to select good future doctors for Albertans. If they feel they can achieve this goal through virtual interviews then it makes more sense to take that route and not expose anyone to unnecessary risk. Especially since many of the things you mentioned (schools, gatherings over 250+ people) are being shut down by governments across this country. The truth is that most people who make it to the interview stage will make good doctors. They only need to weed out the bad people, which is definitely doable virtually. If some good candidates lose out, as long as everyone they do choose are solid they will still be satisfied.
  4. Do you know how long the work-related travel ban is till? Indefinitely?
  5. Would this also be the case if the other interest was Family Medicine as an obvious "parallel plan"?
  6. I know of one person who matched to plastics in their second cycle as well, however they spent their extra year doing research in the US, I believe through family contacts. So its doable but might not really be viable unless you have connections.
  7. Do they expect a better candidate pool in round 2? I can understand being picky but 20 unfilled spots out of 61 is crazy
  8. I think that location is probably more important than either
  9. Seems risky to still be considering two hyper-competitive specialties by the time it comes to choosing electives I think option 2 is more likely to get you interviews for ENT but it'll really depend on what everyone else does...
  10. Are you worried that someone else ranking your 2nd choice first may give them a better chance of matching to the program? I don't think that is the case, if you don't get your 1st choice then both you and another candidate would have an equal shot at the program and it would depend on who the program ranked higher. At least that's my understanding.
  11. If you really want something to be done about this you may want to consider going to the CBC. Universities tend to only act if their reputation is threatened, and there's an interesting story here about health professionals promoting a toxic work culture that will really make Queen's squirm. Otherwise I doubt anything will happen. Someone brazen enough to have an interview station like this is not going to care what Carms has to say.
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