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  1. I think that location is probably more important than either
  2. Seems risky to still be considering two hyper-competitive specialties by the time it comes to choosing electives I think option 2 is more likely to get you interviews for ENT but it'll really depend on what everyone else does...
  3. Are you worried that someone else ranking your 2nd choice first may give them a better chance of matching to the program? I don't think that is the case, if you don't get your 1st choice then both you and another candidate would have an equal shot at the program and it would depend on who the program ranked higher. At least that's my understanding.
  4. If you really want something to be done about this you may want to consider going to the CBC. Universities tend to only act if their reputation is threatened, and there's an interesting story here about health professionals promoting a toxic work culture that will really make Queen's squirm. Otherwise I doubt anything will happen. Someone brazen enough to have an interview station like this is not going to care what Carms has to say.
  5. This could work for some but I think it could also end badly. Especially with the increased competitiveness that wasn't there a decade ago. If the gen surg program gets lots of candidates who have prioritized gen surg since the beginning, they may want to rank those candidates higher, which might not leave enough spots for all those who are backing up.
  6. Any early murmurs on what was competitive this year?
  7. Personally I do think it will make you appear less committed but I'm further away from CARMS then you are so my opinion isn't worth much Anecdotally I've heard of people trying to back up their main surgical specialty with Gen Surg and getting absolutely grilled about it at the Gen Surg interviews. They still did get interviews though...
  8. They are in the first cohort that has the 8-week cap on electives in any one discipline. The concern is that if you evenly split your electives between two surgical specialties, you may look less committed to either compared to someone who maxed out their 8 weeks in ENT (or Gen Surg) and did only did surgically-related electives for the rest.
  9. UBC has a Return of Service position for Derm - I still imagine it will be competitive, but it'll probably be a lot lower on most people's rank lists so if you are able to demonstrate a willingness to practice rurally for a few years you may have a better chance (note: this is speculation, I don't know how the residency evaluates applicants)
  10. I don't think Liberals will suddenly vote Conservative, but they may choose to stay at home on election day. Talked to a lot of disappointed people today.
  11. It sounds like they might be in the class of 2021 or later which is the first class with the 8 week elective cap. Doing an elective at your home school means you only have 3 away electives at other schools, would this be enough to demonstrate you’re willing to move?
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