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  1. I think this will be very challenging to find as a medical student. I know you can do IR rotations specifically at Queens, but my friend that went didn't see any oncology stuff. If you do a rads elective or IR elective, ask if you can see the oncology stuff. However, I think it's highly unlikely to be able to participate or see only oncology stuff.
  2. I think you can, my guess is you just enter them into the referee section twice, one with the specific program, and the second being generic
  3. Although I have not taken classes at either of these places, I am almost positive it will be easier at Athabasca. You would likely have longer to work on difficult concepts, and can push back exam dates etc if you're struggling. And I have heard lots about some of their science courses being easier (anecdote =/= data here lol).
  4. I am not sure about this situation. but you should absolutely apply. Also, call the undergraduate medical education office, they are very helpful and might be able to say if this would affect your application greatly.
  5. Go to Student Doctor Network for literally all the information about US schools and applications. Be very thoughtful on where you apply. There are a lot of schools you think you might have a chance at becuase their MCAT/GPA averages, but are very low yield to apply to like Drexel, George Washington etc because they get like +15000 applicants. and apply asap, only apply to private schools etc. SDN will be your bff. websites will say deadline is like December, but you should have all your primary application stuff in like yesterday. Secondaries are released around this time.
  6. I haven't met anyone that works during med school. A few of my friends had jobs in the first few months but all quit by November. i would say you can work during the summer for sure! But definitely not enough to support yourself without loans/LOC
  7. Hey, you can apply for bursary funding through the general U of A financial need application that is released in September at some point in time. Usually the money goes out in november-ish. Most people get ~10k in the first year, depending on your spending. Then at the end of first year, UME will send out a list of scholarships you can apply for as well.
  8. 1st year - early may to late august 2nd year - end of may to mid august
  9. Hey, you will get a link sent to you to be added to the page after you pay your fees. We have been asked to not add people to the group until they receive the link.
  10. U of A all the way. It's so nice to be able to quickly drive down to Calgary on the weekend. Plus the summers after 1st and 2nd year were the best time, and Edmonton in the summer is such an amazing city (and in the winter too) U of A also has a great match rate consistently which is nice. I would only go to McMaster if I had ties there, or I was an older applicant.
  11. I have a few friends that took the program it U of C. All my friends that were in it are now in either law school or medical school. It definitely grooms you for medical school. The classes, the environment, the research, and your peers are all/mostly aimed at going to med in my opinion. I think it's an intense program, and there are definitely easier programs to get a high GPA in - arguably most important regarding admissions. And then you wouldn't spend 4 years of undergrad being in such a high stress competitive environment.
  12. I would be quite unsettled by this, especially if the nurse brought it up in a public area. It's also incredibly unprofessional they would bring this up with you both because it is outside of a patient-doctor setting, and you didn't tell the nurse directly. I think it's fair if the doctor was discussing you with people in the circle of care, however, i think it's the nurse who stepped out of line by bringing it up with you. I can't imagine anytime that would be okay - not sure what they were thinking. I might bring it up with your doc if it continues to bother you
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