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  1. Bcemslayer

    Calgary Health Sci

    I have a few friends that took the program it U of C. All my friends that were in it are now in either law school or medical school. It definitely grooms you for medical school. The classes, the environment, the research, and your peers are all/mostly aimed at going to med in my opinion. I think it's an intense program, and there are definitely easier programs to get a high GPA in - arguably most important regarding admissions. And then you wouldn't spend 4 years of undergrad being in such a high stress competitive environment.
  2. Bcemslayer

    The extent of confidentiality

    I would be quite unsettled by this, especially if the nurse brought it up in a public area. It's also incredibly unprofessional they would bring this up with you both because it is outside of a patient-doctor setting, and you didn't tell the nurse directly. I think it's fair if the doctor was discussing you with people in the circle of care, however, i think it's the nurse who stepped out of line by bringing it up with you. I can't imagine anytime that would be okay - not sure what they were thinking. I might bring it up with your doc if it continues to bother you
  3. Bcemslayer

    Freaking out

    I think most med schools would count it. I did a pass/fail course for my one year of full time studies, and it counted towards my 10 courses for the year.
  4. Bcemslayer

    Facial hair for MMI

    I had a beard for my interview, and I still have a beard. Many men have moustaches, beards, scruff etc. I would say it's all fine, as long as it looks clean and well kept.
  5. Bcemslayer

    Ranking Without Interview

    Just to clarify, would you have had to apply to this program, and then rank it without interviewing for it? Or could you technically rank anything without even applying for it?
  6. Bcemslayer

    Tattoo and interview

    I think it's totally okay if the tattoo shows past the sleeve of your shirt! I would avoid a big watch
  7. Did anyone else have a very hard time picking electives? I have been spiralling when it comes to what to do them in, where (at home vs away), and when (close to CaRMS or my third year electives) I have 13 weeks of electives pre-carms. I would like to stay in Alberta so I was considering applying to 2 specialties. I am considering internal, radiology, and radiation oncology. And I haven't even had much exposure to the last two, so I feel like I am just blindly choosing based on what sounds interesting. Anyway, I have just been going a little insane second guessing myself. Looking for some solidarity
  8. Are you talking about doing electives at your home school? Or doing pre-clerkship electives at a different school? Most schools let you do an elective there when you are done second year - considered a 3rd year. But I would check to see if you have to do the core rotation in it first. After year 1? Likely not a clinical elective, unless you go to Europe or Africa.
  9. Bcemslayer

    6th year, wondering if I should even bother

    What province do you live in? I think you should 100% try!! I got in with the same GPA and a 514 MCAT
  10. Bcemslayer

    Chem 353 at U OF C on the mcat

    Yeah I took CHEM353 as well, and it was very helpful. Having a solid understanding of organic chemistry can be nothing but helpful. Will it make a huge difference on your score to have good raw knowledge on the subject? maybe. Also, there are practice tests all the way back to 1993 for the ochem courses, there is no reason not to do well in the course. They always repeat questions.
  11. Bcemslayer

    Reference Lettre

    I think it changed then! Not sure when they’ll be contacted
  12. Bcemslayer

    Reference Lettre

    When I applied the letters had to be submitted with the application?
  13. Bcemslayer

    Undergrad vs Medical School

    In terms of credit hours, a full course load was 15 credits a semester in undergrad, my semesters in med have been ~28. Medical school is way more busy, and the content is more challenging, likely due to the volume. So I'm stressed, but it's fun. Undergrad was distressing. Is was so unpleasant because of the constant fear of not doing well enough and getting into medical school. And my biochemistry courses were much more conceptually hard to understand.
  14. Bcemslayer

    Advice On Dropping A Course

    If you don't need it, and dropping it won't affect your full time status/affect where you can apply to school, and if you're going to get B or below, I would drop it. Schools don't care about Ws as far as I know.
  15. Bcemslayer

    cGPA calculations

    Just to add to above, pretty sure GPA is calculated for courses only during the academic year (september-april)