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  1. Bcemslayer

    Chem 353 at U OF C on the mcat

    Yeah I took CHEM353 as well, and it was very helpful. Having a solid understanding of organic chemistry can be nothing but helpful. Will it make a huge difference on your score to have good raw knowledge on the subject? maybe. Also, there are practice tests all the way back to 1993 for the ochem courses, there is no reason not to do well in the course. They always repeat questions.
  2. Bcemslayer

    Reference Lettre

    I think it changed then! Not sure when they’ll be contacted
  3. Bcemslayer

    Reference Lettre

    When I applied the letters had to be submitted with the application?
  4. Bcemslayer

    Undergrad vs Medical School

    In terms of credit hours, a full course load was 15 credits a semester in undergrad, my semesters in med have been ~28. Medical school is way more busy, and the content is more challenging, likely due to the volume. So I'm stressed, but it's fun. Undergrad was distressing. Is was so unpleasant because of the constant fear of not doing well enough and getting into medical school. And my biochemistry courses were much more conceptually hard to understand.
  5. Bcemslayer

    Advice On Dropping A Course

    If you don't need it, and dropping it won't affect your full time status/affect where you can apply to school, and if you're going to get B or below, I would drop it. Schools don't care about Ws as far as I know.
  6. Bcemslayer

    cGPA calculations

    Just to add to above, pretty sure GPA is calculated for courses only during the academic year (september-april)
  7. Having a good CARS score is obviously nothing but helpful, although doesn't count for a lot. Not writing the other sections I think is not a great idea, just because it shoots yourself in the foot for other schools. I know one person that did this, and didn't get accepted to U of C, not even an interview. Then wrote the whole MCAT and did get accepted the next year with the same application. But it's u of c, and the interview invite process couldn't be more inconsistent.
  8. Bcemslayer

    1 week electives

    I am in third year currently. But my 1 week elective windows will be fourth year.
  9. Bcemslayer


    I agree with @JohnGrisham, withdrawals are definitely better than poor grades. I have a W on my transcript with a few Bs, and I got in! So keep working hard!
  10. A couple people in my class with coloured hair, like lavender, blue, grey. Some have been told to change it. Not sure if they had it during interviews. I'm a guy and I was told point blank to take out my nose ring by a resident. If you get highlights, i would keep it to natural hair colours. I don't think it affects people's ability to be a doctor, but perception is everything. yeah, don't care what others think of you, do what you want with your body. Just be aware that it's super conservative looks wise.
  11. Bcemslayer

    1 week electives

    Thanks! I found you can do palliative care for 1 week if you ask too
  12. Bcemslayer

    Applying to US with low MCAT

    You need to rewrite the MCAT and apply in the 2019/2020 cycle. Technically US schools still have applications open, but most schools would have interviewed half of their classes by now and initial acceptance letter go out on October 15th. So applying to US schools needs to be done early and submitted latest by July the year before starting. If you want to know details about scores and 'tiered' schools, you should pay for an AMCAS subscription. It is very helpful. Keep in mind some of the lower tier schools tend to be state schools, and are therefore extremely hard to get into (re: impossible for international). https://students-residents.aamc.org/applying-medical-school/applying-medical-school-process/applying-medical-school-amcas/ USnews or something ranks all the schools, but often you need to pay to see more details. AMCAS is the official anyway, so go with that. You should become very familiar with SDN (the US equivalent of premed101) and it's wisdom for applying to US schools https://forums.studentdoctor.net/threads/essential-sdn-wisdom-for-pre-meds.1177034/
  13. What schools let you do 1 week electives? and in what? (I know I can comb through the AFMC portal, but I'm being lazy)
  14. U of A friends hello, Any recommendations for 1 weeks electives? I am thinking I want to specialize in RadOnc. And Radiology seem pretty cool/useful, so that's on the list. Any other ideas?