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  1. What schools let you do 1 week electives? and in what? (I know I can comb through the AFMC portal, but I'm being lazy)
  2. U of A friends hello, Any recommendations for 1 weeks electives? I am thinking I want to specialize in RadOnc. And Radiology seem pretty cool/useful, so that's on the list. Any other ideas?
  3. I wouldn’t rewrite, especially if U of C is your main choice. It counts for such a minor part of your application. I know people that got into U of C with a 123 in Cars.
  4. I don’t think U of A cares as much about your prose and way of phrasing things. I would be specific and concise with describing what you did, rather than talking about how it affected you in some way through the lens of CanMED roles. There isn’t enough space unfortunately.
  5. Bcemslayer

    IMG advice

    So essentially you want to do medical school twice, just so you can try matching as a CMG? I would either drop out of medical school there, come to a degree in Canada and get into medical school here that way. Or complete your training there, and try to match back here as an IMG. Are you originally from the UK? If yes, it's probably just easier to stay there, no?
  6. Bcemslayer

    Help me!!!

    I think some schools only look at courses taken during a full time course load. I would delay graduating, most schools (read: all schools?) don't care if you took extra time.
  7. Bcemslayer

    Clerkship year locations

    I think it really depends on the school. Chances of actually transferring to a different medical school for clerkship is probably 0%. For U of A, U of C and UBC (and I am sure others) you can do an integrated community clerkship in third year, where you might have some say where you can go, although it would be going to a rural place, and definitely not a big city. Some schools (U of S, UBS, Western, I think McGill, ?others too) all fourth year is electives, so you would be able to spend a lot of time in different cities that way as well. At U of S, you can go to Regina for years 2-4. Although most of the class stays in Saskatoon. I realize this may not be super helpful, as I only really know about western schools.
  8. Bcemslayer

    How do US schools look at GPA ?

    https://forums.studentdoctor.net/threads/wedgedawgs-applicant-rating-system-updated-jan-2017.1131149/ Use this. This guy is a moderator and all around SDN genius. His rating system is the new LizzyM, and it works pretty well apparently. So yeah, GPA is important
  9. Bcemslayer

    What colour backpacks will next year's class carry?

    They had highlighter green, yikes. A more subtle green would be nice tho
  10. I think it really depends on the school. I can only speak to my school, but U of A will let you do a PhD between 2nd and 3rd year of med. I haven't heard of anyone taking time off to do a masters in science though - people at my school will do an MBA during med tho.
  11. They look at the entire MCAT score, and it is like 10% consider it for your application score I think.
  12. i know people who got in with a 506, and I am 100% sure there are lower scores
  13. I love the cohort of students I am with - I have definitely made some life long friends. I really like learning, so there is never a shortage of that to do... There really isn't much pressure on us, so it doesn't take much to impress or just live up to expectations. The many directions my life could go in, with almost assured stability. I feel like the world is my oyster ya know
  14. Using the AFMC portal for electives is definitely a learning curve. There are some great YouTube videos I have found to explain some of the processes. Does anyone have some sort of guide they used, perhaps from upper years about specific schools? Something like: "For U of C, you have to contact this email directly before you apply on the portal" etc Any help would be greatly appreciated!