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  1. Roronoaa

    Pre-mmi score for UofC

    You can see your pre-MMI score now (probably has been out for a while).
  2. does anyone know if pre-existing credit card debt will affect my ability to get the student LOC? I have about 10k in credit card debt and 20k student loans. I have great credit as I've never missed a payment.
  3. Roronoaa

    2017/2018 waitlist thread

    When you open the letter in a new tab the title of the tab will have a number.
  4. Roronoaa

    2017/2018 waitlist thread

    I doubt this means anything it's probably the same number for all of us.
  5. Roronoaa

    2017/2018 waitlist thread

    guess we won't hear anything this week. this wait sucks
  6. Roronoaa

    2017/2018 waitlist thread

    Probably next week. This wait is killing me
  7. Roronoaa

    MCAT Rewrite Advice

    I would rewrite. It's unlikely you score below a 125. Worse case you stay the same and have a decent shot at an interview next year (since you got one this year).
  8. Roronoaa

    2017/2018 waitlist thread

    Anyone think they'll send out offers before the May 25th deadline? Or do you think they'll wait until after the deadline?
  9. Roronoaa

    2017/2018 waitlist thread

    You either get accepted, waitlisted, or rejected. If you go to application website under documents you can download your letter and see what the result is.
  10. I'm on the waitlist I finished my masters back in March but I forgot to resend my transcripts confirming this. Such a dumb mistake on my part maybe those few points could have been the difference. Anyways I've notified the admissions and sent in my transcript so that should bump me up the waitlist. Nothing I can do now but wait.
  11. Sorry to hear this. Don't give up!
  12. waitlist. more waiting fml
  13. where does it say that? All I see is: Subject Admission Decisions Message We anticipate having admission decisions completed the week of April 23, 2018. Best of luck! Timestamp 2018-04-19 15:49
  14. anybody know approximately how many offers are sent?