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  1. Perseverance is definitely key as Bambi said. Don't treat med school admission like the end all be all. There ARE many things we can do in life, to think otherwise is simply not true. Keep working on yourself and your application, enjoy life as best as you can, and find other potential vocations in the meantime if graduating. Took me and a few others on here 5 applications, it can be done. Best of luck.
  2. They can have lower GPAs but we do not know the cut off for it. Same with MCAT. Best you can do is shoot your shot, and hope you meet cut-offs so the rest of your application carries you to an interview.
  3. If it doesn't interfere with this https://www.ouac.on.ca/omsas/omsas-essential/, then I do not seeing it harming you. These interview marks are based on what you say, do you look and act professional, but they can't be discriminatory. Good luck! You do you, and let luck and your performance on the MMI do the rest.
  4. This is more entertaining than studying. I don’t even need to go on re ddddd itttt for the Luls now, just hit up good ollll prem101.
  5. Reading lots and lots of powerpoints or online modules hah. Sometimes papers or guidelines. Lots of textbooks are online nowadays too.
  6. Do want to point out that previous research showed that higher VR scores were associated with less complaints against the doc, the other sections didn’t really do much other than perhaps a threshold of how they may do in qualifying exams like the USMLE. Even Toronto doesn’t out much clout into MCAT as you learn what you need to learn in medical school. but as for CASPer, yeah I agree on the criticisms there. Big money grab, conflict of interest, etc. Sadly this is the system, can’t do much unless you get into adcom to create change, unless all applicants collectively just stopped applying or something which we know won’t happen.
  7. Another good thing about research, as has been told to me, is it’s a good way to network with people in a speciality, especially if it’s not at your home school. So if you do an elective and do well, well you also did research there and met the docs, may or may not help you out.
  8. Have also seen that as well. Like any relationship, some succeed some don’t.
  9. People in my class do it, every year has a few couples. Pros being you can study together and understand busy schedules, cons being awkwardness after break up and changes in friends.
  10. Post-bacc is useless. What your degree is in doesn't matter. What is your GPA? If it is very low, and the best 2 years/most recent 2 years are under 3.8/4, then you would most likely need to do another degree. There are fast track degrees out there that lead to alternative jobs like occupational health, public health, nursing, etc. If you can maintain a 3.8+ (try for 3.9) then that is your first hurdle. Continuing doing extracurriculars is good, but maximizing your MCAT would be the second step. So as you can see, this can be a 2-4 year journey, + med school if that happens right away. Just need to weigh what is important for you in your life, and what will be in the future. Financial aid I suppose your provincial plan (like OSAP for ontario). Med school you can get a line of credit that will fully allow you to pay for school just fine.
  11. Sadly no, as per their website: Any year with less than four courses per semester will not count as a full-time year of study. https://med.uottawa.ca/undergraduate/admissions/application-process/eligibility-requirements
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