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  1. IMislove

    McMaster Waitlist Party

    I must say, I’ve been around these forums for some time, and the neuroticism never ceases to amaze me. It’s all good folks, just enjoy the beautiful weather if you got it, and keep moving forward. You ain’t rejected til you get the reject email. Be cool.
  2. IMislove

    IMG and CARMS residency

    Search all other threads, plenty of discussion already on it for many years.
  3. IMislove

    Waitlist Support Thread - 2019

    Policy on Interference Individual applicants, or their family members, delegates, and friends, are not to contact the Dean, Faculty of Medicine, Vice-Dean, Undergraduate Medical Education or Vice-Dean, Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies, directly or indirectly via telephone, letter, e-mail, any other electronic social medium or in person, regarding the application process or her/his application. To do so will be considered a breach of professionalism and any such contact or overtures will be noted and may jeopardize the individual's application
  4. IMislove

    MCAT Cut Off Estimate

    GPa only, MCAT need to meet minimums as per the website on method of selection, Step 1
  5. Isn't queen's scale this: https://www.queensu.ca/history/sites/webpublish.queensu.ca.histwww/files/files/undergraduate/courseinfo/gradingscheme/QueenOfficialGradeConversionScale.pdf by which then 3.8/3.9 dont exist. You either get a 4 or a 3.7. and a 4 (85-89 or A), is 3.9 for OMSAS. Just curious where you got your conversions is all. Always use what OMSAS says, as it should already be converted in the grade input. Oh actually you peeps didn't need to input grades this year right? Does it still show on OMSAS or no? edit: ah yes, the scale is per course, just like OMSAS, hence the mid range GPAs being made that way. Also you’re a graduate applicant, so you luckily got that wiggle room.
  6. Here is an excerpt from the queens site, hope it can help you! ” Up to a maximum of four qualified Indigenous students per year may be admitted to the M.D. program by the alternate process. Indigenous candidates may also choose to apply through the regular admission process. At the time of submission of their application to OMSAS, Indigenous candidates should submit: A separate letter to the Chair, Admissions Committee, in which they declare their Indigenous ancestry and give specific information about First Nation, treaty, community, or organizational affiliation. The letter should request consideration by this alternate process, and should expand on the candidate's academic and personal background, and reasons and motivation for wishing to become a physician. A letter of support from an individual representing the First Nation, community or organization to which the applicant belongs. Proof of ancestry A panel consisting of representatives from the Admissions Committee and the Indigenous community will review the files of all candidates who wish to be considered by this alternate process and select candidates for interview. The panel will pay particular attention to academic commitment towards a career in medicine. (Only in exceptional circumstances will candidates with an average GPA of less than 3.0 and an average MCAT score of less 120 (New MCAT) be selected for interview.) Candidates identified by the screening panel will be invited for interview at the same time as the general pool of applicants. The candidates will participate in the MMI. The panel interview team will include representatives from the Indigenous community.” https://meds.queensu.ca/academics/undergraduate/prospective-students
  7. IMislove

    Waitlist Thread 2019

    What are you going to do when you write the LMCC exam, when you wait for interviews for CARMS, when you wait to match, when you write your royal college exam, etc. Life works with mystery and ambiguity, and this is one such test. Trust yourself and your ability, and do what you need to do to relax: see friends and family, work, netflix, stay active, other hobbies etc. Gotta just move forward, and believe in yourself. You got this. MVP
  8. IMislove

    Waitlist Thread 2019

    Why? The trend has been very similar across the last 4 years. Nothing drastic has happened to change that. Neuroticism can serve you well to an extent, but don’t let it consume you. Be cool
  9. Graduate students or nah? Cus we know they have some wiggle room for that.
  10. Two weeks for initial, one week increments for waitlisters. Unless they decided to change this year but been like that for awhile.
  11. IMislove

    Waitlist Thread 2019

    It’s been guessed at over the years, and many numbers thrown around like 150-300. But no one knows except adcom. It honestly is no use trying to figure it out. Just have faith in yourself, hopefully you’re in the top portion, and continue with your life. Easier said than done but it is possible, gone through it. Life always moves on. Being in the waitlist is already an achievement, give yourself a pat on the back :).
  12. Because that’s how it is.
  13. Oh my bad yo, totally didn’t read the OP talking about PT and OT. False alarm, that’s my bad.disregard my comment.
  14. Yes, me, on my first interview with them. Could be email is late for the others. edit: wrong program my bad, disregard.
  15. Not to mention, yummy credit cards for free from Other banks