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  1. Maybe because they're in med for the last little while and have talked and seen the lifestyle of residents and attendings? You would be surprised how many of my classmates didn't know the lifestyle or job prospects of some fields of medicine, Surgery being a great example, and how they're turned off from it now. Stress of the job hunt and prospects is real for any person or major. But back to your point, many pre-meds definitely have a romanticized view of medicine, and honestly believe it's the one thing that'll keep them happy. Meanwhile, burn-out rate of physicians/residents is super high and still increasing, administrative responsibilities are increasing, sacrifice to personal life can be large depending on your field. @PhD2MD has actually been a great resource on the forums, and talks good shit. I wouldn't be so quick to say they are dissuading as they are simply bringing to light some things. If anything it's just informing people, it's not like their job prospects are dependent on that person getting in or not. Having a back-up plan is key, and for most working people, it's not the job that keeps them happy but their outside of work life. Having been part of the work force as a non-trad, that's the big thing. Good luck to OP and everyone else.
  2. LOL WHAT? man, where do people hear these stories xD. Canadian schools are pretty standard across the board, some do better in one aspect, and others in another. But you will come out a competent doctor out of any of our medical school in Canada. Unless you just strive for the border of passing and don't give a care that is.
  3. Found this, hope this helps http://www.royalcollege.ca/rcsite/credentials-exams/exam-eligibility/assessment-routes-international-medical-graduates-e
  4. IMislove


    Not gunna lie, totally didn’t see that middle paragraph of your original post, So tired. I guess it’s contextual, your 100 hours is cray. I meant more the first paraprah and people will say that they care too much or idk just not explain the context. Yours is pretty good. My bad!!
  5. IMislove


    Disagree, that’s such a cop out and they know it. They will know thatsbsuch a typical answer and nothing sets you apart. They wanna know you and if it’s something genuine and something that you want to actual change, they see that as real and even mature. That’s how i Answer the personal questions anyway and it seemed to make them remember me xD. But yeah don’t like say something that’s super red flaggy either.
  6. IMislove


    All I am going to say is, you would be surprised how they can make it work ;).
  7. IMislove

    Is my MCAT sufficient?

    Very true, luckily the last two years it has been xD. Who knows what this year will be, gets more competitive every year it seems.
  8. Working or volunteering at a Public Health Unit would be a good start I assume? Or Public Health Ontario, or Public Health Agency of Canada. But usually to work there you need, well, a public health related degree ( MPH, M.Sc epi, B.A.Sc in public Health). Can always contact the schools you're interested in to see what they consider PH experience and how in-depth they want.
  9. IMislove

    Study tips

    Well i studied the summer of my MCAT's, definitely not this far ahead. typical 8 hour work day, really got to take advantage of breaks and food so that you're not completely drained by the end of the day. Did not studying during work the second time I wrote it. After work i'd eat dinner and watch a show with my father to unwind. And then hit the books for about 3-3.5 hours. I would probably take a break in the middle to talk to the fam/eat/call SO/facebook. Did that for about 3.5 months. Definitely wanna take advantage of weekends to do a lot more studying, usually a saturday so that Sunday could be off. Sometimes I would do a shorter study on Friday's because well need a break. Weekends would be when you do the FL tests, again usually Saturday. The FL tests would have been maybe 2 months in, that way I had some base knowledge to apply, and that I wouldn't use weekends to study as much but more so practice actually doing it. Also further in, I would use the AAMC section tests during the week to be able to apply, and break up the monotony of studying after work. You can avoid burn out by studying a little lighter on days when you KNOW you're super tired and you won't be able to absorb that information you're reading. Or use it as your off day, don't have to have the same off day every week. Obviously this is a little harder if you're on your own and cooking your own meals etc, and just take that into account as break time directly after work. Need to take care of your self and your mind for the studying to be effective, so knowing when to stop and getting a good night's sleep is important. Best of luck :).
  10. Lul what. No, more like some people think less of themselves if they dont get in, hence the encouraging be proud of yourself. The rest I wont bother to read because you already took what I said and took a meaning way off from what it actually was. I'm flattered by the story though :D. Something something money. Already had a good job, wanted this instead XD DAYUMMMMM.
  11. Especially with our ever increasing aging population, increasing morbidity and mortality that follow with it. And mental illness being such a big thing in young people. Medicine is definitely not in decline. But I see what you are trying to do, especially in being proud of yourself even if Medicine isn’t for you. That’s perfectly okay, getting medicine shouldn’t be seen as a success or failure if you don’t. Just one of many paths to go. Best of luck in your path.
  12. It's not a flag by the conventional "red/black' flag of an application. You're just not meeting a requirement of a specific school. Each school is their own silo. Tone down the neuroticism, it will not do you well for the next few months lol.
  13. IMislove

    GP hospitalist job market

    Damnnnnn. Would you say then, that if you wanted the taste of IM but not the huge complexity of acute pt's and length of training but still have a pretty good wage, be a GP hospitalist? Forgive my ignorance in the matter, MS1 lol.
  14. For real? You mean like residency or attending life? I thought OB/GYN would be rougher because of the call for your pt's who go into labour and such, pretty much being on-call a lot of the time. IM depending on the group size, you would be on-call a lot less. Still so much for me to learn about this stuff xD.