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  1. Only online group, they have not gotten a panel yet. Panel has been done for the on-site group already.
  2. I would add that as it stands, research is hitting a wall everywhere in terms of starting it, as we really not allowed in hospitals right now. I know many people, including myself, who’s summer research plans are sort of in jeopardy sadly :(. But if you can somehow snag a systematic review or something all virtually, then it at least shows interest.
  3. Don't you still need to take that language proficiency exam before 3rd year?
  4. Communicate, and as much as you can. Even when you’re tired, make the time for them. I did not do this and mine failed. Currently doing it, and it’s gone a lot smoother. Also advice given to me that I now do is when together, make plans for the next time or next few times when you can see each other in person again, give something to look forward too and the planning doesn’t have to take place when you’re away and stressed.
  5. Not too late, but that GPA is going to be a behemoth to get over. Like score a 130+ on CARS, do amazing on CASPer, and you got some potential there. Otherwise, anyway to do a fast tracked degree for an alternate career, get high GPA, and try then? Mac is nice in that it's pretty numerical, just CASPer is hard to know how to assess as feedback is never given.
  6. Given the circumstances, I think you can be rest assured they’re not going to be hard asses about the deadline. They’re not shutting down classes and clinical activities for their students but expect you to carry on like nothing is going on. Stress less about that, and just keep on living your life until acceptance day. We’re all in this together and it’s new for everyone.
  7. No idea for clerks, I know for us pre we will have class be streamed live (just a prof teaching an empty room) and modules.
  8. Clerks (Queens) have this week off, and then two weeks online AFAIK right now. Pre clerks have march break RN and then two weeks online class as well.
  9. We’re still interviewing just not on site, so the second part doesn’t apply. Won’t comment on the first cause I don’t know. Speculation is just a wasted exercise.
  10. https://www.carms.ca/pdfs/5ruh39TJkpN_R1_1_OverviewByDiscipline_EN.pdf
  11. I’m surprised by the 2 uro spots open at one school (UoA). Crazy.
  12. I feel you, took me a bunch of emails to finally lock something down (not Toronto but still big research Center). You can keep trying emails, also can try admin assistants and they may forward it to them which may be easier for them to see. Also you can see if specialist at your uni has connections that they can pull as well, if you have a good relationship with them. Best of luck. btw try not to make the email too generic, like include you really want to explore the speciality, and mention the something about what that persons interest is that is also your interest. Hope that does it for yah.
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