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  1. IMislove

    Anybody else feel like this?

    Not queens, I have 126. Agree with Mac and western though. GPA is amazing so keep working on ECS, MCAT, and making a well written ABS. Apply broadly.
  2. So does that mean wait for those changes to go through first before looking at LOCs?
  3. Okay so I don’t have any student debt anymore, and been working at a pretty decent job. I couldn’t apply for queens bursary. I’ve been told tonwork until the end of June but I definitely wanted to end mid June lol. Any other aids from queens? I used OSAP for six years so idk if they’ll accept another year, would they?
  4. Please pleassssssee be high vis yellow hahaha ( if only but 99.9% chance it won’t be ) don’t worry fam I’m chill with not intense colours too.
  5. Holy, that's an amazing story. I'm so glad it worked out for you, and after all that hard work. Bravo :).
  6. It’s year of matriculation, so students starting this fall.
  7. Bah, y’all just can’t accept flamboyance, it makes me sad :(. Wait til you see my stethoscope hah. When do we find out anyway? O week or before?
  8. IMislove

    Acceptance by May 22! SOS

    Not in Ottawa, but wanted to confirm “firm accept” on SAM is what we need to do. Makes sense as decline is the other option lol. Neurotic I know but I barely showed any this cycle so had to come some time.
  9. IMislove

    Deposit deadline

    I was lead to believe everything due may 29 but honestly can’t say for certain, it was a pretty hectic day yesterday lol. Someone else Chime in, or contact adcom.
  10. I actually like yours so much :(. We better not get some super bland or boring colour.
  11. I’d be so happy with hot pink to be honest hahah. For real though. Or bright orange, or lime. Mmmmm bright colours.
  12. I will withdraw but it won’t matter cus I’m near the back lol.
  13. IMislove

    Queens Waitlist 2018

    My story, will become your story. non-trad, multiple applications, finally get in. Keep doing you, and you know what, you still might hear back so not all hope is lost. I believe in you, now go kick some ass at work :D.
  14. IMislove

    Engineering to Medical School

    How you write about them can also make or break you. I have more work experience than volunteering and was rated pretty high EC wise by McGill and queens. It also depends on what the school is looking for I think, so there may be some truth in what you say. Civic duty and such. Some people gotta work hard to pay for dat school ya know heh.
  15. IMislove

    OMSAS ABS requirements

    Definitely an art lol. I used a mixture of buzzwords found in canmeds and what my actual responsibilities were. Helped that I had some unique things. You try and make each entry tell a very very short story hah.