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  1. 8 weeks will be what 2021s, onward Will have to work with for any direct entry residency. Idk about subspecialties of internal, someone else can clarify that.
  2. IMislove

    2019 CaRMS unfilled spots

    Small surgical subspecialty, students want to think job market will be better in 9 years (1st years), students don't believe job market is bad, something they think they'll love, and/or $$. Some reasons I have heard but I'm sure there are more. But I would say the same for plastics.
  3. https://meds.queensu.ca/academics/undergraduate/prospective-students go to graduate applicants, click the learn more drop down, will have info there. Says August 1, but can always email adcom to get more clarification.
  4. IMislove

    Preparing meals in med school

    But what about for those gainz though? Need dat muscle mass.
  5. IMislove

    Family medicine subspecialties

    Found two in Ottawa alone that do a ton of cosmetic stuff exclusively it seems : https://www.tosonimd.com/why-dr-tosoni/ https://dramberbocknek.com/about/ guess fam med is as versatile as you can get.
  6. I disagree, I am not defending the past at all. I just don’t want people to think Kingston will always be a racist town. And never did I say it’s disappeared/denied there is a problem, only we’re trying to make it better and if course that’s going to take time and with it signs of progress (equity committes and policies). So if you’re going to do a strawmen argument and fear mongering then sure go ahead, but if I try and spout optimism to others that we’re trying there is nothing wrong eith that. In no way do I condone what has happened or continues to happen. And I definitely don’t need to be told traits of what makes a good physician thank you very much, I’ve already used my ability to enact change in other settings in the working world, outside of undergrad like most people. Thank you, next.
  7. I’d like to point out that most of those articles are from a few years ago, and there is a difference between the undergrads and med students in terms of diversity. But yes it is appalling what has occurred in the past here. We slowly making change for the better, it always is harder in a non GTA city, and the city is becoming more diverse slowly but surely. It sure is sad to see some of the overt racism some students on campus can exhibit though by what the above quote :(, wonder what goes through their heads.
  8. IMislove

    Post-interview discussion

    some panels are nice, others are not. They usually are consistent throughout the day, so if you get a stone cold panel they will be like that for every one, if they're nice they tend to be nice all day. This topic has been mentioned for many years on here lol. Just try and continue living life, you got through such a huge hoop to get here, now the final waiting game :).
  9. IMislove

    BHSc vs BMSc

    No school cares if your program is “reputable”, GPA is king and you can get it from Guelph, to BC, to Dalhousie, doesn’t matter. Can be arts, music, science, whatever. Just do what you think you’ll enjoy and get highest grades in. Good luck. Can’t answer your second question unfortunately, sorry!
  10. IMislove

    retaking a 515

    Lolol i just remember all the times you’ve been answering this question over the years, I feel your pain my friend
  11. IMislove

    Interview Prep Timeline

    Practice is the most important. I aimed for twice a week, about 1.5 hours each session. Practicing with friends, strangers, med students, anyone you can get your hands on is important. And structure in your answer is very important, that was the main difference between my two interviews at Queen's, and well it worked.
  12. Yes, any job experience is great, even if it’s a summer. Does not need to be clinical. My app was half work experience of all kinds, including lab.
  13. https://nationalpost.com/health/untrained-and-unemployed-medical-schools-churning-out-doctors-who-cant-find-residencies-and-full-time-positions?fbclid=IwAR1aWV4rFviDBmrY9ay0UMFtQaWewYxg-REI8xWILoWhlWgfyvQZAyfrUo8 Back in 2015, "A “whopping” 178 fully trained orthopedic surgeons in Canada are currently unemployed, says the Canadian Orthopedic Association. " I'm sure every year where graduates keep entering the work-force, that number is not dwindling down faster than it's increasing. Just like in any job market, when supply exceeds demand, and the supply doesn't drop substantially, you're going have an unemployed work-force in that field :(.
  14. From what I’ve read in the surgery threads, you’ll still see the same sentiment that it’s bad for ortho. Best to ask residents and docs. Always hard to say how it’ll be in 10 years.
  15. Few years back, but I think they have more recent stuff.