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  1. And probably not being a troll during interviews
  2. In my experience being in here, no you cannot change, what you apply for is what you stick with.
  3. Because we’re told don’t look at the job market, because it’ll be 9-11 years from start start to finish. Just be okay with going to small (50k or less) and potentially not in Ontario, otherwise well, may the odds be ever in your favour.
  4. Lol tell me about it. Definitely was shocking to witness when I got in, compared to people I grew up with. Vastly different people.
  5. Negative. Queens is a Black box, I didn’t have 515, among numerous others.
  6. From what I’ve been told/seen, they’re in the panels, and I’m sure they have some say. Residents on this forum have said they’ve been a part of the process. Definitely know a few specialities that they 100% are in it.
  7. Any insight into the culture at Ontario schools? I know each would be different, just curious as by the time clerkship rolls around, our elective time is severely limited (8 weeks max in any one direct entry program).
  8. Personally no, but I don’t know every interviewees MCAT. If you applied, just wait for the end of Jan, balls out of your court now. Time to relax from that OMSAS rush, took lots of work and you deserve a break.
  9. It’s like our own version of CDO vs OMA up in here.
  10. I agree, perpetual positivity about this career is not good and sets expectations that will not be met, and they won’t, and disappoint. There is a reason cynicism has been recorded to rise time and time again during medical achool, depression/suicide rates go up, and burnout are fairly common. People need to be aware of the positive AND negative things. Very important to consider when one has a good career and life that can completely change once they go into medicine, I know.
  11. Lol don’t worry. They tend to not update transcripts for some time. They do get a lot of them and have other things to do. Definitely not real time though. This happens every year.
  12. Agreed. Have a good job with pension and amazing hours, you're lucky. I have definitely missed my old life but things have changed and can't get back to it. Unless all the sacrifice is something you're willing to do, and completely changing your life.
  13. I used khan academy, TPR and EK while working full time. Used may-July, wrote in early August. Decent enough, you may be doing overkill but you know yourself best. Just don’t burnt out.
  14. You're going to find that lots of med students keep this neurotic and un-chill behaviour in school too lol. It can get tiring, just focus on you and hold on to that chill attitude :P.
  15. Put whatever you want? Just shows time commitment.
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