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  1. You go for it, and if your mind changes in clerkship to something less competitive then you're set. Otherwise back up and make connections. If you don't try then you definitely won't match to that speciality. This is a common feeling you're having, and has been addressed many times. It ultimately is up to what type of risk you want to expose yourself too.
  2. Probably one of the silliest things I’ve heard. Everyone has their story, 50% of those may very well be privileged people (like my class), it’s hilarious how unrelatable most med students are to the common Canadian. You may not agree with off my chest, but I’ll be damned before someone calls someone else out after multiple tries to medicine. Also your point makes 0 sense, they are not at all related. Use actually well formed arguments and not personal attacks thanks.
  3. Probably similar to any regional site as compared to academic centre. More hands on in clinic and OR, maybe busier call as no/few residents, you take care of the patients more, Maybe home call of very close to hospital. I’ll have a regional site too (we’ll see as clerkship schedule has changed), but it’ll be a good learning experience.
  4. If it helps, there are like 3 people gunning for it in my class alone, could be more but they seem to come and go in what they want.
  5. Nope it’s 6. 3 per semester minimum for full time as per their website https://meds.queensu.ca/academics/undergraduate/prospective-students/applying/application-process just need to have the 30 half/15 full credits by June 30th if you get accepted.
  6. Yep and the decision was made months ago, but as far as our Associate dean put it, it ain’t happening. I’m sure we will get a country wide update on what’s going on for 2021s soon, but our electives are still up in the air. Second wave may screw up electives for us but who knows.
  7. So far away, even the deans aren’t really focusing in it Cus of the 2021s being their priority. We will see, it wouldn’t be until next fall anyway. Crossing fingers lol. Otherwise we will be asking the 2021S for advice
  8. I started it in second semester very very slowly. But really went into it in...May? APRIL? Writing it soon. Much rather learn the mechanism of a drug or the biochemistry of a disease now than in PGY1 when I’m learning to be a good clinician not basic scientist. going for surgical speciality so keeping options open for fellowship. If you go ham in the summer and sometime before you won’t sacrifice too much, and you’ll actually use some of your knowledge which is nice.
  9. Yep, but if someone reports you and it gets confirmed, good old professionalism lapse baby. gunna be an interesting semester.
  10. MCAT May be fine, gpa def on lower end but can’t definitively say you won’t make it. Worth a shot. But really destroy your second degree and you will most likely be fine.
  11. Cut off is not posted. only uses undergraduate gpa. Just cut off may be lower for graduate students. https://meds.queensu.ca/academics/undergraduate/prospective-students/applying/method-selection
  12. Lol jfc what a way to go. COVID is having quite the effect.
  13. Sorry, the money Ontario students get in their last year? Pray tell xD
  14. Also PHO/CDC, and the various levels of provincial/federal officers of health.decent range, but I agree, many positions require you to have many meetings with stakeholders, compromising politics with public health, etc. Very interesting interplay.
  15. Well that 10% or 7 people were from rural or remote Canada, so not GTA.
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