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  1. I would have thought authorship is as far as they'd go pre-interview because they have a bunch of applicants to assess, but I haven't reviewed CaRMS applications so xD.
  2. Yeah medicine never goes to plan, this pandemic is just one of many many examples. Don't beat yourself up about it, you'll get in when you're meant to, or maybe you'll find something more fulfilling. I got in 5 years later than planned lol, but the experiences I've had changed me to be a better medical student, a better person, and in the future, a better doctor. You got an interview and that's amazing. Just keep up the good work, practice your interviewing skills, and good luck on next cycle.
  3. Have done it. I think what your last comment says is good. You try and help with the transition, I gave a 3 weeks instead of a typical 2 week notice to help finish up a bunch of work/project I was working on. End of the day, employees come and go, to expect you'll stay forever is on them. I too was next in line for Full time and then bam med school. Just be humble, thank them for everything during your time there, and if there is any way you can help make your exit easier on them, that you would be happy to help. Good luck!
  4. Old VR (now CARS) had a study associated with higher score showed less likely to have Malpractice suits as well, but yeah the MCAT at a certain point is tenuous and not really correlated to much hah.
  5. https://www.theglobeandmail.com/amp/opinion/article-a-simple-scheduling-fix-could-help-clear-the-surgery-backlog/?__twitter_impression=true
  6. Most of the class will be solidified after this second wait list cohort. I think in my class, maybe about 5 Or less were accepted after the second wait list expired, but hard to remember. But yeah slim chances if you don’t get off after tmrw, but some lucky few will.
  7. Research in field>>>>research not in field>>no research. Topic discussed often in the forums can search around. for competitive fields it does matter a lot more to be in that field.
  8. This. Very easy to come home. Lots of people drive every weekend. Ride shares with other meds students is a good way to bond and have fun vs randoms.
  9. First semester is light, not all day and lots of online, so your schedule is what you make it really. With the pandemic shadowing will probably be limited, for awhile. Second semester class picks up and some days are full days. Friday’s they try to either have off or be only a morning, sometimes just one class. And usually get another half day in the week every other week or so. Again with COVID things may look different so we don’t really know. But we always had time for sports, gym, volunteering, taking part in interest groups, research, shadowing, no issue there. edit: yeah above comment video is pretty good explanation.
  10. A smaller wave, and then few and far between after that. Late June I think we had our last person, but can’t quite remember Exact date.
  11. https://giphy.com/gifs/reaction-qkJJRL9Sz1R04 use memes to get through this stressful time
  12. It’s what I use, it’s fine for med school.
  13. Prime -0.25 is the standard.
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