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    Interview Prep Timeline

    Practice is the most important. I aimed for twice a week, about 1.5 hours each session. Practicing with friends, strangers, med students, anyone you can get your hands on is important. And structure in your answer is very important, that was the main difference between my two interviews at Queen's, and well it worked.
  2. Yes, any job experience is great, even if it’s a summer. Does not need to be clinical. My app was half work experience of all kinds, including lab.
  3. https://nationalpost.com/health/untrained-and-unemployed-medical-schools-churning-out-doctors-who-cant-find-residencies-and-full-time-positions?fbclid=IwAR1aWV4rFviDBmrY9ay0UMFtQaWewYxg-REI8xWILoWhlWgfyvQZAyfrUo8 Back in 2015, "A “whopping” 178 fully trained orthopedic surgeons in Canada are currently unemployed, says the Canadian Orthopedic Association. " I'm sure every year where graduates keep entering the work-force, that number is not dwindling down faster than it's increasing. Just like in any job market, when supply exceeds demand, and the supply doesn't drop substantially, you're going have an unemployed work-force in that field :(.
  4. From what I’ve read in the surgery threads, you’ll still see the same sentiment that it’s bad for ortho. Best to ask residents and docs. Always hard to say how it’ll be in 10 years.
  5. Few years back, but I think they have more recent stuff.
  6. Because other schools actually put weight into the GPA and/MCAT eg mac, UoT, UBC, and western if you have super high both you’ll get interview, although now they have this short EC business so idk how that’ll change things. So where as those things may have carried you into other interviews, they do not at Queens , 3.8 could be same as 3.9, 126 same as 130. Just need to pass the cut off and all is well. And they seem to look for particular things in ECs, and unique things. I wish you luck in your interviews, practice practice practice.
  7. Because GPA and MCAT are cut off, the ECs are what carry you in, reference letters too. It seems Queens likes unique things and a specific skill set or whatever. But you got other interviews so that’s good, focus on those.
  8. IMislove

    Anybody else feel this way?

    This will be admissions committee: https://tenor.com/view/ladies-and-gentleman-we-got-him-gif-12313683
  9. IMislove

    Why do people want this so bad ?

    Yeah but they’re not just sitting at their desk for 8 hours straight. My previous career had a bunch of documentation, whether in the computer, tablet, or legal notes. Still you enjoy the parts that is NOT spent just at the desk. Did I hate my job? Nah it was fun, but I know medicine will be more meaningful work regardless if I sit at a desk or fill out paperwork half the time. And I think that’s what some people are looking for.
  10. IMislove

    Is my MCAT sufficient?

    Yes has happened allegedly, take that as you may. 126 for sure though (me and few others.)
  11. Queen's does, yes. We call them observerships here. Lots of fun, most docs are super friendly and like to teach you. You also get some hands-on experience if you're lucky. There is also community week at the end of first year, where you get put in a small community and do some FM, and/or EM, surg/ subspecialties, just depending on the community.
  12. Lol wouldn't that be nice. If anything it gets you used to CaRMS, because almost all programs release on different days. Rat race never ends!
  13. Can you elaborate further on this? I am also interested in rural FM programs, among a few other specialities atm, but am not drawn to working in the major cities (Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver) for my career. I would much rather community hospitals associated with a university, or possibly a community hospital in smaller cities. Still a long way to go, but I like thinking far in advance xD.
  14. IMislove

    Engineering to Medicine

    Ottawa doesn’t take MCAT, but they do use CASPer like Mac which is sort of like an online psych test lol.
  15. Med school too :)?? Cus dem hefty loans won’t pay themselves . But yes good news all around, hopefully helps some of the students who really do need it.
  16. IMislove

    is my med dream alive?

    if you continue getting 3.9+ and have at least 2 full time years like that then for Queen's and Western you'll be good, GPA wise. Ottawa try and aim for 3.95+. Mac will definitely be dependent on your CARS and CASPer, and Toronto it's hard to say because it'll depend on your weighted GPA if you're eligible. Best to look up their gpa calculations on the website.
  17. Each school is different look at their requirements online.
  18. I looked at some of the programs on CaRMS, and yes it would seem they require opthalmological reports. Idk what the specific requirements are , unfortunately, so I hope someone else can help you there. I copy and pasted a few of the schools requirements below. UoT: The ophthalmological report should include visual acuity (corrected and uncorrected), refractive error, stereo vision, colour vision, ocular muscle balance/motility, and health status of the eyes. Queens: We require that you obtain an ocular examination with an ophthalmologist or an optometrist that indicates your best corrected visual acuity including corrective prescription documented, your stereo-acuity, your colour vision and any other relevant details from a general assessment. Alberta: An ophthalmologist report stating the candidate's visual status, including stereopsis and color vision, is required. (Please note that the ophthalmologist's signature on your report is considered certification)
  19. IMislove

    Interview Invites 2018/2019

    Doc's like their studies and evidence base : https://link.springer.com/article/10.1007/s10459-016-9739-9?wt_mc=Internal.Event.1.SEM.ArticleAuthorOnlineFirst https://www.researchgate.net/publication/51439735_Extending_the_Interview_to_All_Medical_School_Candidates-Computer-Based_Multiple_Sample_Evaluation_of_Noncognitive_Skills_CMSENS I am no fan either, but just gotta roll w/ the punches. People have gotten interviews with not much written in the past compared to others, just some are really good writers I suppose. Maybe try a company to see where you're at. Good luck on the rest of your apps.
  20. Mac is always early, the rest of Ontario schools are end of Jan so like last week (although NOSM I forget). Ottawa and queens usually do the same day and it’s been the last day of Jan a few years now lol.
  21. It isn't rolling (UoT does rolling interview invites). It's also email. I saw a mac med student post that emails will be sent out next week, so keep on waiting. It'll come when it comes.
  22. Late Jan. For these types of questions y’all can check the past forum topics on invites and see the trend.
  23. IMislove

    Co-op for Clinical Experience

    GPA>MCAT>>>ECs. You don’t need co-op to get into medicine, you need amazing grades. Focus on why you couldn’t maintain the needed average and change your study habits so your grades are in the 90+ range. Interview skills are communication skills that can come from other work and volunteering, even team work in group projects. Life experience is the most important for soft skills.