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  1. To add onto that, the advisor I spoke to at TD thought I needed a co-signer, and actually said I won’t get ANY credit cards. Made it very easy for me to go no thanks see yah later lol.
  2. Keep in mind, they may have gotten in out of Ontario where IP requirements are lower. In Ontario you’d be facing very rough application cycle even with a great MCAT. Mac if CARS was high and CASPer was marked high I can see. Or a strong wGPA for UoT.
  3. So for grays, do you mean the physical book or the app? The app is free so I was wondering if the quality was way different. Got no background so just wanna be prepared lol, it does seem pretty comprehensive though.
  4. IMislove

    Waitlist Support Thread - 2018

    Or the email is being finalized because admin stuff can take time too. Best of luck though. Queen's class full email was sent out last week, so its getting there for all schools. Best of luck though, you never know what can happen until August!
  5. Just slightly falling apart. I remember when this happened a few years ago, and morale is still low https://www.google.ca/amp/s/amp.theguardian.com/society/2016/aug/31/bma-announces-further-strikes-junior-doctors-contract-dispute
  6. Thanks! Yeah I found practice with medical students was way more productive and informative. So if you’re aiming for Manitoba trying to get a few of them would be good!
  7. Definitely interview. I got rejected last year, got interviewed again this year and accepted off the first wait list offers (first round in ontario after initial offer). Practice well, often, and with many people is the best advice I can give. And always try to stay calm, and structure your answers so it's easy to understand. Good luck :). Also, congrats Drang!
  8. Read each schools gpa portion of the application, it is clear. Usually it is cGPA or a mixture of the last few years.
  9. IMislove

    OMSAS GPA conversion

    GPA is calculated by getting a GPA for each course to make up for the year. This conversion table may help https://www.ouac.on.ca/guide/omsas-conversion-table/ Queens maybe, lower end, and it depends on the cut off which changes every year. Western need two years 3.7. And their MCAT cut offs have historically been high so ensure its high. Who knows what they’ll do wih the ABS stuff.
  10. They cannot leave Hamilton for personal reasons, so if OP somehow found a way to do so then for sure try. But if thy ABSOLUTELY cannot leave, then not much else they can do unfortunately. Can OP do another year of full time and perhaps get the GPA ? That’s your next step, that way you stay in town.
  11. They usually post the stats in their website of average accepted, so around those is safe bet. 3.84 or something I think. As was said above, you really need to do well on CASPer to get an interview. You’re definitely fighting an uphill battle though and more so with only one school choice. Best of luck!
  12. IMislove

    Queens Waitlist 2018

    It was bound to happen. I want you all to know that you’re not a failure, you may have just been delayed. Being on the waitlist is a good thing because they obviously liked what they saw, just the competition is so great, they cna only have so many. Last year I was straight rejected after my interview. That hurt, but it made me want to work even harder this year. I knew my interview was holding me back, especially after getting a second interview, so I focused my energy in it as much as I could. Queens definitely gives a huge amount of points to interview post interview, so reflect on what happened. Were you so nervous it affected how you could think, speak, etc. Any nervous ticks? The difference between my two interviews was nerves and structure. Practice makes perfect theybsay, and although you won’t perform perfectly during the interview (I didn’t), I knew I performed better than last year. Refocus your energy and improvement and continuing your ECs. Refine OMSAS descriptions if you can. But for now, take this time for yourself, feel the feelings you need to feel, and spend time with your family and friends. Enjoy this summer and really go hard in August for OMSAS. I wish you all the best of luck next year.
  13. IMislove

    Thoughts on BS/MD programs?

    Honestly, no. I think it helps establish maturity to go through university, coping skills, emotional and social skills, various research skills and opportunities that can further increase their ability as a investigator. Further more, the application process can help establish perseverance, I’m an example hah. work experience after a degree helps further development. Also you may find most people in QUARMs come from well off families, and hence we lose the ability of being able to relate to patients who come from low income or adverse conditions. I definitely am going to be a different clinician than if I got in earlier in my undergrad career. I didn’t have the same opportunities that most QUARMs matriculates have. Medical applications already are biased towards people who have more $, we don’t need more of that, we need more life experience. I found that people in my previous career who got into it right away didn’t appreciate the privilege of their job as much as people who had various lower income jobs before getting in. Government is so cushy lol.
  14. Well up to you. Could do a second degree to increase gpa, or move. Would you be happy being so far for that amount of time from family and friends? Has residency requirements changed in the oast? Are your stats really that competitive as an IP? Do you think the job is ok and would it last two years? All things to think about.
  15. Because queens is a EC heavy school. Also black box and a very particular school. The MCAT I’m assuming is what’s holding them back though sadly, 508 seems like it would be too low. After making gpa cutoff they would need to make the MCAT cut off.
  16. IMislove

    Physician political orientation

    Uhh you mean you’re taking the black and white approach lol? I was arguing against that exact approach. You can most definitely look at it case by case. In terms of dirty needles I guess it could come down to : income, desperation, again bad habits from growing up, so many different reasons to get to where they are. I’d say it can be a lack of choice really, in some cases, not all, but some.
  17. IMislove

    Physician political orientation

    Actually no the first example could lead to the second, hence not a difference just an evolution of their problem. They don’t have to be mutually exclusive. And again what happened to lead the coke head to do that, hence addiction, not realy a choice at that point either. Hence the empathy part and hopefully it doesn’t degrade, but then there is the all mighty compassion fatigue. People should know that medicine entails these things, I know my previous jobs have had times you wanna baby your head against the wall, but then eventually with enough perseverance you can see change. Too bad most people going into medicine that is their first real adult job, Hence seeing things not workout isn’t just exclusive to medicine.
  18. My apologies, I was under that impression for a long time. Only thoughtnaybe a red flag reference or something would deter that. Or that their cut off was based on they get a set number to interview. Good to know thanks.
  19. IMislove

    Physician political orientation

    Well I mean life choices only go so far when it’s addiction, and it’s too easy a cop out I think to blame it all on that. What led them to make those choices? Lots of people in medicine come from privledged backgrounds and can’t relate to patients and their issues and therein lies the main issue. I’d say half of my elementary school class was low income, their friends were bad infiences, their parents didn’t really care to parent them on good behaviour because they themselves did the same, and then the cycle continues, including drugs. Those are a lot of factors to go up against to all of a sudden to be the first to change when growing up as a kid to tennager years with no good role model. I think we should be able to be open on some issues though and be able to discuss without feeling ostracized from friends as you say. But at the end of the day, we’re supposed to be helping the person overcome their problem. Empathy is the main key I think, and once we start losing that, that’s when the more conservative side tends to come out. That’s why I like the MMI, it teaches you to consider all the aspects, and have a more balanced approach, not just one side or the other.
  20. IMislove

    Physician political orientation

    I’m curious how one can be on the “conservative side” when it comes to SDH, please elaborate.
  21. No idea, but I know two twins got into UoT at the same time I think last year? Remember reading a bio about it on fb. There are multiple reviewers, their applications may be handled by two whole different subsets of people and hence no one would ever know. Plus many pre-meds have very similar profiles, so it won't be a new thing for adcom to deal with. They should definitely work on their essays separately though as to prevent any speculation of plagiarism.
  22. IMislove

    St. John Ambulance to Primary Care Paramedic

    Probably true, unless you do SJA in a big city. Half the time you might just be sitting around at SJA lol.
  23. IMislove

    chances at getting in?? Queens Med

  24. IMislove

    CMA backpacks

    Confirmed red.