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  1. IMislove

    Really need help. Urgent!

    Yeah 124 is very low.
  2. I mean you could have the exact opposite scenario occur with those two as well.
  3. For now, focus on getting a higher GPA. MCAT wont mean much without a higher GPA, and a Masters will do little good with tha GPA as well. Might want to look into doing an accelerated 2 year degree only if you're interested in the career, and can honestly tackle the reasons why you did not do as well in your first degree. Otherwise, finish your fourth year strong (if you are in fourth year), aim for as close to 4 as you can possibly get, and do the same next year. At this point, if you do extremely well in 4/5th years, then schools like Queen's and Ottawa might be open to you. So in summary, forget about spending $ on mcat, fix that GPA.
  4. IMislove

    Applying to Medical School?

    3.7 is still well below average. Aim for above 3.9 for the next three years, that will go a long way for many schools. Also go fulltime to take advantage of Toronto's weighted GPA. Some schools like queens only looks at last two years. If you apply in 4th year you will only have 1-3rd year available.
  5. IMislove

    Class size increase?

    I hope not, that's just going to make CaRMS even worse 3 years+ down the line.
  6. IMislove

    Application question

    https://mdprogram.mcmaster.ca/md-program-admissions/how-to-apply/mcat https://mdprogram.mcmaster.ca/md-program-admissions/how-to-apply/reference-letters
  7. IMislove

    UofT prereq course description question

    You have to pay for course descriptions? That is one of the dumbest things I’ve ever heard. Not low income friendly at all. As for your questions, sorry don’t know that seems new for this cycle didn’t have to do that last year. I’m assuming a link to the course description that you can find on some uni’s website, but not sure. Hope you get your answer soon.
  8. IMislove

    Questions about universities

    Average age this year for queen's is 24, and honestly, a ton of us are over that. So yeah, don't let age make you worry. Everyone's journey is different, good luck :).
  9. IMislove

    YouTube/Social Media

    Yes they definitely do!
  10. IMislove

    YouTube/Social Media

    Then this happens https://www.google.ca/amp/s/amp.cnn.com/cnn/2018/06/02/health/georgia-dancing-doctor-lawsuit/index.html
  11. IMislove

    Chances?? (desperate)

    Definitely depends on ECs as Queens is EC heavy.
  12. After interviews are sent, never before the application is due. You can use this past application cycles cut-offs as a guideline.
  13. Realistically in Ontario, only Mac if you got a high CARS score 130+ish maybe and did well in CASPer, although you may get the bonus gpa points from McMaster with a MPH I believe, double check that, so potentially lower CARS needed. If you took full time every year to Toronto’s standard see what your wGPA is, should be 3.9+. Rest of the schools in Ontario no chance without increasing that GPA ( don’t make cut off for western/Ottawa) Queen’s no, and most schools don’t use your MPH for gpa. I’m sorry but without another degree that you kick its ass, you are not in a good position to receive any interviews in Ontario :(. As an OOP for other schools it will be even harder because they put higher standards on OOP. If you’re in rural northern Ontario for at least the last 5 years, you MIGHT have a chance as NOSM if you had a stellar ABS. 10 + years even better. Otherwise NOSM is out too. Good luck, hope that helps in your decision making.
  14. IMislove

    What Are My Chances? UPDATED

    Perfect, then yes OP is set! Their new stats look great. Good luck!
  15. IMislove

    What Are My Chances? UPDATED

    Unfortunately for English stream that Ottawa GPA is RIGHT at the cut off, it is not competitive. The 3.93-5+ would be where you wanna be at. Of course there are a few people who MAY get it due to stellar ECs and a stellar CASPer, but you need those two things. They are a GPA heavy school. UOT there is a chance.
  16. I just got the OMA student special offer, it's only 4.2 bucks a month, not a large amount in the long run. Plus things can happen when one does sports/intramurals/travel, and if you're injured and can't study, well SOL when you're still perhaps paying rent or halfway in a semester and already paid the large amount of tuition. For residency onwards, things may change.
  17. You’re GPA/MCAT are competitive for western in Ontario, just saying. They also use a very short (8 item?) abs instead of the full 32. Worth investing your time to applying to thay one at least.
  18. IMislove

    Days a week at QMed

    From what I see on our schedule, it looks like some fridays just have DIL (directed independent learning), so it seems in a way we do sometimes have Friday's "off" from physical class at least. Not all of them though. Luckily Fridays seem very chill compared to the rest of the week which is nice :D. Are you an incoming Med student? Schedules are posted in Medtech if so, at least for the first semester.
  19. IMislove

    Advice on Proceeding After First Year

    Although I can see the merit in maximizing chances, you do want to consider things like your support system of friends, family, SO, before making drastic moves like the Yukon and Alberta if it’s far from home. Something to consider before uplifting your life to a totally new province or territory where you won’t physically see your support systems as often.
  20. Unexpected Thanos xD. I agree though.
  21. IMislove

    Chances without writing CASPer

    For english stream? Literally right at the cut-off, which is unfortunately low. They are definitely a GPA based school (a consequence of no MCAT). I am not exactly sure how CASPer is used for them, one year it was a cut-off, maybe it is now used competitively, Mr. Duck would probably know. Competitive GPA usually ranged above 3.93-3.95+, but of course there have been those with lower GPAs interviewed. But right at the cut-off, that will be an up-hill battle. Definitely need to have a well written ABS and stellar CASPer I would say. Study time for CASPer is what you make it, definitely doesn't need to be at the extent MCAT studying was. Reading up on some medical ethics, ethics for everyday situations and not so everyday. Life experience really helps. Maybe do a sample test with a company to get a feel for it.
  22. IMislove

    MD Financial 2018 Backpacks?

    Not to mention the post directly above yours mentions that too lol. Get some sleep :P, start anew tomorrow :P.
  23. only 3 courses is not bad. I do not know how you'd remove them, but i know schools will usally want to see transcripts from all post-secondary. If you do 4 full time years and get 3.9s and 4.0 then it would barely affect you. Especially for school that take best/last two full time years, or last three with like Ottawa. I don't think your cGPA will suffer that greatly with 30 courses that are 3.9/4 (given 5 courses per semester, 4 years).
  24. Of course, lol medicine never is easy is it. So what’s med school normal?