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  1. Did anyone actually get an email?
  2. hohoho


    Yes you can bring your luggage
  3. If you can log into Bear Tracks you can log into your email account.
  4. IT issues should be fixed by lunch and they're hoping to still have invites out today.
  5. Capitals to catch their attention or nah?
  6. Newest notification: Subject Interview Notifications: Update #2 Message We're having technical issues on our end. Please be patient with us as we must sort this out before we can schedule interviews.
  7. hohoho

    IP Status

    Sounds like OOP.
  8. hohoho

    Calgary Vs Saskatchewan

    Saskatchewan Pro: Dr. Stobart. ETA: Pro for Sask, grades actually help you out in the long run because you know which topics you're actually doing poorly on. Pass/Fail breeds this complacency where as long as you know enough to Pass, you're good enough. Which has the benefit of reducing competitiveness, but makes it a lot harder for those struggling in the program.
  9. Occasionally people complete a 4-year degree program in three years.
  10. hohoho

    Masters Or 5Th Year

    Previously I would have said do something to boost your GPA, but since I've heard rumours about changes, a Masters might be more beneficial since it'll contribute to your non-academic as well?
  11. hohoho

    Beartracks Status

    ETA: Tomorrow afternoon I heard.
  12. hohoho

    Date Of Offer?

    Do they usually stick to that date?