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  1. PORRIDGE Peaceful operating rooms rarely involve doctors giggling endlessly.
  2. SOMETIMES Students often managed extra tutorials. I managed extra sleep.
  3. ENTERPRISE Every naive tenant enters rooms pretending rent is still economical.
  4. Hi OntPremed, WES is meant to evaluate international credentials, so grades from Western wouldn't be eligible for evaluation. They translate your grades to a Canadian or American equivalent, meaning your transcript from Western would remain unchanged.
  5. YES, bellejolie. It’s not at all a “boost” for “lower” credentials over a “more qualified” non-black applicant. We live in an anti-black society; the lived experiences of a black applicant are different than a non-black applicant, so you cannot truly equate and compare their (let’s face it, still both impressive) credentials. Black applicants are systemically discriminated against since birth, facing significantly more barriers to accessing institutions, all because of the colour of their skin. And this discrimination is compounded by their other intersecting identities (i.e., race, sex, gender, age, social class, faith, sexual orientation, disability, etc.), with each identity associated with its own system of oppression or privilege. BSAP is about checking non-black privilege, and overcoming systemic barriers by giving marginalized voices both space and representation in our society. It’s about training doctors that actually reflect the communities within which they practice. It’s not going to single-handedly overcome centuries of systemic racism, but it’s a constructive step in the right direction.
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