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  1. I was wondering if there are any M.Sc, PhD Medical Physics students OR Medical Physicists here? I am currently doing a Biology and Physics dual honours and I was curious about the job market and how in demand the profession is?
  2. I am kind of at the cross road with where the heck I should aim my course selections for graduate studies. I am doing a biology degree with a minor in neuro at the moment. I heard molecular biology has a lot of flexibility and a good salary. Does anybody have insight on good science fields to get into?
  3. You dont have to take the upper year math and physics. You still need Chemistry and Biology.
  4. Niiice, same. Howd you find the midterm?
  5. Are you in Kims NEUR1201/ 2200 class? ^
  6. I am currently a first year B.A Biology (minor in Neuro) student and I am considering taking math courses from highschool to complete a B.Sc in either Biology, Neuroscience or Biology & Neuroscience. The problem is, I dropped a course in first year and I am a credit behind (I originally was in psychology and recently switched). This means I have to play catch up and take some courses in the summer (I am on track for the BA but the B.Sc would put me behind a few courses). My question is, is a B.Sc worth the effort and added time? I am thinking I want to get into research and I know graduate programs in Neuroscience and Biology don't care whether it is a B.A or a B.Sc. What do you guys think? Thanks everyone.
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