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  1. Cuttlefish

    Pass/fail on OMSAS transcript

    bump @rmorelan @Bambi@Donald_Duck
  2. Cuttlefish

    Pass/fail on OMSAS transcript

    It also says the total "length" is 29.0 and total "value" is 116.00
  3. I took 1 P/F course in undergrad, and it shows up as not having any "length" or "value" on the Academic Background tab on OMSAS. Will this be considered as if I took 4 courses that semester instead of 5?? Really worried right now
  4. If 2 of my 5 courses next semester are online (distance education), will this be looked at unfavourably? It will be my last semester of undergrad
  5. Cuttlefish

    This Is Insane

    I suspect being this suspicious would do one more harm than good in the long run, even beyond medical school
  6. Cuttlefish

    This Is Insane

    I once saw a similar person... turned out all their 'papers' were in fake predatory journals. Did you check that out OP?
  7. Do any of you know how many credits a standard BSc degree is? I can't find that anywhere but it asks for it in the academic workbook
  8. Im getting worried about this. I just paid and thought they would send me the ID immediately ... it says it will be emailed within 48 hours but that will be after the deadline... what should I do?
  9. If you got one of these awards for multiple years, are you listing them as separate entries in the Awards section? I figure it takes too much space, but wanted to make sure whether they want us to lay it out clearly.
  10. Cuttlefish

    OOP - need some advice on the application

    Also, where can I find my "McGill ID" to fill out the academic workbook?
  11. Cuttlefish

    OOP - need some advice on the application

    Thanks! In the online form, do you know if we're supposed to fill in our MCAT subsections & overall score or will it do this automatically once we've updated it with our AAMC ID?
  12. Hi everyone, I am looking to apply to McGill as OOP. I recently made an account on their Admissions application page and am filling out the form. Is there anything else I need to complete for McGill? I saw on their website that I also need to do a "CV", but I can't find this anywhere.
  13. I've been reading some sample answers online and most of them seem carefully constructed with elaborate vocabulary. When I tried answering a few scenarios I found that it was much easier for me to get my point across by avoiding "nice" words or trying to make it sound like an essay, and instead writing what came to mind but using the key words that the scenario provided. Is this okay? Will I lose marks for not making it sound very eloquent?