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  1. Is it okay if your verifier for an activity is not living in Canada anymore?
  2. If you won an award for your presentation at a research conference, do you put 2 entries - one in research and one under awards - or do you only choose one of the two?
  3. What are we supposed to write for this box? Is it the name of the position or do we put the organization we volunteered in?
  4. No, they actually made it sound like the opposite when I asked them.
  5. I requested my transcripts from my university but I'm not sure if they got sent. Do they get sent once you submit your application? If so, what if we submit on Sept 30? Is 1 day enough for it to be received before the Oct 1 deadline?
  6. I started a new job at the beginning of this month. My contract is 100 hours until the end of the semester. Can I put this in the ABS as 100 hours or is it not allowed to put prospective hours?
  7. Cuttlefish

    ABS Order (chronological?)

    Also interested in this
  8. We need separate references for the 8 activities ??
  9. What if your referee hasn't started writing it yet? My referee said they would finish it a while ago and when I checked with them recently, they indicated they still hadn't started because they were busy. I'm starting to get worried they won't submit on time
  10. I am covering the 3 ABS statements with an Extracurricular activity, Employment, and Research. Does it look bad if none of the 3 ABS statements are from the 'Volunteering' category?
  11. On one of the headings of the Sketch, it first asks for the Verifier, then below that it says 'Level of Education'. Is this asking for the Verifier's Level of Education or our own Level of Education during the time we completed this activity?
  12. Do students mark these or is it up to staff? And what about the reference letters?
  13. Do these go under Awards and Accomplishments or Research? If I try to put it under Awards and Accomplishments, it asks for duration of the award, which doesn't apply to this. If I put it under Research, it asks for a start and end date. Is this referring to the period I worked on it?