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  1. How are the job prospects this bad? So basically if you prefer to work in any Ontario city (doesn't have to be GTA, but something smaller or mid-sized >150,000 pop), surgery is out of the question? Why is it so competitive if the job market sucks lol
  2. a lot of questions about the GTA, but can anyone chime in on the job market for surgical specialties in London and further south?
  3. I heard of a few people who removed themselves off the waitlist but it seems like it hasn't been updated yet.
  4. Anyone know how many went unmatched at UofT?
  5. Well it’s hard to deny it when you see a large number of your university’s engineering graduating class getting pretty good jobs straight out of undergrad, making more than a resident would (assuming you do match). And sure, let’s count it since viewing it that way is “meaningless”. Care to provide some numbers on how engineering grads are faring in their job prospects? I wasn’t alive 30 years ago, so I can’t speak on that from personal experience. Just calling it as I see it.
  6. Lol come on now... becoming an engineer? I can count so many people who are making 70k+ as engineers straight out of undergrad.
  7. Are there any hotels nearby the Ottawa med building? I couldn’t find anything on Google maps beside Rotel. Do applicants coming from out of town usually stay downtown then drive to the med building?
  8. It also says the total "length" is 29.0 and total "value" is 116.00
  9. I took 1 P/F course in undergrad, and it shows up as not having any "length" or "value" on the Academic Background tab on OMSAS. Will this be considered as if I took 4 courses that semester instead of 5?? Really worried right now
  10. If 2 of my 5 courses next semester are online (distance education), will this be looked at unfavourably? It will be my last semester of undergrad
  11. I suspect being this suspicious would do one more harm than good in the long run, even beyond medical school
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