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  1. Hi everyone!! Best of luck to those still on the waiting list, there's still hope and stay positive! Looking forward to meeting everyone! I was wondering if any females out there could give me some guidance on the sizing and fit of the white coats, I'd appreciate it! Any guidance on how it fits would help! Thanks !
  2. I was a bit confused...lol makes more perfect sense now to use the year CUTOFF GPA and not the formula Thanks you all !
  3. Thanks for the clarification! Maybe we could get another confirmation...just to make sure! ... So that would mean the formula is only used for the interview invites and the admission is conditional of your semester GPA? Or is that not the case?
  4. Hi everyone, So the website says Selected candidates must successfully complete their current academic year, including having maintained their average; (the average must not be lower than the minimum WGPA cut-off that was established according to geographical status).Does that mean the WGPA must be achieved in the semester before the admission or the WGPA must be achieved using the formula? Thanks!
  5. True statement. Yeah, Canada post lost one of my letter of reference lol, then retrieve it... and finally sent it to OMSAS!
  6. Yeah I'm totally surprised too. Where did you find out that Uottawa requires Casper?
  7. *Correction: I meant to say congrats on your graduation this* year
  8. My question is regarding the GPA in the French Class. What is the average GPA of candidates in the French Class, since I considering applying to the next cycle. My WGPA should be around 3.82-3.85. (I'm more confident in my ABS then my GPA) Let me know what you think, and congrats on your graduation this next year Thanks!
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