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  1. Classes start very soon, and I haven't hear anything more about the wait list moving besides the first two have been given a seat back in June and nothing further... I'm #4 on the list and starting to really wonder if I will actually get in? Anyone know of someone who was accepted very close to semester starting?
  2. It's also largely based on where you live as well. They only have very limited spots for out of province.
  3. Received my letter in the mail today I was wondering do they confirm they have received our transcripts? I completed my pre-reqs this April and already sent them in, but unsure if they will update me on it or not on receiving them
  4. Got my "official" email Friday at 2:03pm. I was just wondering how long did it take to receive the information package in the mail? Sending good vibes for others who are waiting to hear back this week!
  5. I know how it feels - I was rejected from all schools as well in Ontario with ORPAS sGPA being 3.94 really wondering what part of my application did they dislike so much but keep your head up!
  6. Got an email yesterday morning that I got into the program! GPA for U of A 3.81
  7. Below is my update from previous post in early February: Applied: UBC, UofA, UofM, Western, UofT, McMaster, Queen's, McGill, Dalhousie (All OT) Accepted: UofM, UofA Interview: UBC, UofM, McGill (Declined Interview), McMaster (Declined Interview) Waitlisted: UBC (#4), Dalhousie Rejected: Western, UofT, Queen's GPA: sGPA 3.81 (Alberta), cGPA & sGPA for ORPAS 3.94, 87% (British Columbia) Perceived strength of essays/interviews/references: I worked extremely hard on all the essays and questions required.... I had about 20 rough copies because I was so picky on every little detail and trying to ensure it was my very best. Very strong references from my professor of the last two years, and instructor of the last two years, plus reference from my work in regards to my hours. I have over 300+ hours of work experience in disability,three years as child and youth care worker, plus 50+ hours for Occupational Therapy Assistant and job shadowing at an elderly care centre. I'm a little shocked I was rejected everywhere in Ontario .... I'm wondering what was wrong with my application as my GPA by ORPAS is extremely high and thought my experiences were pretty good. Hmmm... anyone else experience this? But overall I'm extremely thankful to have gotten in somewhere, as in the end our goal is to be an OT or PT Congratulations to everyone who got in to the universities and also for those on the wait list too or those who didn't make it, don't give up if this is your dream - there is always a light ahead!!! This forum was amazing and I appreciate all the support everyone provided Keep on smiling and heads up everyone! I look forward to seeing how the wait lists move and good luck!
  8. All OT - got rejected from U of T and Western, sGPA 3.94... little surprised but shows marks aren't everything! However, I found out this morning I got into U of A !! I'm Alberta resident. Congrats to everyone who got in or on the wait list. Haven't heard anything from Queen's yet?
  9. Just declined my interview spot for McGill OT, someone should be receiving an email soon from wait list good luck everyone!
  10. Got wait listed as well about two weeks ago. They were actually waiting for at least one pre-req to be completed before determining their decision.
  11. Received an email yesterday (Saturday, May 9, 2015) at 6:20am MST from University of Manitoba got recommended for admissions to MOT, so excited will be calling Monday to confirm
  12. I'm curious, are there any in province applicants who got accepted yet?
  13. Yes I know thank you so much. I just thought I would have made the first round... so hard to wait anymore, but it's okay in due time
  14. Hello Congratulations to getting in to both! I'm #4 on UBC wait list and was really hoping to hear from U of A since those are my top two, but I guess that's a no go for now. But could you please tell me which one you decide on. Really hoping I can get into UBC and would love to know if the list moved Thank you!
  15. Congratulations to those who got in I'm feeling pretty down right now as I was sure I was competitive enough (3.81), with overall experience and application and being IP... really wondering what happened or if they calculated my right GPA...
  16. Congratulations to those you got accepted to the U of A OT Pretty sad right now as I thought I was definitely competitive enough (3.81) and overall with experience, etc. plus being IP to get the first round admission... could you please tell me what your GPA's are? Do you think they will send more out today or this week?
  17. Just gave up my interview spot for McMaster OT. Someone should be hearing from them very soon! Good luck
  18. Hmm I would wait a couple of weeks and then try calling them - I was told that decisions wouldn't go out till end of April but seems they will be making it throughout the month of April... so maybe when things calm down from them in a couple of weeks to try and get that information
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