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  1.  its not just gpa that they consider for acceptance. the gpa gets you an interview after that it is your interview, references, volunteer work, and knowledge of occupational therapy. I asked how they weighted them to offer admission ( gpa, interview and references )to get an idea of where i needed to improve for next time if needed and  the interviewer said that she couldn't tell me.  

    It's also largely based on where you live as well. They only have very limited spots for out of province. 

  2. Below is my update from previous post in early February:

    Applied: UBC, UofA, UofM, Western, UofT, McMaster, Queen's, McGill, Dalhousie (All OT)
    Accepted: UofM, UofA

    Interview: UBC, UofM, McGill (Declined Interview), McMaster (Declined Interview)
    Waitlisted: UBC (#4), Dalhousie
    Rejected: Western, UofT, Queen's
    GPA: sGPA 3.81 (Alberta), cGPA & sGPA for ORPAS 3.94, 87% (British Columbia)
    Perceived strength of essays/interviews/references: I worked extremely hard on all the essays and questions required.... I had about 20 rough copies because I was so picky on every little detail and trying to ensure it was my very best. Very strong references from my professor of the last two years, and instructor of the last two years, plus reference from my work in regards to my hours. I have over 300+ hours of work experience in disability,three years as child and youth care worker, plus 50+ hours for Occupational Therapy Assistant and job shadowing at an elderly care centre. 


    I'm a little shocked I was rejected everywhere in Ontario .... I'm wondering what was wrong with my application as my GPA by ORPAS is extremely high and thought my experiences were pretty good. Hmmm... anyone else experience this?


    But overall I'm extremely thankful to have gotten in somewhere, as in the end our goal is to be an OT or PT :D 


    Congratulations to everyone who got in to the universities and also for those on the wait list too or those who didn't make it, don't give up if this is your dream - there is always a light ahead!!!


    This forum was amazing and I appreciate all the support everyone provided :)


    Keep on smiling and heads up everyone!


    I look forward to seeing how the wait lists move and good luck!

  3. Your application will continue to be evaluated until the end of June! University of Alberta sends out multiple rounds of offers, so this was just the first round of acceptances. Do not be discouraged! By no means does this mean that you still don't have a very good chance:) Check out this link for more information: http://rehabilitation.ualberta.ca/departments/occupational-therapy/msc-in-occupational-therapy/application-review-and-admission-offers .  

    Yes I know :) thank you so much. I just thought I would have made the first round... so hard to wait anymore, but it's okay :) in due time

  4. I just got accepted as well! I think my sub gpa would be around 84 or 85% (to be honest I never looked at it). I got into UBC as well ( waiting on the official offer) so at either location I will be giving up a spot for someone on the waitlist! Congrats everyone!

    Hello :) Congratulations to getting in to both! I'm #4 on UBC wait list and was really hoping to hear from U of A since those are my top two, but I guess that's a no go for now. But could you please tell me which one you decide on. Really hoping I can get into UBC and would love to know if the list moved :D Thank you!

  5. Applied: Dalhousie (OOP), Western, MacMaster, Toronto, Queen's (Occupational Therapy)

    Accepted: Dalhousie, Interview at MacMaster


    Wait Listed:

    GPA: I think c - 3.63, s 3.7

    Strengths: I've worked with a lot of children and youth who would qualify as OT clients, and have a pretty solid handle on what life is actually like living with a disability and navigating society, politics, bureaucracy and just ADLs. I get pretty passionate talking about ways we can easily improve quality of life via occupations, so I'm hoping I was able to reflect that. My mom said my essays were good... ;)

    Also, my references must have knocked it out of the park for me to get early admission as an OOP student at Dalhousie. Fingers crossed, because my sGPA sure isn't very high compared to most I'm seeing! 

    What's OOP? :)

  6. Yup. Got an email this morning telling me I'm waitlisted. They don't mention anything about the waitlist except that they can't tell me my place.

    Hmm I would wait a couple of weeks and then try calling them - I was told that decisions wouldn't go out till end of April but seems they will be making it throughout the month of April... so maybe when things calm down from them in a couple of weeks to try and get that information :)

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