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  1. It's great we will know in a couple of days probably the decisions so the waiting is almost done !
  2. I did but she sent out another one soon afterwards stating it was a mistake - check your email again. Email below. However, this means we should all be knowing very very soon the decisions! So exciting Good luck everyone! "Dear UBC MOT applicant, You would have received an email from me just a few minutes ago at about 9:35am stating that you have been recommended for an offer for admission to our program. This email was sent out by mistake. I apologize for the confusion this may cause. For those of you who did interview, offer/decline emails will be sent out shortly. Again, I sincerely apologize for this mistake. Please ignore the email from about 9:35am on Wednesday April 1st, 2015 with the subject line Test. Thank you and please let me know if you require further clarification. Sonia"
  3. You're welcome Oh gosh - no that's wrong information given to you. Call them now and ask about it
  4. I received the email about Bear Tracks about three days after providing my application payment. The subject line for the one I received is "University of Alberta: Registrar's message regarding Bear Tracks access". It was sent to my personal email too and just explained what it was for and that I would receive my password and CCID a couple of days after that to get access to my U of A email account, which is how they would be communicating from then on and Bear Tracks.
  5. you can also forward it to your personal email so you ensure you don't miss anything!
  6. Hmmm that's for PT and not OT right - since we don't have interviews with U of A for OT?
  7. Ughhh I hope that isn't correct it would be nice to know if I made it for U of A before I go to the U of M interview, cause if I did then I actually wouldn't be attending and it would give the spot open to someone else, but since I have no clue I can't risk not going just in case... I really hope we find out in like a week or so! I wonder what they had on the website last year in regards to given notice?
  8. I assumed it was Bear Tracks because of this in the email we got for it: Bear Tracks allows you to: - update your contact information (address, phone number & e-mail address), - view your application status including required items and admission decision, - view the course listings and search the class schedule. Also, because they didn't upload one of my references till later and told me that it wouldn't show on the Applygrad site portal due to it not being changed anymore. But from what I see we will be notified by email anyways that we provided
  9. Oh really - that's weird, why did they give us the account if we won't be using it? I'm getting so nervous!! From reading past forums it looks like everyone was notified by email
  10. Congratulations for those you got the conditional acceptance by Dal - I'm just curious what's your GPA?
  11. That's awesome to hear and I'm sure it's all positive for Dalhousie for you from now on! I've applied to Dalhousie as well but haven't heard anything. All the best keep hope!
  12. From what I heard they have about 800 - 1000 OT applications - depending on the year and they interview around 80 to 100 people but not sure on exact number and this is just what I've heard and not sure if it's accurate either!
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