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  1. Hehe it is! Lots of travelling for these interviews... don`t like all the expenses but it's worth it in the end I'm in Alberta. See you there!
  2. Congratulations too! My time slot is 4 hours. See you there!!! Are you an Ontario resident?
  3. Just received an interview from McGill 2:05PM (MST) Check your email everyone! Good luck
  4. Hehe yeah but this also means that PTs and OTs really want their career and work hard for it! Hmm I know what you mean, from what I see on your GPA post you are competitive that's for sure keep your head up and we will know very soon - at least for U of A
  5. Oh gosh - yeah there is more pre-reqs required for PT eh... sorry to hear that. I'm not from a relevant bachelor either but only needed to take an extra full semester of courses to apply to all OT schools. Sorry to hear, but whatever route you go in the end it's all worth it even with some debt. Good luck
  6. Yeah it's a tough decision. I decided that I would apply to all schools in Canada to better my chance and thought that paying more for the application fees was worth it then going outside of Canada in the long run. Hoping out of all nine schools for OT - someone will take me Follow what you feel is best for you! Good luck
  7. I've looked but found that the cost is just way to high to be studying outside of Canada for me :S
  8. Hmm did they tell them last year that it would be in April too? I hope so as well!
  9. Hi I emailed them this morning because I was curious and realized I didn't know the exact answer
  10. Just found out in email I'm 87% for UBC. Glad to know what I went in with for the interview Good luck again everyone!
  11. I would definitely call or email them since it's a bit confusing also, since supposedly as stated above no info is suppose to be released till after April 15... but no matter I think it's great news!! I've applied there as well - I'm an Albertan resident. Fingers crossed
  12. This is what I found in the application forms for Dalhousie "The admission committee makes recommendations of acceptance to the Faculty of Graduate Studies (FGS). In the meantime, the School of Occupational Therapy will send out (through email) and not before April 15th, a confirmation of receipt of your application and documents. FGS makes the final decision and, if successful, a formal offer of admission is sent to the applicant by the Registrar’s office of Dalhousie University. (For applicants with courses ‘in progress,’ a conditional acceptance letter may be sent well before the June 15th transcript deadline.)" So, you were recommended which is a great sign! However, the final decision is made by the Faculty of Graduate Studies and seems that earliest to know exact results is April 15. You can always email them too and ask what it means? Congratulations on being recognized!
  13. I think we should be hearing about interviews for QYOT anytime during this week or next week - cross fingers!
  14. Sorry hehe I'm Alberta resident and hoping to get into U of A but will definitely take UBC if it's offered to me!
  15. Yeah... I do hope they look at the "whole picture" not just the interview! Ohhhhh we find out soon! Very exciting
  16. Hi I'm not sure about the GPA - I received an interview with the competitive GPA. I have a feeling though that GPA is a big factor for the interview selection. What you can do is email Sonia and ask her she has been very helpful and patient!
  17. By the way - does anyone know how heavy the interview is weighed in their final decision? I thought mine went good but of course could have been better!
  18. I'm late to this thread but thought I would still join in I applied to all the schools in Canada for OT - I received an interview with UBC that was March 4 , for UBC grade it is between 85% - 89% - little unsure because my transcript they receive is alpha and not percentage from Alberta, so unsure what they decide on. My alpha is A for all senior levels. We will find out soon! I'm an out of province applicant so I know I have less of a chance but hoping for the best Really want either UBC or U of A
  19. U of A doesn't have interviews for OT - best of luck on the others! I've applied to all of them as well all OT though
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