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  1. Hello Congratulations on getting an offer in your second choice field. That's a big thing too! It's worth a try but I would say they wouldn't give you this information. Majority of universities just started looking at applications this week and some haven't done it yet I believe. It would be hard to give you an answer since the competition varies from year to year as well. Personally, I know it's a lot of money but I would just pay the $500 and figure out a way to get that extra money to keep your spot just in case. Wishing you good luck!
  2. Applied: UBC, UofA, UofM, Western, UofT, McMaster, Queen's, McGill, Dalhousie (All OT) Accepted:UofM Interview: UBC, UofM, McGill, McMaster (Declined Interview) Waitlisted:UBC (#4), UofA, Dalhousie Rejected: GPA: sGPA 3.81 (Alberta), cGPA & sGPA for ORPAS 3.94, 87% (British Columbia) Perceived strength of essays/interviews/references: I worked extremely hard on all the essays and questions required.... I had about 20 rough copies because I was so picky on every little detail and trying to ensure it was my very best. Very strong references from my professor of the last two years, and instructor of the last two years, plus reference from my work in regards to my hours. I have over 300+ hours of work experience in disability, plus 40+ hours for Occupational Therapy Assistant and job shadowing at an elderly care centre. I've applied to everywhere in Canada, this is my dream job and I'm determined to try my very best and get in to wherever I can. I will appreciate any offer given since my end goal is to be an OT I live in Alberta, but from Ontario. Wishing everyone luck! Never give up Updated - May 10, 2015
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