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  1. dreamcometrue

    CaRMS 2019 Interview -- DISCUSSIONS

    Does anyone know if Toronto and Western have socials for FM?
  2. dreamcometrue

    CaRMS 2019 Interview -- DISCUSSIONS

    Ive been told that Mcgill does in fact send invites in waves
  3. dreamcometrue

    CaRMS 2019 Interview -- DISCUSSIONS

    Does anyone know if McGill FM comes in waves? I heard it was only sent to McGill students so far. Thanks!
  4. dreamcometrue

    Poll: How Old Are The Newly Admitted Students?

    The Med-P's in the 2020 class have already been accepted into the program..they are currently doing their premed year
  5. dreamcometrue

    1 Sentence First Impression Of Each School

    My class is quite ethnically diverse actually.
  6. dreamcometrue

    1 Sentence First Impression Of Each School

    you know theres a french and english stream right?
  7. dreamcometrue

    Different Decision Codes?

    Are people still finding out now?
  8. There is both a tour and info session, and you may attend these sessions before or after your interview. The sessions are scheduled at multiple times and you can go to whichever time works best for you based on your interview time.
  9. dreamcometrue

    Benefits Of Oma Membership?

    Does anyone know how we can obtain a CMA ID number after joining the OMA? Thanks!
  10. dreamcometrue

    2015 Backpack Colour Voting

    Purple is my favourite colour!! Im so jealous! Theres no way for uOttawa students to get one right??
  11. dreamcometrue

    Waitlisters Unite

  12. dreamcometrue

    Waitlisters Unite

    I personally know someone who just declined their uOttawa acceptance! One spot is opened, there's still hope, hang in there
  13. dreamcometrue

    Does My Wgpa Need To Be Increased ?

    I think it is possible, it really all depends on how you interview. My GPA was 3.99, and I was put on the waitlist. I got in, but just to show it's possible to be waitlisted with a high GPA.
  14. dreamcometrue

    Mcat Date

    Yes, you only need to submit your scores to OMSAS by November 1st. Since it takes 3 weeks about to get the score, you should be fine.