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  1. F508

    2019 CaRMS unfilled spots

    Hard to predict.. I know someone who applied for a small program, rejected 1st iteration, re-applied 2nd iteration. Did not get in. I know someone else who applied to a large program. Was rejected first round. Accepted in second round. Depends why they didn't choose you first round, if they really need to fill the spots second round, other candidates... Too hard to predict.. I'd say apply, you have nothing to lose
  2. unsure.. but it must vary case by case there were plenty of other people who backed up and were accepted so I guess it depends on how much thought they put into it/how convincing they were
  3. Yes of course technically you can get interviews.. but I was wondering in reality, do most people only get interviews from schools they did rotations at? and only all star residents get interviews across the country?
  4. In general, do people only get interviews at schools where they did a rotation?
  5. A FM program that has 10 spots remaining doesn't mean they are a safe backup. I know of people last year who backed up with FM and interviewed at a certain program. The program had 10 spots remaining and they went unmatched (i.e. did not get the back up in FM despite interviewing there). So FM does not rank everyone that they interview
  6. Everytime I'm on peds, I think I won't be one of those suckers that get sick.. but everytime, I get the worst viral URTI that last like 3-6weeks. Starts as rhinorrhea, then pharyngitis, then laryngitis with almost complete loss of voice, then residual cough for 2 weeks.. horrible. Haven't gotten gastros yet though.
  7. F508

    Unhappy in medicine?

    managing uncertainty to minimize diagnostic error and minimize overdiagnosis/overtreatment
  8. As evidenced by the above posts, basically it depends. It varies depending on your undergrad experience, it varies depending on teaching style at your medical school, it depends on the person.. Everyone experiences things differently
  9. I think SCOPE/SCORE will be a fun experience: getting to meet medical students from around the world, exploring a new city, etc. In terms of clinical learning or research productivity, I don't think IFMSA is the best option. If you're gunning for a specialty, the SCOPE/SCORE experience won't be of much value
  10. NICU is "shift work". If I recall correctly, the staff I worked with told me they worked 28 weeks in a year on the NICU wards. They did 1 week stretches at a time.
  11. F508

    Applying to FM last minute

    I would apply if you would rather be in family medicine than be no match. In all scenarios, your highest chances of getting into family medicine will be in first round. In second round, your chances will be way less as you're competing with other desperate candidates and IMGs.
  12. F508

    Income and Lifestyle

    ridiculous thread I hope your preoccupation for money won't result in patient mismanagement for monetary gain
  13. F508

    US Residencies and CaRMS

    What is considered a competitive score for USMLEs?
  14. Why would academic ERs pay less? Because cases are more complex? Because learners slow you down?
  15. Maybe they pulled funding for these residents? Anyways they control the contracts that the residents signed. There’s probably a clause that says the contact can change at any time without warning