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  1. Meridian

    Last two years

    Two 3.9 GPA years would let you apply to Queens and Western (pending MCAT). See how you do in 4th year and go from there.
  2. What is your GPA for each individual year of your undergrad ? What province are you in ? - Should I take a 2nd Degree to bump up my GPA? (possible Kinesiology) - yes you will need additional undergrad years with +3.85 GPA for a realistic chance at interviews. - Should I do a POST-bacc or Masters (if eligible)? - no point if only goal is medical school - Is it possible to go into para-medicine and then straight into Med school? - there is no shortcut or way around a low undergrad GPA - How long would this overall process take to get into Med school (assuming GPA plays out right)? - 2 good years of undergrad GPA for some schools - could apply during the 3rd year. Agree with hamham - no point in doing MCAT at this point
  3. A side note -- you do not have to do research as part of medical school. You will already be very very busy. There are a lot of opportunities at UofT to be involved in related things like advocacy and support programs. My point is don't rush into research just because you think you are suppose to do it.
  4. Meridian

    Med School after Physiotherapy?

    A very high MCAT (CARS) along with a great Casper could help you get a MAC interview. If you can hit the Western MCAT thresholds you could apply there as well with current GPA. For the other Ontario schools, a high MCAT will not offset a lower GPA. You would need to bump up your undergrad GPA. If your goal is Medicine, prepare well and write the MCAT and decide from there. Do some practice exams as a benchmark. One thing that jumped out was your comments about self-confidence. Med interviews are challenging and highly competitive. You need to come through very strong vs peers to get an offer. Think about using the next few years also to work on this. Public facing EC's, Toastmasters, social activities that put you out there. You can do it, but it will take significant work.
  5. Meridian

    Chance me PLEASE!

    It will really come down to your MCAT result to unlock opportunities for Ontario schools. See how you do and then decide if you can apply this cycle. A +129 CARs could open up Western and maybe a MAC application (with current cGPA). Are you booked to write this summer ? Suggest write it by mid-Aug such that you will have your marks back before needing to submit applications. Otherwise it may be wait a year and include stellar 4th year marks to help bring up your GPA.
  6. It is not uncommon for people moving from Masters to Medicine to have left over work they want to finish. They may also feel sense of responsibility and pride to their Masters PI/Team to stay involved. In some cases there could also be pressure and even guilt from the PI to stay engaged. Where will you be after the one year. Research work is never finished. Will be in the same situation where you feel you need to stay engaged ? Just make sure you are doing it for your own reasons and not to appease others.
  7. Meridian

    some advice needed

    Your GPA is stellar and does not need the benefit of weighting (which you may have lost at some schools due to 3rd year course-load). MCAT is now critical - You are writing it so late in the year you will not know your result before you need to start applying. Study and practice really hard until you can get consistent practice results. Also broaden to get more help right now as your existing practice results are too low to be successful anywhere. You should still be eligible for all Ontario Schools including Western (as far as degree goes). Each school has specific focus on admissions so NOSM would be out of you are a city kid. Look at Ottawa which does not use MCAT currently and is heavy GPA.
  8. You can see MAC's accepted statistics below. There is no simple answer, but they are very transparent for interview invite as it is mathematical 33% GPA / 33% CARS / 33% Casper. Both your GPA and CARS are below average, so you would need to get an absolute top mark on the Casper to get an invite. (You will never know how you do on the Casper). https://mdprogram.mcmaster.ca/md-program-admissions/how-we-select Your excellent MCAT opens you up to both UofT and Queens. If your weighted GPA (last 2 years Queens / drop 4 credits UofT) is above 3.85 you should apply to each as well.
  9. You would have to do very well on casper to get the MAC interview to overcome relatively low GPA/CARS (it is purely math for an invite). Don't restrict your thinking to MAC. Apply everywhere you can. What is the rest of your MCAT results ... what is your weighted wGPA for different Ontario schools.
  10. Meridian

    GPA Worry Med School Hopeful

    Direct to the point. Your first 3 year grades are of no help. MAC, UofT, and Ottawa are off the table currently. If you can do a +3.95 in a 5th year with full workload , you could be eligible for 2 year schools like Queens and Western. Western requires you to be in the final year of a 4-year degree so I would not reduce to a 3 year degree. You will need to write the MCAT for both UWO and Queens and score very high for UWO. If you cannot achieve a high 5th year, you are looking at starting a second degree. If you are in-province outside Ontario check specifically the IP requirements of your home province.
  11. Meridian

    3rd year applicant - is it worth it

    Write the MCAT and decide based on your results.
  12. U of T Med is a GPA heavy school for applications. You need to have the GPA to get the interview to then give your ECs a chance to help you. I suspect you will find you will not be competitive to apply during your third year. You are not eligible for weighting until 4th year. Your current cGPA at 3.68 is not going to cut it as a 3rd year undergrad. You may need to wait until 4th year so you can benefit from wGPA and remove some low marks. Your vet experiences may be fairly unique compared to your peers. I cannot comment if they would really help you though. You may want to branch out and do some ECs not related to vet activity. Rather, figure out how to write up those experiences in terms of the CanMed Framwork (Goggle it) . If you can nail both the MCAT and CASPer you might be able to get a 3rd year invite to MAC. You will need to improve your GPA and wait til 4th year for any other Ontario school.
  13. Meridian

    Not sure about my chances

    Undergrad GPA is the primary factor. Grad marks do not come into play in most cases. You are in pretty tough for Ontario with your current GPA and MCAT. Your cGPA/CARs will not be competitive for a MAC interview. You don't meet the MCAT thresholds for Western/Queens and wGPA is not sufficient for Ottawa. You do meet the minimum for U of T, but your wGPA is likely not competitive (calculate it). You might be able to get into the U of T Grad interview pool if you have productive research from your Masters. Look further into that path You need an MCAT re-write to open up other Ontario schools.
  14. Meridian

    NP to MD

    Yes you should pursue it aggressively. I think you could have a very good opportunity atleast at an interview. I would try to make contacts there both through admissions and with current students to gain insight. You may be very uniquely suited as a candidate they want to take on.
  15. Meridian

    NP to MD

    An interview at NOSM would be heavily influenced based on your context score. Did you grow up in Northern Ontario / in a remote community; do you work in a remote community now; can you describe a career plan where you will work in remote community; are you Aboriginal / Bilingual .... a few aspects to consider if you were to apply to NOSM. Any chance your year 3 & 4 were higher GPA's. Could you start another undergrad to achieve +3.9 GPA in first 2 years to open up UWO/Queens/Ottawa maybe. Your ECs as NP should help alot if you can just get the interview.