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  1. U of T Med is a GPA heavy school for applications. You need to have the GPA to get the interview to then give your ECs a chance to help you. I suspect you will find you will not be competitive to apply during your third year. You are not eligible for weighting until 4th year. Your current cGPA at 3.68 is not going to cut it as a 3rd year undergrad. You may need to wait until 4th year so you can benefit from wGPA and remove some low marks. Your vet experiences may be fairly unique compared to your peers. I cannot comment if they would really help you though. You may want to branch out and do some ECs not related to vet activity. Rather, figure out how to write up those experiences in terms of the CanMed Framwork (Goggle it) . If you can nail both the MCAT and CASPer you might be able to get a 3rd year invite to MAC. You will need to improve your GPA and wait til 4th year for any other Ontario school.
  2. Meridian

    Not sure about my chances

    Undergrad GPA is the primary factor. Grad marks do not come into play in most cases. You are in pretty tough for Ontario with your current GPA and MCAT. Your cGPA/CARs will not be competitive for a MAC interview. You don't meet the MCAT thresholds for Western/Queens and wGPA is not sufficient for Ottawa. You do meet the minimum for U of T, but your wGPA is likely not competitive (calculate it). You might be able to get into the U of T Grad interview pool if you have productive research from your Masters. Look further into that path You need an MCAT re-write to open up other Ontario schools.
  3. Meridian

    NP to MD

    Yes you should pursue it aggressively. I think you could have a very good opportunity atleast at an interview. I would try to make contacts there both through admissions and with current students to gain insight. You may be very uniquely suited as a candidate they want to take on.
  4. Meridian

    NP to MD

    An interview at NOSM would be heavily influenced based on your context score. Did you grow up in Northern Ontario / in a remote community; do you work in a remote community now; can you describe a career plan where you will work in remote community; are you Aboriginal / Bilingual .... a few aspects to consider if you were to apply to NOSM. Any chance your year 3 & 4 were higher GPA's. Could you start another undergrad to achieve +3.9 GPA in first 2 years to open up UWO/Queens/Ottawa maybe. Your ECs as NP should help alot if you can just get the interview.
  5. As you already know your GPA is holding you back from being competitive for interviews. Your cumulative cGPA will likely never help you. You need to look at schools that have a weighted wGPA approach (UWO/Queens/Ottawa). You really need to achieve +3.85 GPA's in years 5 and 6 to unlock some of those Canadian wGPA schools. If you can do that, it might then also open up some USA MD/DO schools that would look at your strong upward trend. You are out of province for Dal. They interview ~ 55 candidates for 9 spots. To get an interview you need to also write an essay that defines your Maritimes connection. Browse this forum to understand context and how important it is for OOP applications. You also have to nail the Casper. After interviews you are then scored (ranked) with your OOP peers only and it is a very very high threshold to get an acceptance. Realistically you need 2 more years of stellar undergrad. Plan to write the MCAT after 5 year and see how you do. You can read on here about the Caribbean schools and how much of a risk it is.
  6. Your situation is not really that complex or different than your peers. Work to open up as many Canadian schools as you can. Prepare well and write the MCAT. You would need to write by late August for results to be available in time to apply this cycle in Canada. Your current cGPA is not likely sufficient to be competitive for an interview in Ontario and the rest of Canada (OOP) . I am not familiar with Quebec French language schools. Your weighted wGPA could be OK for Western (Best 2 years). Your list of ECs is diverse and somewhat different than your peers. Alot depends on how you can write them up and attribute to CanMeds skills. USA MD/DO schools may be an option depending on how you convert to USA GPA scale and how you do on MCAT. Cost is prohibitive for most people ($300K-$400K CAD) to get to residency. Canadian Bank Medical LOCs are not as rich or flexible for USA schools. You would need co-sign and collateral and it would not cover enough. Read more on premed101 and you will understand why Caribbean is not a good choice before exhausting all your options for a couple of cycles in Canada first. You might want to do a 5th year of undergrad if it could help your weighted wGPA for schools like Queens, Ottawa, Toronto.
  7. Meridian

    Really lost and need some advice. Please help!!

    MAC is a tough target as it uses cumulative cGPA only where other schools have different weighted approach like last 2 / last 3 / best 2 / or drop some courses. You do need to plan to apply widely to all schools you can be competitive for. Don't do things that would exclude you from applying. Its going to be about how you can recover your GPA over the next 2 years. If you can do that in your current program, stay there. If you need to move for your best chance to perform, then do that. As Bambi noted, you may need to extend to a 5th year or so to be competitive.
  8. Your Y3 3.76 GPA is potentially usable. Match that with a 4.0 GPA in Y4 could make you competitive for Ontario schools with weighted GPA. Potentially UWO or Queens. If you have the proper time to study this summer, I would go ahead and write the MCAT to see where you are. (or atleast do full practice tests as a benchmark). You might be a good candidate to do a 5th year to bring up your wGPA. Grad school wont really help.
  9. If you are doing this to boost your cGPA for med applications, then it seems like that is your #1 priority. Will it really move your cGPA that much to make it worthwhile ? Note that many med schools (other than Mac) do not count summer courses in GPA calculation. So do the pre-req course(s), but maybe the other one(s) are not needed ? Only you know how yourself enough about how many hours you need to spend to get the 4.0 s. You might also want to take some time for yourself as well ?
  10. Meridian

    Please help! How do I get from here to MD?

    If you have been the fly on the wall you probably already know alot of the answers. You understand that your undergrad GPA is not in your favour (I didn't say it sucks). As an Ontario resident, the Ontario schools are your most likely opportunities. You can apply to out-of-province schools, but the bar is set much higher for only a few interview spots. You asked where you are probably out of contention. NOSM is out unless you live in the North or have some strong existing ECs and connections related to practicing in a Northern rural community. MAC uses a cumulative GPA. I don't think you can recover your overall cGPA to achieve an interview. That leaves UofT, UWO, Ottawa, Queens. Your current cGPA does not meet their cut offs. You do not qualify for weighting at UofT or UWO due to not full course-load. I don't think you qualify to apply to Ottawa due to full-time requirements. You MIGHT qualify for weighting wGPA at Queens (read their FAQ on full time definition) for your year 5 and 6, but it would not be competitive for an interview. So what to do then ? Undergrad GPA is key. Grad school does not correct for a low GPA so doing a Masters wont help. This suggests you need to start another undergrad. Some schools like UWO even ignore your previous degree results. Nail a +3.95 GPA for 2 years in a new undergrad degree, shine on the MCAT, and then see where you would then be competitive to apply. Are you non-traditional ? Probably not, as you are still just at graduating stage. Non-trad is usually associated with someone who is well out of school and has some other forms of life/work experience. If you can achieve an interview, you might be able to bring in your varsity career as something that is non-traditional and unique. Reference Letters -- When you apply in Ontario, your referees write specific letters that are submitted to OMSAS by them. You cannot pre-collect these letters yourself. Having more than 3 does not really help in Ontario. References may be useful in the US or for future aspects of med school.
  11. Meridian

    Complete Graduate Degree

    You would not be able to finish a research-based masters in 1 year. They take 2 - 2.5 years to complete. A research based masters being one that can naturally progress to PhD. Some schools such as U of T require you to complete the grad degree. Others don't care. Depends where you are applying to medicine.
  12. I suspect your GPA is what is holding you back from most schools. It may meet some school cut offs, but is not competitive against your peers. Your extensive list of research is likely what caught their eye and got you the interview this year at UofT MD/PhD. To broaden your chances at other schools you may want to consider a 5th year to bring up your wGPA (if you had a good 4th year to work with). Completing a 2 year research-based MSC and having publications would move you to the UofT Graduate interview pool which may help counteract the low GPA. Trade off is you would not be able to apply to UofT in Oct 2018 if you start the MSC as you must complete it before med. An MSC may not help much for other schools.
  13. Read Western carefully. If you start a 2nd undergrad, you must wait until the final year of the 2nd undergrad to apply. Also the 2nd undergrad still needs to be considered a 4 year degree. It might be hard to do it in only 2 years even with your transfer credits. They do then only look at the 2nd undergrad GPA which is what you need. You should talk straight to UWO to map out if it would work as you think. 3.7 is just the cut-off. Your SWOMEN status will help with the MCAT thresholds , but you still need to be competitive on GPA. You should target +3.85 so that it is not a risk. You also want to apply to all other Ontario schools where you can meet the competitive thresholds. Maybe Queens ? https://www.schulich.uwo.ca/medicine/undergraduate/future_students/faq.html What if I already have an undergraduate degree but am working towards or have recently completed a second undergraduate degree? Applicants who embark on a second undergraduate degree program are eligible to apply during the final year of their new program. In order to be considered for GPA purposes, the second degree must be equivalent to a four-year degree. In this situation, GPA consideration will be based only on the two best years of the second degree program. Course load and course level requirements for the second degree are analogous to the requirements of the first degree. Applicants who are given a conditional offer must complete all program requirements for the second degree by June 30th.
  14. What are your weighted wGPA's ? (Western - best 2 years, Queens last 2 years, U of T drop a credit per year., Ottawa weighted last 3 years). Are any of your wGPA above 3.7 ? Unfortunately undergrad GPA is most important. A +2 year Research-based Masters can help you get over the edge and provide better competitiveness vs peers, but does not overcome a 3.3 GPA. Could you do a 5th year at Western ? Would that give you 2 years with >3.7 GPA to be able to apply there ?
  15. Meridian

    Advice needed!

    Hi Angelav. For forum etiquette please don't copy the same question across 5 different threads. Guessing you are just finishing high school and have applied to Mac Life science. Good for you ! Great school and great program. It is a common path to medicine along with Health Sci and other similar science majors at other schools. Life sciences does help in prerequisites for some Med schools. It can help you get into research which can beneficial on your application (but not mandatory). It also helps somewhat with MCAT prep. You could do any undergrad degree really. Engineering can be tough due to higher course load. Nursing also can be problematic (from reading on here) related to P/F grading at some schools and course-load variations. That said, my med class had both Engineers and Nurses in it. You are too early to be doubting yourself. Go to MAC life sciences (if that is what you want to study). Determine very early on in first year how to study and achieve high grads. Surround yourself with like-minded study partners. Access and make use of resources your school provides right from the start. You need to aim at +3.9 GPA, but don't be discouraged if you can not hit that in first term as it takes practice and perseverance to adjust to a new world at University. You can do it !