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  1. You may have some explaining to do for U of T http://applymd.utoronto.ca/academic-requirements
  2. Meridian

    5th year in need of advice

    Canadian Med schools always look at your undergrad GPA. Doing a Masters may not be all that helpful to your Med school quest if your undergrad GPA is not already close to competitive. You will need to improve your MCAT to reach interview thresholds for the potential Ontario 2yr wGPA schools (UWO/Queens). What would your UofT wGPA (drop 10 courses) be after 5th year ? If it is +3.85 consider an application there once MCAT is raised. You will need to raise your MCAT for USMD/DO applications to be successful.
  3. So you are eligible for UofT. Are you doing a 1yr or +2yr Masters ? (need to be able to finish the masters in time to apply to UofT. Can you unlock any other schools ? What is your last 2 years undergrad wGPA for Queens ---- if >3.9, then consider MCAT rewrite to achieve +127 A really good MCAT result could unlock UWO. A great CARs could help with MAC
  4. Your cGPA is reasonable, but not enough for some Ontario Schools. If eligible, calculate what your wGPA is for UWO, Queens, U of T, Ottawa. I do think you need to re-write the MCAT to unlock more schools. The CP125 likely drops you out of an interview for Queens. CARS127 is good, but a 130 with might open up a MAC interview. Raise your overall score to unlock UWO. Apply to as many schools as you can unlock.
  5. They are rolling interview invites and there is no method to the madness. Note that most grad students are still interviewed in the undergrad pool unless they have a considerable research portfolio. The joint MD/PhD interviews are done in the early interview slots.
  6. Meridian

    Relocating Laboratory

    Contact the equipment manufacturers for guidance on transporting.
  7. Meridian

    Does Undergraduate school matter?

    1. Apply to Mac HealthSci for undergrad. (very hard to get into) 2. Apply to any other school in a program that you would enjoy and one where you can get high marks. GPA is King. You really need a +3.9 and aim for 4.0. Keep full course load through all 4 years. A 3.8 at UofO is same as a 3.8 at MAC. 3. Some comments on premed101 suggest Engineering (due to course load) and Nursing are difficult paths to Med School applications. Not sure how valid this is. 4. Most premeds tend to go to the larger schools that also have medicine (MAC, UofT, UWO, Queens). The larger schools allow for more course variety. Medicine on campus may have more EC and research opportunities. You will also find more like-minded peers to prepare with (Applications, MCAT study). That said - go where you can be successful.
  8. Queens, Western, maybe Ottawa. Go read up on wGPA (weighting).
  9. Again do the math - if say you only get an 84% (3.7) in just one of those 3 courses with the others still over 90% (4.0) - you will not move your cGPA at all. Your CARS and Casper are way more important.
  10. Really not worth the effort. Do the math. You will need 3 courses with 4.0 GPA in each just to move from 3.83 to 3.84 for MAC.
  11. Environment and social / study network during medical school
  12. If your 3rd & 4th year GPA's are actually up in the +3.8 region you may be able to apply to a couple of Ontario schools that use weighting. Check out Queens, Western or maybe UofT pending your grade spreads. You likely need to do a 2nd undergrad and achieve atleast +3.85 for 2 or 3 years to be successful at an interview in Ontario.
  13. You have recognized how important undergrad GPA is. Complete your 3rd and 4th year with high GPA and re-write the MCAT and see where you are. That can open up a few Ontario schools that use weighting (UWO, Queens, U of T). Potentially a fifth year in undergrad if you need the further GPA boost. Grad School does not really help that much with Medicine. It still comes back to your undergrad GPA.
  14. icdt2018, something people have not yet said is that Medical school is hard. Although most Canadian Schools are Pass/Fail, you need to work very hard with excellent time management skills to be successful. There is a reason admissions require consistently high GPA and full course load while still also doing considerable ECs. They want to make sure you have the track record and ability to do well. Reflect and understand why you were not able to achieve +3.8 across all courses for the past 2 years. Motivation, study habits, interest, Overloaded, comprehension, anxiety, distractions are all potential reasons. Be honest with yourself. Understand that first and how you can change that before attempting to embark on this journey. Maybe your change in major was the ticket. See where you are GPA-wise at the end of 3rd year and go from there.
  15. Your GPA is your enemy here. It is not sufficient to achieve an interview in Canada. Your MCAT is fine for most schools. Note some schools have a weighting wGPA formula. Calculate your GPA for each of your 4 years individually and check out Queens and UWO. Also look at how U of T drops xx courses from your total GPA if you had full course load all 4 years. You need to get your undergrad wGPA up above 3.8x.