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  1. Don't re-write with a 130 3.65 is quite low for MAC, but it is all mathematical for an interview. Ace the Casper and you may have a chance as long as you are in province.
  2. Meridian

    Future Directions after MCAT

    Go ahead and apply to Ottawa now --- you could get an interview and atleast a Casper dry run. Work in research and also advance some of your ECs. Prep really really well and blow away the MCAT early next spring.
  3. I note you already point specifically to Ottawa and Mac as your targets, but be aware that some Ontario schools such as U of T will not interview you if you are not finishing your Masters prior to starting Med School. They require your Graduate Supervisor to submit a letter in your application to that fact.
  4. Submitting your thesis to UofT is not considered a publication in respect to Med Schools applications. Unless you have an extended research CV you will likely be evaluated in the Undergrad stream.
  5. Meridian

    UBC vs McGill Medical School

    The best school is the one where you get accepted. Plan to apply broadly to as many Canadian Med schools as you can where you meet the interview requirements. Only worry about whether UBC or McGill is better for you personally once you have the multiple offers in hand.
  6. Meridian

    Best "easy" Pre-Med courses?

    Easy or GPA boosting courses (if there is such a thing) are very school dependent. Some people will tell you arts or humanities courses may be easier, but they also depend on essay writing which are marked a lot more subjectively then say a math or physics test. You may have better control of your destiny with sciences or math courses. It is more likely your personal strengths and interests will be the "easier "courses. Think differently. Take an undergrad that interests you instead of looking for bird courses. Also take a full course load ever term so you do not burn weighting at some schools.
  7. Meridian

    Applying to Medical School?

    When people state they are applying as a 3rd year they mean they are applying while in their 3rd year of undergrad and if successful would leave their undergrad early after only 3 years and go straight to medical school. A 4th year applicant applies during 4th year and would go to medical after completing their undergrad. No year off involved. Some schools use weighting. Toronto as example, if you apply as a 4th year and have taken a full course-load will let you drop 3 full credits from GPA. This remove those few low marks and increases your GPA substantially. Other schools like Queens (and Western) will look at your last 2 (or best 2) years which lets you drop off that lower first year. Work hard in year 2 and 3 and get +3.9 each year and you are good to apply during your 4th year.
  8. Meridian


    I have never seen any one admitted that did not meet the 125 minimums. If you ask them they will tell you it is a hard limit.
  9. Meridian

    Applying to Medical School?

    Getting into Medicine is a marathon for many people with multiple application cycles. You still have a long way to go and lots of runway to get there. I don't think you will be able to prop up your 1st year GPA sufficiently to be able to apply as a 3rd year. Focus on working hard in year 2 & 3 to bring your GPA up. Some schools weighting formulas can nullify the poor mark(s) in 1st year. You can still choose to write MCAT after 2nd year if you are confident, but it is not necessary to do so. You may want to do some study and practice tests in the spring to benchmark where you are. If you benchmark well, then write late summer. If not, wait until the next year and work out a serious study plan.
  10. Meridian


    As you probably already known an interview invite is pure math with equal weighting of GPA/CARS/Casper Your GPA is low, your CARS is high, so it comes down to Casper for the interview - and you will never know how you did. Go ahead and apply
  11. https://mdprogram.mcmaster.ca/docs/default-source/admissions/class-stats-2021.pdf Possible - but very unlikely based on admission stats.
  12. MCAT re-write will not help you in Ontario. You already meet MCAT thresholds for UofT and probably OK for Queens. You will not be able to apply to MAC with your cGPA as an OOP. You did not meet 3/5 rule for weighting at UWO so no point in trying to hit the needed 129 CARS if you cannot use GPA weighting. Ottawa does not use MCAT - they do use a 3 year GPA weighting and have very high +3.9x GPA expectations. NOSM - did you grow up in a rural Northern community. If no, then no point in applying. A 3rd MCAT could damage chance of applying to USA should you be considering going that route. You need to raise your GPA before all else.
  13. Tough situation. Your GPA which is most important to most schools is hurting you. Ontario school comments only: You would need +3.95 in 4th year to reach a competitive level for Ontario 2 yr schools (Queens/Ottawa/UWO). Forget MAC as your cumulative GPA will never make it for an OOP interview (only 60 out of province). An MCAT rewrite would really just to unlock Western maybe - but if you did not meet the 3/5 rule there is no point. I think I would wait to see 4th year GPA and then maybe do a fifth year undergrad. A one year masters does very little for Ontario schools.
  14. Meridian

    Really need help. Urgent!

    Your original score with the 124 excludes you from apply to Queens and U of T. The 506 overall is weak as well for anywhere else. You are right that the 127 CARS you currently hold would let you apply to MAC. Are there other reasons that you would solely be looking at MAC (or CARS schools) ? If you are open to apply anywhere then I would proceed and write on the 18th. You spent the summer preparing
  15. Unfortunately undergrad GPA is king for Med school interviews. You do not have a GPA or opportunity for weighting that would allow you be successful at getting an interview. You will need to start a new full time undergrad and achieve +3.85 GPA for 2 full years to start to open up interview chances.