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  1. Unfortunately no matter how well written the essay, you cannot make up for not having a real Maritime connection. That essay is the key factor for OOP candidates assuming you have the GPA/MCAT/CASPR. It's kinda like trying to get into NOSM while living in the GTA all your life - not going to happen. Note there is only about 50-60 OOP interviews given. avocado has a reasonable idea if you can swing some summer research at DAL.
  2. Meridian

    Unique Situation

    There is a 3rd and more likely reason for many CSAs. They did not have the GPA & MCAT credentials needed at the end of undergrad, or maybe tried once and received no interviews. With no way to proceed inside Canada without further undergrad work, they look at alternatives if they have the economic means to do so. So while it may be "easier" to be admitted at that point in time compared to no chance at a Canadian school, 4 years later at point of residency, it is much much harder. CSA's either ignore the risk or believe they will be one of the statistically successful candidates.
  3. If you are accepted to MAC HealthSci - go there. Do not think twice about it if your goal is medical school. The Queens program is brand new and an unknown entity at this point. Don't intentionally be the Guinea Pig.
  4. Meridian

    GPA dilemma

    Are you in-province for Ontario ?
  5. Meridian

    Unique Situation

    Unless you already have UK or EU citizenship and would be willing to practice there, I would not go that route.
  6. Next cycle you should be good to go for UWO, UofT, Queens, and maybe Ottawa, with a much better MCAT and hopefully a 4.0 GPA to count in 4th year. Apply to MAC as well as a stellar CASPR might get you an interview. Start now and spend quality time in re-working your EC write ups. Use the CanMed categories and directly related your ECs to those categories. Find existing med students to help you with reviewing your submissions and hopefully Interview prep.
  7. Apply to U of T this cycle. You are good to go for a Graduate pool interview if your MCAT is all +125. I don't think there are many other options in Canada.
  8. Unfortunately all schools use undergrad GPA as a interview requirement with fairly high thresholds. A 2.9 GPA does not cut it. Masters GPA does not do too much. U of T does have a weighted wGPA where you get to drop 4 full credits from GPA calc if you were full time all 4 years. Re-calc your GPA and you would be above 3.0 which is the minimum threshold for a graduate student. You definitely have research productivity. If you have corresponding EC's and can get +125 on each section of MCAT you could apply to U of T this fall.
  9. UWO only looks at best 2 years but the 2nd undergrad needs to be a 4 year degree. What was your finance degree GPA ? -- how far do you have to raise the cGPA ?
  10. Meridian

    From drop out to medical school?

    Did you return to undergrad in Healthsci or some other program ? Many people that have trouble in first year recover nicely, A "B" average is not catastrophic. Finish your undergrad aiming for +3.95 in each year. Western, Queens, U of T, Ottawa all have weighted wGPA options that can essentially wipe out your first year grades. MAC is really the only one that relies solely on cGPA. Three full years of +3.95 would probable offset your GAP enough even for a shot at MAC. Did you finish with full course load in the first year (important for UofT) ? Your MCAT is not dependent on your first year GPA. It is more based now on your ability to study, prepare, and retain. Do some practice exams to determine what areas you need to work on most. Maybe chemistry is your Nemesis (ha). Most people will write it in summer after 2nd year. In your case you could try it this summer or push it to next summer once you know how you benchmark in practice
  11. Meridian

    OMSAS Transcript Issue (URGENT)

    You are kinda off on the timing of this question. This application cycle is essentially over for any more interviews. If you mean for next fall's cycle then I understand. You never attended, took, or paid for the course. Did you even go to the country in question during that time period ? I think you can ignore it.
  12. Meridian

    DDS or keep applying to MD?

    Take the dental offer !! 4th med application cycle and unlucky no interviews this year. Unless you have some other plan to significantly boost your application potential, it is time to move on to the new door that is being held wide open for you - walk through it !
  13. Meridian

    Masters or Gap Year?

    I think you need to critique why you did not get any interviews. What is your MCAT breakdown. How widely did you apply ? No need to improve on a 3.99, so that is not the concern. Starting a Master's will delay your ability to apply to some schools. Maybe a year working and advancing some EC's is a better approach ?
  14. The trade-off you may be making dropping the course is losing ability to use weighted wGPA at U of T. Do you have full course load in years 1-4 ? If you drop that course you can still apply to U of T but using your cGPA only. If you keep it, you can drop 8 half courses from your wGPA. Review where you will apply and how they treat a full course load.
  15. Don't do all this prep work and then miss the deadline for 1 of only 2 schools you are applying to. They are clearly warning you of the risk up front. Keep watching daily for openings and grab an earlier slot.