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  1. Meridian

    Masters and UofT

    It has not changed. It never did say publications are required. Just termed as "scholarly productivity". Reality is that many of the successful grad-pool interview candidates will have multiple publications. You would be evaluated in the undergrad pool with a 1 year course based masters. http://applymd.utoronto.ca/academic-requirements
  2. Meridian

    Undergraduate degree problem

    You will be applying to as many Canadian Medical schools as you can unlock - not just UBC. You will want to strive for a +3.9 GPA which will give you better success at landing interviews. Computer science works. Choose something that you are interested in foremost as you will likely be able to achieve higher grades if you like what you are doing. Don't discount Engineering. Seek out someone in the UBC program to understand likely-hood of a high GPA
  3. Meridian

    Next Steps?

    What undergrad is this - Nursing ? Your GPA is not helping you. Your cGPA and wGPA is realistically not competitive for an interview anywhere in Ontario. UofT weighting might have been interesting but the P/F courses get taken off 1st so no-go. An outside shot is UWO. Review their 2 year GPA rule (3.7). You would need a good MCAT. Masters wont help with your GPA. I think you likely need to do another undergrad if Medicine is the single focus. Maybe do that in another province if that can move your IP status ? But not sure where that would work.
  4. Meridian

    MD/PhD Interview Invites Question

    no - if you applied to MD/PhD and are accepted to MD/PhD that is your only acceptance
  5. Meridian

    Undergraduate degree problem

    There were Engineering grads in our Med class, but not many. The few I remember came back after working a few years as they had ambitions in bio-medical fields which their Engineering training was perfect for. As wjl123 mentions, it is considered a difficult path as the course workload tends to make high GPAs more difficult in the first 2 years. People still do get +3.9 GPA in Engineering so it can be done. You should talk to current UBC Eng students to see what the GPA spread is like at the school . You may need to do some self learning for the bio/chem portions of MCAT but that is also doable. If you are strong at time management and believe you can achieve a +3.9 GPA then go for it.
  6. Meridian

    retaking a 515

    Schools all have different GPA and MCAT requirements. You need to look at each schools weight wGPA approach and see how your GPA (for each year) factors into that. (Best 2 years - UWO , Last 2 years - Queens , Drop 6 half credits - U of T etc) Your MCAT is already excellent. The only reason to re-write is if you were specifically aiming at UWO (higher CARS cut off) or wanted to improve your interview calculation for a MAC interview. Depending on what your GPA is for each year - It may be your GPA that you need to improve as first priority.
  7. Meridian

    Opinions on GPA competitiveness

    Each Ontario school looks at the parameters a little differently for interviews. The sentence you propose is too vague to give a meaningful response. What does "solid" and what does "good EC's" mean ?
  8. Meridian

    Are all Bachelor of Science Degrees Equal?

    Why did you pick Biomed ? You probably figured in high school it was an appropriate path to Medicine. Logically you took the science courses that can help with MCAT. Many undergrad planning for Medicine think the same way. It can be a good path to medicine, but it is not a requirement. Our class had people from every discipline. Undergrad "Prestige" is a fallacy for Canadian Med school interviews. Uniquely Mac Healthsci does have a focused program that can be helpful for interviews - but you can't really transfer into it. You have been on the forum long enough to know that undergrad GPA is most important for Med School interviews (along with MCAT, EC's, Casper). Switching mid-program might hurt you more than it can help. Would you need to go back and recover some pre-requisites. Would your timetable be workable to do that . Would it require overloading or a 5th year ? Would you lose all your existing study partners ? Why do you think you could do better GPA-wise in a different program ? If you are already achieving a +3.9 GPA keep going in your program. If you are below 3.7 GPA you need to figure out how to get +3.9 for year 3 & 4.
  9. Meridian

    Paths After Rejection

    You will find all your given paths as examples on Premed101. A lot depends on what needs to improve to achieve interviews. People may take a 5th year or 2nd undergrad to increase their GPA. Some will take a gap year to earn money, study to raise their MCAT, and improve on ECs.
  10. Meridian

    What to do - masters vs 5th year?

    You usually want to unlock as many school s as you can. Have you finished 4th year or currently in it ? If you do have a high 4th year GPA you should be able to get a UWO interview next cycle as a SWOMEN. Check your UofT wGPA - depending on grade skew in 1st & 2nd maybe your wGPA is enough (+3.85) after dropping 8 1/2 credit marks Your 125 CARS is holding you back from Queens and MAC. So ya maybe a 5th year and a MCAT re-write. A masters won't overcome the GPA/MCAT.
  11. Sorry Hyped - your figures are very far from the norm. An associate OD (employee) could start with a base of $80-$90K moving up to about $120K-$140K after a few years. A principle with a successful business might pull $200K from the business. Consider a typical OD practice net is about 34%. No Optometrist is pulling +$1M a year.
  12. Meridian

    Where to improve more: ECs or GPA ?

    You will need to raise both your GPA and MCAT for a realistic chance at Ontario Interviews. A 5th year (or a UWO special year) is probably the best approach. You need to aim for +3.9 in the 5th year to bring your wGPA up into the mid 3.8x region. +3.85 wGPA and improving CARS to 126 could open up Queens. Increasing CARs to +128 would unlock UWO. If you really nailed CAR's (130) and a great Casper could open up a chance at MAC. A 5th year might also help your UofT wGPA if you had full course load all the way through. ECs are only important if you can first meet the GPA/MCAT Interview thresholds. Research is not a requirement for Med School Interviews although it always looks good on your CV. There are other EC activities that can be attributed to Can-Med's skills. Think quality over quantity. Better to continue with something you already enjoy.
  13. Three years of applying ... go to the interview !! She can always wait and decide what to do with acceptance letter in hand !
  14. I am confused about the issue. Its only Feb 4th. Is this a winter term half-credit course that you have already given up on ? What could your mark be in the course if you finish it and then what would your 4th year GPA and cGPA look like (estimated) ? You don't need a 4.0 to apply to medicine. Your cGPA is already so high that you are not in need of weighting. Taking a whole 5th year so you can drop 1 course does not make sense. You also delay a whole year of your life.
  15. Toronto distress center - downtown behind Eaton Center. Support via phones and text. Flexible hours. Real eye opener. Also builds on Empathy and Can-Meds skillsets https://www.torontodistresscentre.com/408-help-line/