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  1. Yes if you can do a +3.9 GPA in a 2nd undergrad and do well on the MCAT you could get interviews in Canada. It appears you do not have much to salvage from your 1st undergrad. Did you have any individual years over 3.7 GPA ? Schools like MAC are out as they only use cumulative cGPA. Look at schools like Western, Queens, Ottawa that only look at last/best 2-3 years. for wGPA. Health Studies is reasonable approach. Pick something you are interested in though as you are going to need to make a fundamental change in how you approach school to get the GPA you need. Be careful of programs like Nursing which may have alot of P/F courses.
  2. You asked for input - don't go postal on the feedback. A lot really depends on how well the symptoms you experience can be controlled or mitigated. You have already gotten through undergrad and a portion of med school which is no easy task so you appear to have some coping skills developed already. Sure, family residency is shorter, but I doubt really less stressful. Do you recognize what conditions trigger episodes ?
  3. A little early to be trying to decide on a 5th year. You need to see what your 3rd year (& 4th year) GPA ends up being. Also write the MCAT summer after 3rd year to see what you have to work with there.
  4. Med schools will need to see transcripts from all undergrad programs. Schools have all different criteria on what they base your interview GPA on. Check out schools like Queens, Western, Ottawa that only look a last/best 2-3 years.
  5. You may not meet the maximum number of pass/fail courses for Sask https://admissions.usask.ca/documents/medicine-application-guide.pdf You current cGPA or wGPA is not competitive for most schools. Personally I would not assume your current GPA will be acceptable as your primary pathway forward.
  6. You are asking it backwards to how people think. Most applicants want to know how they could have the best chance against their peers -- not the best way to kill success outright. Psychopath & Asshole are 2 easy ones. Arrogance, apathy, abrasiveness, and not pulling their weight are all good reasons as well. When ranking candidates a committee will spend all their effort deciding order between the top 2-3 candidates and ignore all others. They won't spend time deciding who is the worst of the worst.
  7. GPA is King. Currently you may be able to apply to Western but you would need to raise your CARS first. Western uses a weighted GPA formula of best 2 years and you would make the 3.7 interview cutoff if you had only one pass/fail course in year 1 & year 2. Other than that, you will need a 2nd undergrad and aim for +3.9 GPA to be competitive anywhere else. https://www.schulich.uwo.ca/med_dent_admissions/medicine/admission_requirements.html#grade_point_average You can read on premed101 lots of ideas about moving to another province. BC, Alberta, Sask, Territories, Maritimes are all potential places. You need to read the actual requirements for each school to see how to qualify. Going to school there does not qualify you.
  8. break down your GPA for each year and indicate if full course load each year
  9. I'm not aware of what you speak. As long as your University recognizes these as a credit course towards a 4 year degree -- it will count. U of T does take any pass/fail or credit/no credit courses off first in doing the wGPA calculations. Maybe that is what you are referring too ?
  10. See OMSAS conversion guide here. You convert each course grade to a GPA out of 4 and then average them for each year. https://www.ouac.on.ca/guide/omsas-conversion-table/
  11. You need to spell out your GPA for each of your 1st 3 years for anyone to offer thoughts
  12. NOSM accepts applications of candidates with 3 year degrees if over 25 years of age.
  13. Correct for Western. Other Ontario schools accept 3rd year applications.
  14. Probably does. Anecdotally from the accepted/waitlist thread it was minimum 508 with all categories above 126. But it can change each year and no one will know.
  15. That is nonsense. Many people do different types of Masters and PhD before and after Medicine.
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