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  1. You already have it figured out. A 2nd undergrad is the appropriate option if medicine is your goal. You also need to prove to yourself that you can achieve a consistent +3.85 GPA. Medical school is tougher again and you need the learning & time management techniques mastered to be able to drink from the fire hose. Start a 2nd undergrad and see where you are after 1 year. You might be able to leverage your high 4th year GPA.
  2. Your ECs look reasonable. It is more about how you write them up. Read up on CanMeds and use that as guideline for how you present yourself. You say only part way through 3rd year (co-op?). You probably will not have sufficient GPA to apply anywhere after 3rd year so may need +3.9 in fourth year and apply after that. Queens, Western, and maybe Ottawa / UofT with weighting are options after 4th year.
  3. You need the undergrad GPA to apply to any Canadian school. There is no way around it. Unfortunately none of your existing 4 years will help you. If you want to apply to a Canadian school you will need to start a 2nd undergrad. You need to aim for +3.9 GPA in each year to open up schools. Depending on the Med School you could start applying after 2 full years of good GPA. Look at weighting and requirements for Queens, Western, Dal, as starters. Your existing grades are not sufficient to apply to US MD/DO.
  4. Years 1,2,3 are write-offs for med. Most important is that your 4th year is full course-load. If you can get a +3.7 in year 5 and do very well on MCAT you could open up Western. Getting a +3.95 in year 5 could open up Queens and Dal (weighting on last 2 years only). Otherwise you need to start another undergrad.
  5. Spell out your GPA for each of the 4 years. If your 3rd & 4th years are better there may be something to salvage for schools that use weighting. You likely need to start a new undergrad and aim for +3.9 for atleast 2 years. Look at Queens, Western, Ottawa, Dalhousie. Masters will not really contribution to GPA although it helps on EC's and experience. Moving may not be beneficial as you will be doing undergrad in those years. Most provinces that does not give you residency (check on BC/AB rules though).
  6. Meridian

    Help me pls

    It is more about how you do in school and how you score on USMLE than the difference between StG & RCSI. If you go that route plan to practice in the USA. Consider US MD or DO before going offshore. How did you do in 4th year ? Do you have a GPA you can work with if you do the 5th year you were considering ?
  7. Canadian Medical Schools are very competitive. If you can move anywhere, I would choose NB or NS which are In-province for Dalhousie with very good potential for an interview. There is very little benefit to being in province in Ontario for the Ontario schools other than MAC. If you really really can move anywhere, consider Yukon or NWT territories as you would be considered in-province at many med schools. Note that most Quebec schools other than McGill teach in French language. What year have you completed in your B.SC and did you do full course-load in each year ? Some schools will let you use a weighted wGPA if you were full-time. Look at U of T as example. Are you really sure you want to move to Canada prior to completing your current undergrad. You will be paying international tuition rates until you have your PR. And how confident are you that you can achieve PR before medical school ?
  8. Meridian

    drop or not?

    You have been around the forum for a while. You will know the importance of keeping a full course-load in each year so that you can then use the weighted wGPA at schools like U of T. If this would take you below full course load (10 half-credits) in the Sept-April period, I would not drop it.
  9. You really should look at your GPA for each of years 3,4,5 and see what your weighted GPA is for Queens, Western, and Ottawa.
  10. think long-term & quality over quantity. Some portion need to show duration leadership. Related them to Canmeds skills.
  11. Meridian

    Could use some input on what to do

    There really are no alternative options. You need a competitive undergrad GPA to be looked at for an interview. You also need the EC's and MCAT results as well You will need to continue on with a 2nd undergrad. Alberta uses cumulative cGPA, so your 1st four years still impact your GPA. You may want to consider other schools like Western and Queens that only look at last 2 years for wGPA.
  12. Convert your transcript marks to a standard GPA (out of 4 ) for each of your 4 years individual to comment on opportunities at Ontario schools. Be careful also about only doing par time next year - it could eliminate wGPA for some schools like U of T and Queens.
  13. Meridian


    You likely will not have the chance to pick between the 2 if you do get a waitlist offer as they wont hit at the same time. You will take whichever one is offered first. Both are fabulous choices. Have you not already had to accept and pay at McGill ?
  14. Each school is different. Some will only give you weighted wGPA if you have full course-load through all 4 years. Others will only count full course-load years. Some just require you to be "full-time" by definition of your home school. Anyone just starting undergrad should plan to always do full course-load to keep all schools open. If you have a +3.8 cGPA, then go read each schools requirements and see where you are eligible to apply.
  15. You need to attend Med School. You cannot intentionally miss that much You should also not try to overlap an MSc during your first year.