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  1. Good luck to everyone on the waitlist this week!!!
  2. I am debating b/w the three amazing PT programs and I was wondering which program you guys are leaning towards! Western: Small Class Size -- Probably the best endorsement of the program. With only 55 students (~1/2 U of T), instructors and peers are able to facilitate the growth of students at the personal level. I have worked with diverse PTs throughout my undergrad at a variety of settings and there's no doubt that MSK/Orthopedic is THE foundation of ANY physiotherapeutic intervention and at Western, I know I'll get the top-quality education regarding ortho (I'm aware that all systems are inter-related e.g. cardio-resp!!). Not sure if everyone's had a chance to go over each school's timetable but Western's seems to make the most sense for me. They spend the first 8 months in lectures & labs covering foundations (gross anatomy, functional anatomy, professional practice, assessment-integrated,regional, neuro, cardio-resp). Despite all of my previous PT experiences, I know I would be more comfortable & confident after extensive period of in-class practices & labs. Just before the first placement begins, MPT students are taught based on settings of practice (Acute, Rehab, Community, Clinic) which makes perfect sense. I got to visit Elborn College last fall and I really appreciated the close-knit, positive atmosphere there. Everyone was super friendly and helpful in answering my questions. Donna Beer (Admission Assistant) actually introduced me to a bunch of first and second year PT students, I was literally in one of their labs for an hour asking questions and getting to know them, they all seemed super bright and passionate. They were all rocking Western PT polo shirts which was nice to see Toronto Placements -- When I visited 500 University Avenue for the CAP, I was most impressed by its location. Also, my supervisor got her PT degree at U of T so she would always boast about the program (Cardio-resp!!!). Surrounded by many hospitals, the program definitely has the highest emphasis on research. For me, the main downside of the program is the number of students (~90). During the tour, I had the opportunity to observe their lab and it seemed really hectic with so many students/beds in one tiny room. Also, the tutorials and labs are divided into diff. sections so you may not know your classmates as well. I personally prefer city lifestyle and didactic lecture style so U of T may be a good option for me but I really admire Western's family-like vibe.... Queen's Unfortunately, I don't know too much about the program. I honestly thought I was going to get rejected here but I guess the hard work paid off. I've heard that there aren't as many placement options compared to Toronto and Western. For me, I am leaning towards Western at this point!
  3. Just got an invite for CAP as well ! It's happening )) Anybody would like to practice together? I've been reading MMI books but I could seriously use some feedbacks for my answers. Good luck prepping everybody !!!!
  4. Just got mine as well ! So the waiting game begins ... Good luck to us all
  5. Hi ! if you're looking for a friend you can practice MMI with (for PT), shoot me a message !!!
  6. Has anyone received an email regarding verification report?
  7. I would send an email to ptinfo@queensu.ca w. the course information you have provided them w. on your application. I was planning on submitting additional info. regarding my pre-requisites b/c I didn't think they were detailed enough but the school said they were fine. So I would suggest you email them first, if they want you to send more detailed course outlines, you can do so through SAM.
  8. ORPAS will update verification report on their site--where you have access to submitted application, SAM, etc. They usually update the calculated GPA in February, so hopefully we'll have access to it starting next week
  9. For those of you who applied last year, what type of information does ORPAS provide us w. on the verification report other than our Sub-GPA? So far, I have access to Referee Assessment Information and Transcripts Received Thanks,
  10. I don't think taking a bunch of random courses just to boost your GPA is a good idea. It might have worked in the past but the schools are catching on the trend and starting to look at the transcript as a whole. This is especially true for U of T (I talked to Daniela who is the person that weed out these applicants), For upgrade courses (ANY course that is not required to obtain your degree is considered an upgrade) you're not supposed to take courses that are in 1st & 2nd year unless they're pre-requisites. I know some applicants from last year who had ~3.9 GPA and didn't receive CAP invite. So just be careful, I would avoid courses that might look "bad" in your transcript (1st & 2nd year, un-related to PT) - exact words from the admission committee.
  11. Does anyone have any idea what the GPA cutoff was for Western this year?
  12. So if I have taken or will be taking: 5 courses this upcoming 2015 Fall session. 4 courses in the Spring/Summer 2015 10 courses during 2014/2015 Fall/Winter term 4 courses during 2014 Spring/Summer 2014 Is ORPAS going to extract an additional 1 course from the average of 2014 Spring/Summer 2014 or will they count the 4 courses from 2014 Spring/Summer term (supplementary) FIRST, followed by taking 7 courses with the average of 2014/2015 Fall/Winter session (Full-time)? I ask this because on the ORPAS package it says In the situation, where “Full‐time”, “Supplementary” and “Semester” durations exist for the same year, the “Supplementary” grades will be used first, then “Semester” and then “Full‐time”. Good luck to everyone who's applied this year !
  13. Hello everyone, I have a quick question regarding sub-GPA calculation ... ORPAS states that the sub‐GPA is calculated by adding the ORPAS converted grades and course lengths beginning with the most recent grouping/duration, to a total of 20 ORPAS course lengths. Where course grades/lengths must be extracted from a grouping/ duration to make up the 20 course grades/lengths required, the average of the next grouping/ duration of ORPAS GPA values will be used. In the situation, where “Full‐time”, “Supplementary” and “Semester” durations exist for the same year, the “Supplementary” grades will be used first, then “Semester” and then “Full‐time”. I am confused about the part that is highlighted. So if I took a summer course (supplementary) in 2014, will they use my summer course grade before my 2014/2015 Fall/Winter grades (full-time)? Thank you for your time,
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