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  1. 1) Rewrite MCAT - not sure when your last rewrite was but Id try to get that CARS up. Would open many doors for you based on your cGPA. 2) Potentially do a 3-year undergrad and aim for high marks (although this option would be pretty tough and $$$) Unfortunately your GPA is on the lower side, same with the MCAT - harsh reality of the Canadian med app process. You wont be looked at in the file review stage based on those marks. Alternatively you can try going abroad - this is also $$ and its becoming increasingly difficult for an IMG to match back in Canada - especially if you are not interested in FM. Feel free to PM me for more advice, however it looks like a stellar MCAT (~90%) would be required in your case to have better odds at interview. Best of luck!
  2. Seems like your best chances are Queen's/Western. If medicine in Canada is your top goal, Id maybe rewrite MCAT and aim for high CARS to get Western invite. I heard they may be possibly changing their application process to include ABS too so maybe they will lower their CARS. Anyway your stats screen Western/Queen's - although Queen's is more a blackbox. Hope you hear some good news, feel free to PM me if you have any more questions. I did a MSc and was offered a few acceptances across Canada after applying in my 4th year and receiving 0 - albeit my wGPA for most schools was ~3.93 and my MCAT was a 510 (probably my weakest component of my apps).
  3. There was also a medical student in Colorado who mass murdered dozens of people in a movie theatre. There are bad apples everywhere.
  4. Currently I am just struggling to find time between 9-5 during the weekdays to shadow due to school, ECs and research. I definitely see your point though, Ill try to find some closer-knit contacts within these fields and form more longitudinal relationships. Thanks for the advice!
  5. Thanks for your response Bambi. I have been following your posts and you give genuine advice for those interested in pursuing surgical specialties. I find it difficult to spread myself broadly but I suppose after CC3 perhaps I’ll have a better understanding of my interests and the system to help tailor my elective approach. Side question: how important do you think shadowing physicians in the two different fields are? Most of my colleagues are shadowing quite routinely. Although I did this in first year to get a better sense of my interests, in second year with EC involvement, research and studying for upcoming exams, I find it difficult to find time shadowing. Thanks again!
  6. Yes, Otolaryngology I was trying to preserve some level of anonymity, but I guess for the sake of the question, more transparency is required.
  7. Id do a low-yield practice test and check your baseline then go from there. As an engineer I'm certain you favour efficacy. Why do more work if you have to? If you have a high baseline, chances are you dont need to overprep for the CARS section. Some other resources to help practice and stimulate the CARS mentality are things like Khan Academy. There are lots out there. If you have extra $$ you can also look into NextStep, Kaplan, TPR, Prep 101 and buy some of their passages/tests. Id try not to use AAMC material and too many practice exams though. But doing 1-2 low-yield ones may help establish your baseline and future planning. Hope that helps - I did my MCAT years ago so I apologize if there are better prep companies out there these days
  8. Wondering thoughts on elective cap for 2021 graduates and elective location whilst pursuing two surgical specialties (GS + 1 surgical sub-specialty). As someone who is interested in two surgical specialties but doesn't have ties to any place in particular for residency, what would be the recommendation for elective selection/location? Currently I am equally interested in General Surgery and a surgical sub-specialty. Would it make sense to equally distribute my electives across the two fields and spread the electives across the country? Note: I am an M2 and thus things could definitely change depending on the programs/schools I am interested in, but just looking for some advice on how someone would organize their electives in the above scenario. Much thanks!
  9. Definitely. Anything is possible. My first year GPA was a ~3.4 on a 4.3 scale and didnt think medicine would happen for me. Fortunately schools are lenient will weight your GPA dropping a few of your bad courses, especially if they were in first year. Keep studying and keep pushing yourself, but enjoy the ride. Life also gets stressful in medicine. So take the time to enjoy the journey. If you keep working hard and keep pushing youll get there.
  10. Thanks for the information. Fair enough, yes definitely being lenient on other insidious fees that will likely put oneself in a stump while trying to pay off the LOC. I wonder how the comparison could be made when going for a non-FM specialty (i.e. Surgery for example). More years of residency at lower income but higher overall pay at the end. Has anyone ever calculated this to see theoretically who could pay off their LOC quicker? (Ex. FM vs. Surgery). I assume the interest accrual on the LOC throughout the 5 year residency + life (family, mortgages etc.) would maybe mean that FM doctors pay off their debt quicker compared to the 5-year residency counterpart.
  11. Been reading these posts and I am very curious why having 100-150K debt is so bad? As staff wouldnt you be able to pay off this debt within a few years? Im in my mid twenties and a M2, I hope to pay off my debt fully within 1-2 years as working as staff.
  12. Probably not possible unless you want to be a fair distance away. The prices have gone up dramatically this year ~by 10% its crazy. Average price I am seeing for 2+1 is around 3000-3500. But yea try padmapper, realtor.ca, condos.ca, kijiji
  13. Haha I have shadowed gen surg a few times but not ortho, maybe I'll give that a try, I've scrubbed in but have never been asked to suture. Ill toss a few emails and see if I can shadow some ortho. Thanks!
  14. Hey everyone, Wondering if anyone knows of any useful surgical skills tool kits that are worth purchasing and any helpful videos one can watch to learn some surgical skills? Goal is to just practice basic suturing skills since surgery is of interest to me and this is a skill I'll likely need to be good at anyways, figure I should start now. Big thanks in advance! Cheers,
  15. Would rather study or shadow. I feel like I learn more during my shadowing experiences than my CBL sessions. Not sure if its merely coincidence but the few shadowing experiences I have had, I have had to apply key concepts that was learnt in lecture. Ex. 4 common causes of positive anion gap, different drugs and their MOA, opportunistic infections. List goes on but I retain a lot more from studying/applying knowledge during shadowing experiences than CBL. Although I dont mind meeting the wide variety of tutors in CBL, some of them are just hilarious and tell funny stories, even if I dont learn much medical knowledge.
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