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  1. mr.smith

    UofT/UWO Waitlist movement

    fyi i called uft today and they have still moved a total of 12 spots incase anyone was wondering
  2. do we know what gpa they are at?
  3. Has anyone encountered issues applying to schulich grad residence (Bayfield hall, etc). I can't seem to log on to the residence portal Excited to meet everyone this fall
  4. My WGPA is 3.967 so does it mean I wasn't in this bin of interview score?
  5. They should email you soon most likely! What was your wgpa?
  6. mr.smith

    UofT/UWO Waitlist movement

    If it doesn't work out this year, then would you be applying again to western next year? If yes, then it might be worth getting orgo out of the way so that it could be used this year potentially if you get off the waitlist or it could be used for next year's cycle
  7. Does anyone know of more movement in the waitlist?
  8. Do we know when the waitlist usually starts moving?
  9. Thanks for the response! And to clarify the class size at uft is about 96?
  10. how many people get off from waitlist usually?
  11. mr.smith

    Which Site and Why

    If in 3rd/4th year we are interested in some of the specialties that aren't available for shadowing at the IMP, would we still be able to get exposure in them to apply for residency? And similarly to the IMP, are there shadowing limitations at the SMP? Also, how is the transit system at the IMP and SMP or do most students bike/drive around?
  12. Can someone upload the interview video
  13. mr.smith

    Chances at UWO Schulich Dentistry?

    Thanks for the response!
  14. mr.smith

    Chances at UWO Schulich Dentistry?

    Does anyone know the minimum DAT scores that is needed to be eligible for this cycle? I can't find it on their website so I'm assuming it depends on the applicant pool or nah?