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  1. Accepted off the waitlist (May 27th, 10:50 am MST) 4th year IP - BSc completed this year GPA: 3.84 MCAT: 34 ECs: medical research, public health policy work. Interview: Think it went well, some stations were definitely better/worse than others. Good luck to others still on the wait-list! I know how stressful it can be, I was so relieved to get my email. Good vibes your way!!
  2. I was hoping that they would be sending out offers to people off the waitlist as early as this week..This is purely based on reading what people in previous years posted on premed101 (See below). This individual was placed on the waitlist on May14th, 2014 for OOP then accepted on May20th.
  3. For some reason I thought they would mention which third you are on the waitlist (start/middle/end)..guess not. Also there was no information about when they will start to notify people on the waitlist should spots become available. For anyone who has been accepted (first congrats!) up to what date do you have to confirm your acceptance?
  4. I am also on the wait-list as an IP, 4th year applicant. I could not find any information on the UofA website. But did come across this document with statistics. And it seems that about 60-70 people get accepted off the waitlist at UofA each year. See page 52: https://www.afmc.ca/pdf/ADMISSION_REQUIREMENTS_EN.pdf Although I may be incorrect in my understanding, please feel free to correct me! Best of luck to us all!!
  5. For the people who got emails already, are you folks in-province or OOP? OOP here who hasn't received any email as of yet! (11:25am Friday April 17, 2015)
  6. Hi everyone, I'm new to this site so I apologize if I'm posting in the wrong thread? This is the most relevant I could navigate to. I have an interview as an OOP to Sask med school. I was wondering if anyone had insight into the following questions -References are required post-interview, but what about extracurricular activities list etc? Do they want that at all, at any point? -For the interview, the website says a knowledge of the healthcare system is required. What does that entail, I have lived in Alberta my whole life so am familiar with the provincial healthcare here, do I need to be doing specific research on the healthcare system/policies in Saskatchewan? -The Sask med school website mmi example questions are much more broad than other schools. How representative are these, can anyone who has interviewed there comment on this? For example "Why do you want to be a physician? Discuss this question with the interviewer." are questions more like that, and open ended, or scenario based? Thanks!!
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