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  1. Med school is not like undergrad. You don't choose your courses, you don't arrange your own schedules. You take the same courses as everyone else in your class. Any particular lectures are for the most part held only once during the school year. Your class may get broken up to smaller groups for certain activities like labs, PBL sessions, clinical activities etc. But you mostly get assigned to those groups and assigned meeting times. Those that have miss a significant portion of the year or fail certain components of a course would usually only have the chance to make it up the next year with the next cohort. It's more like highschool. Hope that gives you an idea.
  2. oshaku

    What's On Your Mind?

    Just finished 11.5 hrs in medicine consults. Do medicine they say, the hours are better than surgery they say.
  3. I was with Scotia, recently switched to RBC. Reason was while Scotia offered me a great deal when I applied, they refused to update me to any of the new changes that happened after I signed with them. So no Passport + Amex, no prime - 0.25. Friends with LOCs at RBC signed on at prime + 0 were able to get the prime - 0.25 rate by emailing to their adviser. That's when I realized being an existing customer at Scotia sucked, and decided to stop being an existing customer.
  4. oshaku

    Quebec Residency Situation 5

    Yes you can be dual residents, but.... you can only have health coverage and valid driver's license from one province. Meaning (if you're from Ontario), RAMQ will only start covering you if you cancel OHIP coverage, and if you want a valid Quebec driver's license, you have to surrender your Ontario license. For med school application purposes, for example, if you were born and lived your entire life up to high school London, Ontario, then your family moved to Quebec and you become Quebec resident after undergrad, you can apply as a quebec resident to McGill and a South Western Ontario applicant for Western for Med. Another example.. if you were born in Quebec, then left before you were 1 year old and lived the rest of your life in BC, you are definitely eligible as a BC resident, but you can also apply as a Quebec resident to Quebec schools.
  5. oshaku

    Quebec Residency Situation 5

    You have a waiting period of 3 months to obtain the RAMQ card, but once you have it, there is no waiting period to obtain "Quebec resident" status for school. You don't specifically need RAMQ to prove situation 5. You can replace it with 2 pieces of documents proving residency.. like a lease and the hydro bill. Also no waiting period between submitting proof that your parent resides in Quebec this way and change in your residency status for school purposes.
  6. oshaku

    Quebec Residency Situation 5

    yes. I did exact same thing some years ago.
  7. oshaku

    Take Forum-Ers With A Grain Of Salt

    This is honestly one of the reasons I never considered med until after I finished undergrad. It wasn't until my friends started getting in and encouraging me to apply that I actually thought I wasn't just throwing money away.
  8. oshaku

    Any Current Med Students In Mcgill?

    Join the McGill Class of 2020 Facebook group it's be a great place to meet future classmates and to get your questions answered by upper years (we're *very* active on the FB group)
  9. oshaku

    Transcripts And Workbook

    If I recall, the workbook is quite restrictive about what you can do or not do - including copy and pasting (blast that error sound in Excel). I second RedLily. Please wait till the applications are open to get the correct version.
  10. oshaku

    Success Stories

    I texted my mom who was overseas at the time. She texted back a week later reminding me to water her plants. My SO was the other important person in my life, who was in a different country. I sent him an IM to ask him to call because I didn't want to tell him by text. He made me text it anyway then called.
  11. oshaku

    Ipad Air 2 Vs Macbook Air

    I have the pro 3 (pro 4 and surface book weren't out yet when I bought mine). I have an additional computer at home. It's a gaming rig since I game (a lot). I know some people who do use it as their full-time computer though. The surface is definitely an all-in-one, especially since it runs the full Windows 10 operating system. Speed wise, it's just as fast as my desktop (thanks to SSDs) for everyday use such as e-mails, reports for school, Office, OneNote, internet (I haven't tried more intensive programs like Photoshop on it).
  12. oshaku

    Ipad Air 2 Vs Macbook Air

    then get something that you can use a stylus with like the iPad or Surface. I have the surface (along with many people from my class) and it's great for school. You'll definitely need a computer for med school, especially at McGill where all exams are done electronically on your personal laptop.
  13. I think all English med schools use P/F or P/F/H. Only the French school (UdeM, Laval, Sherbrooke) use letter grades. As rmorelan points out, there are pros and cons to the P/F system. Pro: less stress for a group of ultra high-strung type A students. There are enough students suffering mental breakdowns and crying in bathrooms without the stress of grades. Con: How to residency programs differentiate between student who worked hard all throughout med school vs student who barely scraped by? Everybody's got the same P on their transcript. Put it another way, how do you stand out when applying to competitive residency programs when everyone looks the same on paper?
  14. oshaku

    Q&a With Mcgill Med Ambassadors

    McGill doesn't give you a paper agenda, but there were free agendas given out sometime in the first month of school from a different organization (Med related, but I don't remember specifically what it was). I wouldn't recommend getting an undergrad agenda at McGill since our school year starts earlier and runs longer than undergrads. McGill provides all of its curriculum related information electronically. You'll get a document at the beginning of the year with exam days, block schedules, white coat etc. for all of FMD which lasts the first year and a half of studies. Detailed schedule of each day in individual blocks will be released as the year goes along (you'll know at least 2 months in advance). Most of us just synced our individualized school schedule to our phones through google calendar, iCal etc. (you'll be introduced to this at orientation) and it has greatly simplified the process of finding out which small group room we're supposed to be in when.
  15. oshaku

    What's On Your Mind?

    Two high profile shootings in as many days in Orlando. This is among one of the many reasons I would never want to live in the states