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  1. Well, tomorrow's the day. I've been hating life for the last six weeks.
  2. Bump. Any thoughts on this since I'm in the same boat now?
  3. Sigh. Unmatched CMG this year. Waiting for (good) news next Tuesday. Applying to a Master's program. Begging my bank to extend my LOC. /sigh
  4. Also curious what the thought is for unmatched CMGs. Worth writing in the summer after 4th year so I can apply to NRMP next year? Crazy to think it's getting impossible to match into primary care in my home country without having to move down South. I may never return to Canada.
  5. Totally unfair. Some of us are CMGs and passed all the exams/rotations and got shafted out of residency spots. We should get in when people fail to graduate.
  6. What about if unmatched? I heard not writing the MCCQE is a red flag for next year. Does a good score give you an advantage over an average score?
  7. What changes would the PGME make after the program already submitted their list?
  8. Makes sense. Countdown to April 14 begins. Realistically, what kind of students tend to match in 2nd iteration? Those who apply to new specialties but have electives + letters, those who shotgun for everything, or those who gunned for a competitive speciality and apply for remaining seats?
  9. I heard of a sask gen sx offer out Monday. Just curious, what is everybody planning if we don't match in 2nd round? Especially as a new CMG grad. Research? masters degree? Electives? Work?
  10. Anybody have any experience with these? Not electives per se
  11. Anyone hear anything else today? Seeing as how the program rank order list is due next Thursday, I expect all interviews will be sent by tomorrow
  12. Right, but how many people NEVER get matched?
  13. I am a graduating MD 2015 from a Canadian university. I went unmatched this year in CaRMS to family medicine. Now my family races financial ruin as we won't be able to make the minimum monthly payments on my 180k debt. We know that IMGs have a difficult time getting residency positions in Canada. What's less talked about is the 5% of CMGs who don't match either and fall through the cracks. Think about if you'd like to gamble away four years of your life and your financial wellbeing for a 5% risk of ruin. I would have gone into dentistry or pharmacy had I known how the mandated residency requirement makes the Canadian MD degree alone worthless.
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